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08/14/2010 My Zager ZAD80CE arrived and it is fantastic. The sound is great, the guitar plays easily and could spend hours with it. I would reccomend a Zager guitar to anyone, whether a long time picker or especially a beginner. The Zager guitar will make playing pleasant for anyone.
Brad Wiebelhaus
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

08/12/2010 I just love my new Zager guitar. I had broken my left index finger in 1999 and had to have one of the pulleys repaired. Being right handed, it affected my playing ability. I could not easily play the Yamaha that I had but was relieved to find that I can play again with the EZ play action of the guitar that I bought from you all. I just want to thank you so very much for your wonderful guitar. PS I do remember "In the Year 2525" and remembered Denny's photo. I also want to thank you for the photo, tee shirt, picks, and strings. I have the photo on my bedroom wall. It sure brings back some great memories.Peace,
Carol Colwell
Dallas, Texas

08/12/2010 Hi, I'm a new guitar player and did some resarchbefore buying the Zager. Everything arrived as promisedand the guitar is easier to play then my partner'sMartin. Sound quality is nice also. I still havesore fingers, but I do find it easier to learn on andmy instructor has played it twice and told me thateverytime he sees it he likes it more. I can't saythat it is so much easier to play then the Martin,'cause my fingers still hurt after an hour but it iseasier and I do recommended you. Thanks for a greatproduct.
Cyndi Downey
Martinez, California

08/12/2010 Hi Gents, Have had my 20ce for a couple months now,I wanted to "test drive" it before offering a testimonial.I still say that the proof will be in the pudding after seeing how it holds up to the paces we all subject our instruments to if you are a serious player. I will say this..I wont waste anyones time repeating all the other comments to be found here.I bought this guitar to be skeptical,I had tried many others and didn't find that "thing" I was looking for. I had nothing to lose, and felt like a nut for buying a guitar sight unseen. As a 30 year player actively making a supplemental living w/music,I was impressed. Then I plugged it in. When I got up off the floor, I made a promise to myself to get an 80 in black.Put it this way...No offense Den, but many one hitters go on to pout the rest of their careers,the music business can be a tough one.You have gone on to promote the joy of music, You are the real deal. So are your Guitars. Every time someone asks me where I got this cool guitar,I am pleased to tell them. Hopefully Im not breaking any laws when I close w/ 2525, complete with a thanks to guys like you that make it fun for duffers like us.
Doug Hickox
Morris, Connecticut

08/08/2010 Dear Zagers, I recieved the ZAD-80 on thursday, June 30th. Everything was in good shape and as promised. I like the action ...good job!!! I love the acoustic guitar and have struggled to learn(self taught) my whole life. Perhaps this will help. Thanks again.
Philip Ropp
Broadway, Virginia

08/06/2010 Dear Dennis and Denny: Wow, you just blew me away with the replacement pickguard and surprise capo and strings. I was just on the capo lesson on your website a couple of nights ago and was anxious to go capo shopping. Thank you so much!
Karen Brenner
Westwood, Massachusetts

08/05/2010 Hello Denny & Dennis ZagerI am very pleased with my ZAD-20CE, its so beautiful in every way. I believe it was worth every penny and then some! Its so true you can play this thing for hours and hours before you just plain cant take it anymore, and thats without buying expensive elixer strings! I've found myself playing more then every latelly. Tends to make me not want to goto sleep at times and have been a little late for work a couple days.. haha. In the short time I've owned it now, I have doubled the number of songs I know how to play, which is a blessing cause I was barelly picking up my Carlo Robeli when I ordered it. I showed off a few of the songs I learned at a recent family reunion and got high remarks from just about everyone. So thank you for a very fine product, insperation, and selling it a price I can afford!!Thanks for the shirt. The caption NEEDS to be bigger though :)J.D.H
Josh Howard
Litchfield Park, Arizona

08/02/2010 Hi, I love the Zager system and my Zager guitar!
Dennis Green
Bowie, Maryland

08/02/2010 Dear Denny,I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the outstanding service your company provided. I recently purchased your ZAD-20CE guitar and was hoping to get it today. In fact it came 3 days early which is a testament to your customer dedication. As to the guitar… is beautiful! The sound, the fit, the intonation, the balance and the playability are much beyond what I expected and far superior to the other guitars I was looking at in the $1000+ range. It truly is a fine instrument and is allowing me to more comfortably play for longer periods. Not only is it easy on the fingers……but it's great on the ears! I now appreciate all the testimonials regarding your guitars. It really is a wonder how you do it for such a reasonable expense. Keep up the great work.
Bradley Ford
St. Louis, Missouri

08/02/2010 Hi Denny, Just received my Zager Guitar and couldn't be more pleased! Don't even have to tune it! That's a first! Consider me a very satisfied customer!!
Lee Smith
Pueblo, Colorado

