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06/28/2010 Hello Dennis Jr. Rec'ed my guitar yesterday, played the guitar for three solid hours with no sore fingers. The guitar has a bright sound but not to the point of being "tinny". It has good volume when played without an amp. Most supprising is how long the guitar rings after a stroke across the strings. I am going to enjoy this guitar for many years to come. Thanks,
Charles Maddox
Bellevue, Florida

06/25/2010 Before I purchased my guitar, my friend gave me theHarmony-Central site and told me i could find ratingsfor Zager EZ-Plays on them. Needless to say, theratings seemed quite solid but the testimonials onyour site were enough to make me a buyer. This guitarwas bought on graduation/birthday money and has leftme broke but it was worth every penny. I submitted myresponse to harmony-central because it truly is agreat guitar and deserves high ratings. I amextremely thankful to purchase it from Zager Guitars. My friend tried to convince me to buy a Carvin, butwhen he played my new Zager he was extremely pleasedwith the action and overall excellence of the guitar. Thank you for everything.
Chris Pecka
Ripley, West Virginia

06/24/2010 I just received my ZAD-80CE. Sounds great!! Especially over our soundsystem at church. The sound is 100X better than any of my 2 other guitars.
Randy Duncan
Cassville, Missouri

06/23/2010 Last Friday I ordered my guitar, which arrived today- just in time for me to unpack it, place it into my case, and head off for my lesson. My teacher was extremely impressed with the sound and quality of the instrument, and I am absolutely delighted with the beauty of its tone and the ease of play. Thanks for a great product!
Lenore Holt
Lakeland, Florida

06/21/2010 Hi Dennis,Just wanted you to know I received the guitar. It's really beautiful (I wasn't expecting all that abalone inlay, wow!) and it plays like a dream. I am a REAL fusspot when it comes to guitar necks, and this one is really great. It's a great guitar for a woman feels smaller than most dreadnaughts and the neck is nicely maneuverable! I'm very happy, please thank your dad for me!
Dawn Sultan
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

06/21/2010 I just recieved my Zager modified Martin and im going to use my old guitar as firewood. I've been playing every day for a year and a half on a fender i recived at chistmas and i have the sore fingers to prove it. The fender is a toy compared to the Zager modified martin i recived from mr zager. I had no idea that playing guitar can be so much easier on high quailty equipment, it has already made me a better player. What you read on his website is no lie! now im going to enroll on his online lessons because with this guitar i want to be a better player. A very satisfied customer
David Radke
Michigan city, Indiana

06/18/2010 Hi Denny,I know you must get lots of kudos for the fine qualityof your guitars. Just add my name to the list! MyZAD-20 arrived on time and truly sounds wonderful. Itreally IS easier to play. I love the action and thesound is just fantastic. Thanks so much for your help, a fast shipment and formaking a fine guitar.
Al Upshaw
Raleigh, North Carolina

06/15/2010 Mr.Zager, I appreciate your craftsmanship and dedication in making the musicians' dreams come true.Like any other guitar buyer, I was hoping to get the most for my money.I gotta say, I was extremely skeptical when I ordered my ZAD-80CE.I've had my Zager for last 3 weeks and it's been quite an amazing experience.First of all, I love the smooth finish on my guitar.I can clean my guitar and lose track of time, awed by its beauty.The beautiful swirls of the rosewood make me imagine the delicate touch and precise work you put in crafting my guitar.Ever since I accidentally made a hole on the side of my Martin D-16GT, I've lost my passion and will to learn or play new songs.Whenever I had a guitar in my hand, I played the same songs over and over again.If I tried to learn a new song, I'd give up whenever I'm stuck at a difficult section of the song.I don't know how, but I can sit down with my Zager and go over a section for hours.This guitar gave me the confidence to overcome any difficulties I face while learning the new songs.However, I'm most impressed with my guitar's “character”.I have come to realize that I need to place my fingers on specific spots on my frets to produce the best tones I've ever heard from a guitar.I know this guitar can only sound so good in my hands contrast to some stranger playing it, since I am accustomed to it.I've had 5 different acoustic guitars, and this is THE ONLY GUITAR that I feel “This is MY guitar”. I feel a strong bond with my guitar.This guitar is my baby and I am excited to spend rest of my life learning and enjoy playing beautiful new songs.Once again, I thank you for your dedication and passion to distribute such amazing guitars to musicians who are desperate to grasp beauty.
Kevin Kang
Great Falls, Montana

06/13/2010 Dennis, Well, I love my guitar. My instructor was floored, could not believe the sound the guitar had with the action that low. Showed it to some other instructor's and they were impressed also. So much easier to play on these old fingers. My wife, who has a Martin, also was surprised who easy was to play. You're being hearing from me again in the future. Any plans to do any solid body electric's? Thanks
Ken Hughes
Norwood, Ohio

