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05/08/2010 Dear zagerguitar,Hi. I got my replacement guitar today and am stoked! Thank you so much for the free case & capo. I mean really, that saves me big time as I sold my other guitar with the case. I was sort of sad to sell my guitar because it was so beautiful but the thing killed my fingers. But now I feel good again, LOL. I am very happy with the replacement and could not rave enough about your service. The best ever! Go ahead and give me a return UPS tag so I can send you the other guitar. Feedback has been left. Thanks again,
Shannon Johnson
Running Springs, California

05/07/2010 Hi Denny, I got my Zager ZAD80 yesterday. It took quite a ride to get here but arrived without a scratch. It is a beautiful guitar and has a beautiful sound. I am very pleased and it is a lot of guitar for the money. I'm very happy with the guitar overall. The sound is where it shines and after the top settles in a bit, it will be unbeatable!Thanks for your time.
Dan Ryan
Wasilla, Alaska

05/04/2010 Hi Denny and Denny Jr.,I want to Thank-you for your lessons,their great and have taken my playing to a level that I did not think possible.I'm 51 years old and have played off and on for years but never got any better till I came accross your course.I'm in my third session and I'm playing "Yesterday","Dust in the Wind",Stairway to Heaven",''Hurt'',"All my Loving","Tears in Heaven","And I Love Her"along with the stage 1 songs very well.My daughter's favorite is "Tears in Heaven",she has taken dance lessons for five years and would like for me to play it for her in her dance recital.I have been trying to work out the bridge section from the cords in your back-up section and watching Denny play it on the home page,where I see he's useing some barre cords but I'm not haveing much luck.I would gladly sign up for another year or pay for your time if you could send me the bridge section,Thank-you very much for sharing your talent,
Leroy Indiana
Dover, Delaware

05/04/2010 Just a note to say I have received my ZAD80 in fine condition a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying it. It has greatly help me in my ability to play in Denny's style. I have learned Love me tender so it sound pretty good actually. So all is well there. The guitar is of great quality and fine piece of workmanship and very pretty to boot. While going thru the Love me tender lesson the guitar is in perfect tune with Denny.
William Walker
Kansas City, Missouri

05/04/2010 Dear Dennis: I think I am not qualified to judge the guitar you offer because I am not so good at playing. Furthermore, because this ZAD-CE20 is my best guitar I have ever owned, it is hard for me to compare your great work with some other great guitars in the world.I will try my best to express my personal review to you as the feedback from customers. Actually, I find that it may take me several weeks to identify the wonderful details I can find in this guitar. Basically, I have a strange feeling about this guitar. It seems that the voice of the guitar changes everyday, of course, better and better. This might be resulted from my adjusted playing ways. At the beginning, the balance between treble and bass is with a little inharmorny. The treble was too bright and the bass was not deep enough. Nevertheless, the most wonderful thing was happened. The problem was disappearing two days later, and the voice become warm and shine also. It is really amazing. The balance of voice is great now. Although it is really hard to describe the shock of the guitar you offering, I can tell that:From playing it, I can feel the resonance passed through my body powerfully. This is my first time to experience the great of woody musical instrusment. I think it might be my problems. First, I get used to Martin Medium and Light strings, such as M240,M140,and M160. Additionally, I never have the experience with extra light strings, altough I have played guitar for 8 years. Another suggestion is that the EZ system is really comfortable but I need a little time to fix the feedback from my left fingers. To tell the truth,after getting your guitar, I am affraid that I will forget how to drive other guitars well. For example, I played with my takamine today and I needed to forget the great feelings from ZAD 20CE. Then, after playing it about ten minutes, I finally could played my takamine as usual. I am an international student from Taiwan. I will go back to Taiwan this summer. Then, I will bring it back and discuss(or show off) the zager guitar with two of my friends, oneof them is a semi-professonal, another is a skilled guitar player. Therefore, it is interesting for me to figure out how wonderful this guitar is,so you may need a period of time to see my review. In fact, I really like the design of zager guitar. I think after the final exam week, I may play one or two hours everyday.Thanks Best regards
Hsin-Chi Wei
New Orleans, Louisiana

05/01/2010 Hello Dennis Jr., Hope all is well with you and your Dad. I love my Guitar.I'm having trouble finding someone to put a strap peg on it, the wayyour Dad suggest. They say it's too thin at that point and just want toscrew a peg in onto the heal. Is their anyway to purchase the parts Ineed from you. I'm a total believer in your Dad's views and I'm notgoing to let someone talk me out of the proper placement of the peg. Iwould really appreciate any guidance on this manner. As a side note, my friend who's been playing for over 30 years lovesmy guitar but questioned the way it was strung. I had already replacedthe strings using the String Science method windings towards the top. Ireplaced the strings on his Ovation using the same method. His guitarstays in tune, sounds better and he is now a believer. Thanks again for the wonderful instrument. She's a beauty. Wishingyou and your Dad the best.Regards,
Mark Ronderos
Los Angeles, California