07/30/2010 Thanks Denny, My ZAD-20 is a great guitar. I enjoy it very much and can practice much longer. Thanks
Joel Vaught
Narrows, Virginia

07/27/2010 hi, I just recieved my new e-z play guitar and i am enjoying it very much! thanks ,
Shaun Lindsey
Dallas, Texas

07/25/2010 I have to admit I was sceptical. I received the guitar and it played very nice. First I thought it sounded a little light. The touch was excellent though. After a little bit I started to get impressed on the even balance of the highs and lows. This weekend we used the guitar at a Live gig. Our Lead guitar player brought his Martin D45. Zager could stand easily next to it. Yes, the Martin is a notch better and about $5,000 more. No doubt, you get way more guitar with Zager then you pay for. How the heck do you do that?? Very happy, we will promote your guitar on our gigs,Thanks for the T shirt, strings and pics.Great stuff, keep building them. I probably order another one soon.Regards,
Abraham Van Steenbergen
Huntington Beach, California

07/24/2010 I recieved my guitar this past Friday and it wasn't due to be delivered until Monday, what a suprize. The guitar is just as you said it would be. I am just learning to play and the Yahama guitar that I have is hard to play. I have trouble getting the cords right and getting the strings down to get a good sound. I have been playing the ZAD20CE since Friday and it is much easier to play. The strings are easier to hold down and the cords are much easier to form. The guitar arrived in great shape, I did order the case with it, and the finish is beautiful. The sound is also beautiful and I look foreard to taking your online lessons. Today I plugged the guitar into my amp for the first time just to see how it sounded and it was awsome. I don't use the amp very often, but I just wanted to see what it sounded like. I very much appricate the quick service and the beautiful guitar that you sent to me. I look forward to taking your online lessons and to be able to play the songs I like to hear. Thanks again for your quick service and the beautiful guitar. I am a begining guitar player at the age of 58 and I love to hear music played on an accoustic guitar.Young 58 year old beginner,
Lee A. Cowan
Blountville, Tennessee

07/23/2010 Thanks so much for my new guitar. I love it! I actually like to practice now. My fingers don't hurt. You guys are the best.
Landon Winstead
Apex, North Carolina

07/21/2010 Got my zager and it is indeed a most joyful playing experience!
Larry Loebig
Oakland, California

07/21/2010 Any chance you will be doing something with a martin 00-16 dbm?Can I buy one from you and have you re-work it? I just tried some at thelocal martin store and unless it comes from you ... I am not interested. I am so impressed with the playability of the zager string science -- I havea martin hd28 gibson dove and guild d40 and blew out my shoulder --- havenot been able to play for more than 1/2 hour with my full size guitars --only the sweet sound of those instruments keeps me going...until I got thezad 15 and played for 2 hours two days in a row --- I think I'm in love...The others have incredible sounds - what good is sound when you can't standthe pain?You know I just might start gigging again!Thanks
Larry Loebig
Oakland, California

07/18/2010 I just want to give you a word of thanks for the quick service and the very fine Guitar you sent me. I know I ordered a ZAD 20 and was mistakenly sent a ZAD 20CE. I was astonished when I opened my new case and saw this guitar. I thought OH No I'll have to go thru a lot of hassel and return it and recieve the one I ordered. I gave you guys a call and was delt with very nicely and was asked to call back a little later. I did and was told that If I was happy I could keep the CE . I said that that was fine with me and felt fortunate for this. It is a Fine Guitar, looks very beautiful and feels good in my hands. I even asked for some instructions for the tuner that is on the instrument and recieved them right away, thank you for that. Anyway I am very satisified with my purchase and look forward to you lessons ( if I can get a higher speed ISP ) they seem very easy to follow. Thanks again for a very nice and well made product.
James Wigginton
Hartselle, Alabama

07/15/2010 i am just beging to learn to play guitar and ive learned to play some johnny cash songs. when the movie walk the line came out i just had to learn to play like there guitar player luther perkins. so i got tabs on the internet. reading the tabs came easy to me but they only give you little bits of the song. i wanted to learn the song hurt by johnny cash and i got the intro on the tabs i said wow! i've got it.then i looked up hurt videos and it gave me a whole bunch of videos and one was of you and i played it and i was watching you play the whole song.and i said igt to learn like this i went to your website and wached some of your video and boy when you play i wished i could play half as good as you can.waching you play just gives me a feeling to cry and that how i want to plat to give people the same felling i got watching you play. Thanks for everything! -- your newest fan
Yvonne Barajas
Fairfield, California

07/13/2010 got the guitar, just had to get right at it, man i put that ft120 Epiphone down quick, this baby sure sounds sweet,love the playablity,just what i needed,man this is great, worth every penny, and then some, thanks very much.
James Colvin
Livingston, Texas