06/13/2010 Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the ZAD80. It is so beautiful, it is hard not to just sit & look at it. I have been working with the beginning lessons. It certainly is not the simplest thing I have tried, but I can tell it is starting to sink in.... I am having trouble getting much volume from my finger picking, but I assume that will come with time. I was used to using finger picks in the past. Thanks again for making available something that brings so much pleasure at such a reasonable price...
Floyd Shatto
Cookson, Oklahoma

06/13/2010 Outstanding, phenomenal, and excellent are just some of the words that best describe my recent experience with the folks at Zager Guitars! On Monday (5-16-05), I happened to find the Zager Guitar website and was immediately intrigued with what I saw. I then sent an email with a few questions to Denny Jr. and was amazed to receive such a quick response. It was quite evident that I was dealing with a special company that values customer service. At lunchtime, I called in my order for the ZAD-20 and hardshell case. Tony Zager was pleasant, friendly, and nice…a simple recipe for business success. Immediately, Tony made me feel like I was a valued customer. Both Tony and Denny Jr. focus on relationship dialogue instead of sales rhetoric. Like a proud, expectant father, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my new guitar. In subsequent days, I continued to visit the website and decided to purchase the online instruction. It's a tremendous value! Admittedly, about three months ago, I had signed up for private lessons. After the emotion of that decision wore off, I realized that my instructor was a nice guy but didn't fulfill my expectations. In contrast, learning to play the guitar, the Denny Sr. way is both “do-able” and fun. On Thursday (5-19-05), my guitar arrived. Wow, I didn't expect to receive it so soon! I was now the proud owner of a ZAD-20 and case. The included “extras” are a touch of class. The guitar looks great, sounds great, and plays so effortlessly. My current dilemma - I now don't know what to do with my Washburn, Seagull, and Breedlove acoustic guitars. I value them, but can only play them for about 30 minutes before my fingers get sore. Amazingly, I was able to play my ZAD-20 for nearly three straight hours and wasn't even tired. On Friday (5-20-05), I had a few follow up questions and Denny Jr. once again took care of me. You guys are amazing! And now, a few, final thoughts for others considering purchasing a Zager Guitar. Don't ever be afraid to purchase a Zager Guitar online. It arrives well packaged and protected. Moreover, the action, tone, intonation, and overall quality will far surpass your expectations. Notwithstanding, the company's level of customer service is undoubtedly the finest I have ever experienced. I hope that one day, the company will consider hosting a “get together” where Zager Guitar owners from across the country travel to Nebraska to play music, learn, share stories, buy additional ZAD's, and have lots of fun.
Joseph Zagerman
Pottstown, Pennsylvania

06/09/2010 Thank you for the EXCELLENT service through the entire process. We willbe sure to use you in the future and refer you to our music students.
Steven Hinz
Chelsea, Michigan

06/07/2010 After owning my ZAD-20 for about six months and being careful not to break a string, I figured that it was way past time I restrung, a chore I'd been dreading. Without your video lesson on the subject, I consider that I'd have gone through several sets of strings and much consternation--assuming that I'd have eventually figured out how the strings attach to the pegs without cracking my saddle in the process and doing other sorts of expensive damage. Great video, Denny -- worth more than the cost of the entire course. With your fine guidance, I got the job done without too much cursing and wasting a set of strings, and I'm back in tune and playing again, still working on "Love Me Tender" with my metronome. A tip for those of your students who buy the Sabine Zipbeat: the earpiece that comes with this otherwise fine pocket sized unit is junk, but I find that Radio Shack has a far superior replacement for a couple of bucks. Your video "Anatomy of a Guitar" is also something special. There is only one additional area in which you might warn students, and that is the importance of controlling the humidity during the dry seasons of winter. It's much easier to control moisture in a closed case, so the placement of a damp sponge inside the case or installing a "Dampit" is a good way to protect your investment. In my search to find something better suited to my smallish hands and short fingers, I found an online ad for a Santa Cruz parlor model for the unheard of price of several thousand dollars, but when I inquired I found that it had extensive warping damage due to the owner hanging it on a wall near a hot air register and neglecting it over a winter. I passed on it, and contracted with a luthier to build me a custom parlor model with a Madagascar Rosewood body and and Sitka top -- and a 1-11/16 inch nut and low profile neck cross-section a la Martin design. Soon I'll be able to use my thumb on the E-string on that damned D chord in "Love Me Tender." From an extremely satisfied student of the Zager method,
Jay Wells
Salt Lake City, Utah

06/06/2010 Thank you for the EXCELLENT service through the entire process. We willbe sure to use you in the future and refer you to our music students.
Steven Hinz
Chelsea, Michigan

06/03/2010 Good morning,I recieved my ZAD-80 yesterday. Talk about sevice.. I ordered it Friday & received it on Monday. Fantastic service! What a beautiful instrument... I have 4 other guitars, including an Ovation & a Larrivee & 2 that were my Father's. Your Zager outshines them all in beauty.I only had a few minutes last night to play the guitar. Love the tone, but will have to get used to not having to press so hard to hold down the strings. I signed up for the on line lessons, have always wanted to learn to finger pick. I am 58 and have loved to play all my life, cording & struming, but have always wanted to take my playing to the next level. Now I think I may have the tools to take me there. By the way, I told my son, who lives in Dallas, about your web sight. He ordered the ZAD-20 & also received his yesterday. He is as excited as I am about learning Denny's stile of playing. I get together a couple times a month with 5 or 6 guys to pick & grin. Can't wait to show them my new guitar. I wouldn't be surprised if you get some additional orders from them. Thanks again for the great service & incredible value for the price on the guitar & the lessons. Will let you know how I progress....Sincerely,
Floyd Shatto
Cookson, Oklahoma

06/03/2010 The Zager Team, thanks for everying you have done me, The phone calls, emails, etc. The guitar is unequaled in tone and the play ability can not be touched.Your customer service is without a drought the best in the world. There are many other customer related companies that sure benefit from the people at Zager!
Jamie Jenks
Zachary, Louisiana

06/03/2010 Dear Denny and Denny, Jr.Thank you for your prompt and courteous response both by phone and email. You provided me with important and helpful information before making my purchase.MY ZD-80 came via UPS earlier than I expected, and to say I am impressed is an understatement. First, the guitar is beautiful, the workmanship superb, and the playability wonderfully smooth. The greatest thing though is the tonal quality of this guitar. It rings; it sings!My favorite guitar in the past was my Martin HD-28. We parted company for financial reasons (I needed the money). Now, I have not been able to play the ZD-80 and the Martin side by side, but from what I remember, my new ZD-80 is just as sweet and maybe even more so.Thanks for a great piece of work. I look forward to playing this fantastic instrument.One other thing, I e mailed you asking about the difference between the Martin and the ZD 80. Being an old Martin man I thought I would miss the Martin logo on my new guitar. I don't miss it at all; Zager is fine with me. Thanks again,
Gerry Boylan
Louisville, Kentucky

05/31/2010 hello; I just wanted to write you and tell you the zad-80 guitar was well above the average, and the playability was great as you said it would be. this guitar plays better than I ever expected it would. it has great tone also and the workmanship is above average. I own several guitars and I wanted to try this guitar. to play for long periods. it will be great because it don't take a lot of effort to play it. like some guitars I own. I believe this guitar is as good a guitar for the price as anyone can find. I would reccomend these guitars to anyone and I have been playing for 40 years and played a bunch.thank you -
Terry w. Mills
Sparta, Tennessee

05/28/2010 I just wanted to mention the owner reliability of your guitars.Out of curiosity, I went into e-bay, where they have thousands of guitars listed. I wanted to see just how many used Zager guitars were available. Maybe a couple, several, dozens, more? To my delight( and I am sure yours also) there is not even one... That in itself speaks volumes. You should be very proud. I know I am. Warmest regards,
William Kackmeister
North Platte, Nebraska

05/26/2010 With a last name of Zagerman it was only fitting that I own a Zager guitar! So, earlier today I ordered my ZAD 20 (Natural) and Zager hardshell case. The anticipation in receiving them is exciting! Moreover, I want to thank Tony (Zager) for taking the time to answer all of my questions on the phone. At no point was I rushed, hurried, or pressured into the sale. It's just so refreshing to have a company focus on relationship dialogue instead of the typical sales rhetoric.In any event, I look forward to your confirmation email with UPS tracking number.Thank you again.
Joseph Zagerman
Pottstown, Pennsylvania

05/25/2010 You guys are the best!! Thank you so much for all you do! I dont have a zager guitar yet i have a fender! Rest assure i will be getting me a ZAGER soon! I have tought my self to play. I am 33 mother of 3 and never have picked up a guitar in my life and thanx to ur site i can play now. Have been playing for only 5 months and have memorized 12 chords thanx to u! Thanx 4 being here! I watch ur videos over & over and i memorize how he is playing! Thank you so much! U are appreciated more than u know!
Kaycee Long
New York, New York

05/24/2010 To: The Zagers: I purchased one of your ZAD-20 E-Z Play Acoustic Guitars this week. I want to thank you for this awesome sounding, easy playing guitar. My only reqret is not purchasing the Electric Guitar and a hardshell case. I want to thank you for your prompt attention to all of my questions, and problems. I will be telling all my friends to buy their guitars from you. you are dependable, reliable and are doing the world a great service by providing these wonderful guitars. I commend Mr. Zager, Sr. for his talents. I have an Ovation 12-string, a yamaha 6-string, and have owned a Gibson Guitar. They have good sound, but do not begin to approach the Quality of sound and Ease of play provided by the zager guitar. Sincerely,
Wayne Johnston
Neoga, Illinois