07/13/2010 I am writing to express my extreme satisfaction with my new left-handed Zager guitar. I have owned my Gibson J-20 since new in1969 and have never been particularly happy with it. When you're left-handed, changing guitars isn't a regular event. Having not really played for years, circumstances changed when old friend and musician since seventh grade John Greenlease was in Kansas City for several weeks. I had vowed to take lessons before playing again and the opportunity presented itself. The first thing Greenlease suggested was that I get rid of the Gibson. Action poor and neck too narrow for my thick fingers.I'm not really sure how I found Zager Guitar on the web but you sounded too good to be true. Now, after receiving my Washburn (and ordering another Zager for August), I am absolutely thrilled! And, at an incredible price. I was prepared to spend three or four times as much to get what I wanted. Suddenly, I can play barre cords and my arthritic hands are pain free. The action is beautiful and I believe the tone of the guitar is quite good. While I used to be dubious that I would ever play the way I want to, now I have real enthusiasm.In addition, your follow through and customer service have been superb. In another lifetime, I was a fourth generation owner of a 120 year old Midwestern specialty apparel retailer and am very sensitive (and frequently disappointed) with retailers i deal with in this day and age. However, Zager has been perfect in answering questions promptly and fully with genuine interest. Plus, I ordered my guitar on Monday and received it Tuesday!Thanks once more for a great experience. You my use this email for promotional purposes. I look forward to doing business with you again.Sincerely,
Dick Hollander
Kansas City, Missouri

07/13/2010 My new ZAD20 made it to the west coast in 5 days, just as promised! 2 minutes later I pulled out a perfectly tuned instrument and played with no pain! 2 hours later my musician brother who owns 10 guitars (5 in the $2000+ price range) played the ZAD20 and we order one for him that afternoon! Thanks to you all for the hard work.
Richard Gambino
San Diego, California

07/09/2010 Hi guys,Got my 80ce 10 days ago and have been very impressed with every detail and how great it plays. The wood is amazing as well as the finish, this really rivals the 2 to 3 thousand dollar models that doen't play or even sound as well. Very much above expections for me!
Richard Silvers
Lynbrook, New York

07/07/2010 Denny, I absolutely love the guitar. It plays better than any acoustic I have touched and the sound is beautiful. I'm very happy with the black finish and the tuner is an excellent innovation.
Eric Finley
New Orleans, Louisiana

07/06/2010 hello danny!I'm from austria and just got a brand new ZAD 80 Acoustic! just played a fewsongs on it - GREAT SOUND - GREAT LOOK !I like that personal note of your company and can tell everybody - THIS ISFOR SURE NO WASTED MONEY !the only bad thing is that you do not deliver to europe, but neverthelessi'm really very happy with this guitar.tahnk you for set of strings and t-shirt also !this is what a real good company should be !THANK YOU
HansjÉrg Dexl
Charlotte, North Carolina

07/03/2010 My Guitar Arived Today. ALL I CAN SAY IS AWESOME!!!! Thanks for the extras. Tanks so verry mutch.
Ronald Dodd

07/03/2010 Denny Zager, I received my ZAD20 right on schedule as promised. Right out of the box the guitar was in perfect tune. I had viewed the getting started videos while waiting for the ZAD20. Denny was correct, when he said speed is not your friend to begin with. Now, that I have about few hours on the first song (Love Me Tender) it is really quite surprising how this system works. The amazing thing is the more I practice, the easier the arrangement becomes. This is my first guitar, taking the lessons on line is fun and easy to do. Thank you,
Arhur D Guidry
Lafayette, Louisiana

07/03/2010 Denny Zager, I received my ZAD20 right on schedule as promised. Right out of the box the guitar was in perfect tune. I had viewed the getting started videos while waiting for the ZAD20. Denny was correct, when he said speed is not your friend to begin with. Now, that I have about few hours on the first song (Love Me Tender) it is really quite surprising how this system works. The amazing thing is the more I practice, the easier the arrangement becomes. This is my first guitar, taking the lessons on line is fun and easy to do. Thank you,
Arhur D Guidry
Lafayette, Louisiana

06/30/2010 thanks so much for my zager guitar. it is a joy to play and it really is easier. I know the ups man and he made a special effort to deliver the guitar early. when I returned from work that day, I was pretty dirty from relining a chimney. I saw the package waiting for me but did not open it until after cleaning up, delayed gratification!
James Monette
Castleton, Vermont

06/27/2010 Hi, I just received my Zager Modified Martin DM-1STCE EZ Play and Iam glad I made the purchase. The guitar plays so easyand I'll never touch my dad's fender again. I wasjust wondering if a capo was supposed to be includedwith my purchase because I did not receive one. Ifnot then thats ok. Thanks for the shirt and theautographed picture and for the GREAT guitar.
Chris Pecka
Ripley, West Virginia

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