05/22/2010 This guitar is easy to play, rings perfect, and is beautiful. This guitar is worth way more then what you pay for it. Nothing better for the money. Anyone that buys a 3000$ guitar before trying this one is a fool.
Doug Wilcox
Wapakoneta, Ohio

05/22/2010 Since my early youth, I have wanted to learn to play the guitar. Time, money and the challenges of life have made that desire impossible. At the age of 46, I am hoping to realize that dream.I located many guitars an the internet seemingly perfect for a beginner such as myself. Priced under a hundred dollars, and some as low as ten dollars, I felt that if I could not learn at least I would not be out much. And then I came across your guitar.Sure, a lot pricier. Yet your ad made total sense to me. When the guitar is impossible to tune and makes your fingers sore to play you probably will not stay at it for long. My wife says that you must build up callouses first. Ha ha. If you want to learn to drive a semi you would not buy a Tonka!My guitar arrived yesterday afternoon by UPS(they are great) in perfect condition. It is certainly a sight to behold and I have never seen a more beautiful insturment. Holding it, I can tell the wider stance of the strings on the neck as with other guitars my fingers were always positioned on several strings at the same time. I would refer to it as the fat finger sindrome. Working my hand up and down the fretboard was smooth and easy. And the sound, oh my.I am signed up for group lessons in June, but will also be checking out your online lessons to see if I can get a start.Faithfully and trustingly,
William Kackmeister
North Platte, Nebraska

05/19/2010 Denny; I received my Guitar yesterday and I must say I was amazed. I don't believe I have held a finer playing guitar than what you sent me. I found this guitar to be so easy to play I should have spent hundreds, perhaps easy thousands of dollars. I think this will be my last purchase as I don't need another guitar. This guitar not only is wonderful to play but is pleasing to the eye. So much so that as I was playing it for the first time I found that I sat back and admired it many many times. Thank you very much. Sincerely,
Courtney Nelson
Gifford, Washington

05/16/2010 Hello Mr. Denny & Dennis Zager, I just wanted to let you guys know that Irecieved the ZAD80CE Guitar today. It is absolutely gorgeous and it playsand sounds like a dream. Just give me a few weeks or months w/ it, and Iwill email you guys a follow up testimonial for your website.I think I will be selling my other two acoustics...I won't be needing themanymore. One is a Garrison AG200CE that is supposed to be similar to whatyou guy's do w/ the set-up and it just can't stand up to the "Zager". Andthe other is a 1970's model Fender F-65. I have to have these two for myrepitore and performances, but the "Zager" I'm sure, will be able to handleall of them. Anyways, give me some time w/ it and I will email you a follow up of theperformance (gigs/recordings) I can get out of this thing. It has been apleasurable experience doing business w/ you guys...And thanks again w/ yourtime and patcience w/ my questions.Many Thanks,
Robert Tenhet
Clinton, Mississippi

05/14/2010 Mr. Zager, It has been many years since I have been this excited about playing guitar ! I have played off and on for the past 30yrs..I have played some rythum and some some lead in a few party bands...Only knowing lead and rhyhm licks can get pretty boring when just playing for relaxation. That is what I love about these lessons. It brings everything together for me and then some. The teachng system that you have come up with is totally brilliant and it makes plaing something that it has never been for me before.. An absolute JOY !!!!!!!Thank you so much for sharing all of you're wisdom with us and for such a resonable price I might add... I have much more to say, but the truth is...I can't wait to get back to these lessons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Carpentieri
Angola, New York

05/14/2010 Good Morning! Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that we received the ZAD80CE and case! Thanks! We were so pleased with the ZAD20 that we had to get a guitar for our son in California, ZAD20CE. He loved it. So we had to have the ZAD80CE for ourselves! Although we are all just beginners, it's been allot of fun! The instructional videos are great, keep them coming! We have one more son, so still looking for a Zager guitar that fits him. Thanks!
Patricia Harmon
Torrington, Wyoming

05/14/2010 My ZAD-80ce is outstanding! It is a beautiful work of art! It is as advertised: "No more sore fingers"! UPS is quicker than any other shippers. Keep up the good work!
Quinten Lin
Seattle, Washington

05/10/2010 Gentleman,I purchased my ZAD-20CE back in Feb 27th 2005. And I have to tell youI am totally satisfied with my purchase. The workmanship is excellentand everything is as promised. In fact If I haven't written sooner tothank you it is because I haven't be able to put my 20CE down.On another note what is your feeling on using guitar humidifiers?Thanks again for a great instrument!
Hermis Tejeda
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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