04/28/2010 Hi Dennis! Thanks for the guitar strings! And I am making slow but sure progress with my guitar. My 55 year old fingers have limbered up and I am throughly enjoying my beautiful guitar. I made a trip back home to my parents house and retrieved some of my old vinyl LPs. Included in this is one of your father's "2525" albums. Would he mind autographing it for me if I mail it up there? It would be a great treasure to have. Please ask him and then let me know which address to send it to. THANKS for this and for the AWESOME guitar. Now if we could only figure out how to give me an "infusion of talent" I'd really be set. Take care and the best to you and your dad and your families!
June Morgan
Cottonwood Falls, Kansas

04/26/2010 I am quite happy with your whole appears to be a labor of love. I know more about guitars after looking a several of your Dad's videos...actually restrung my guitar yesterday to get the strings on correctly -- according to the excellent video. I am impressed with Denny senior's knowledge and obvious dedication -- I'm sure it rubbed off on you too - like father, like son.Thanks for the reply,
Gary Stein
Phoenix, Arizona

04/25/2010 I wish I could tell everyone how great your guitar is. I almost stopped playing because my fingers kill me all the time. I almost bought a guitar from you last year before I bought my Ibanez and I just had to have the Ibanez because it was soooo beautiful. What a disapointment. Wish I would have gone this route earlier. Anyway keep in mind on my review it said "shannon" that is my full name, although I never use it. Good luck and thanks again.
Shannon Johnson
running springs, California

04/24/2010 I am so ready for a new guitar and can't wait to purchase one from you guys. It'll be another month or so on the $ end for us....but I'll be in touch! Thanks for the GREAT lessons...I'm loving them! kb
Karen Brenner
Westwood, Massachusetts

04/22/2010 Just letting you know I really like the sound and playability of these guitars. Really like the way you guys get back with me right away. keep up the good work. Thanks
Dennis Wireman
Rensselaer, Indiana

04/22/2010 Thanks. I just received the guitar this mornig. Everything is perfect. It is really amazing.Have a nice day
Hsin-Chi Wei
New Orleans, Louisiana

04/19/2010 Hey Denny, The black ZAD-20CE made it to Penn's Woods. She's beautiful. Sounds Great. Feels Great. I dig the action. Nice and Smooth. It's all good. A work of art. I've been guitar hunting for a year and was a bit leery about buying one I couldn't try out first. My patient search has paid off big time. And mucho thanks for the extras. Later man
Jan Golden
Portage, Pennsylvania

04/16/2010 Good Morning Mr. Zager, My name is William Choi. I purchase a 20CE about 2 months ago and have been telling everyone in my church about it. They didn't believe it at first, but after letting them see and play the guitar, 5 people have mentioned they they are considering purchasing guitars from your company. Thanks so much for making such amazing guitars at such incredible prices. If I had known about this company 7 years ago, I wouldn't have thrown away money on some other guitars that I've purchased. Thanks so much,
William Choi
Ellicott City, Maryland

04/14/2010 Dear Denny and Dennis, I love my new guitar it's a keeper! The case arrived today to make it complete! Dennis has been so helpful and has gone to great lengths to be sure I was satisfied with my purchase. I have been in and out of the Video Library every chance I get watching and listening to Denny's advise and taking it slow. Desire = Talent, right? It may take some time to get to the level I want to be at but slow is the way to do it. No lie, my pets used to run from the room when I played and now they hang around unaffected. My husband actually falls asleep. (Not sure if that is a good thing or not) The guitar has a fine quality sound and definitely plays easier than my old "beginner" (ha ha) one. I have a good supply of strings and the capo was the icing on the cake. Thanks Zagers for your help in making my dream of owning a Martin come true.Very Truly Yours,
Carol Kreppel
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

04/14/2010 Denny, I just renewed my membership. The site is amazing. I've only been at it for about a year and every piece is getting easier and easier. Thanks for your site and your help with my renewal.
Dennis Green
Bowie, Maryland

04/14/2010 This is a gorgeous guitar! I just got back from a business trip to find it at the house (where my daughter had already opened it). It's got that feel-it-in-your-chest-cavity depth that was so lacking in my Ovation Celebrity Deluxe. I've only had a few minutes to really play it, but it feels smooth and comfortable to this 34-year player. The value was excellent as well: I'm the president of Joebros, Inc., a 201c(3) music ministry, and we play regularly around Texas ( I'm very conscious about how charitable dollars are spent, and I'm comfortable that the money used to buy this instrument for the ministry was a sound investment. Will get back with you after I've really had a chance to put it through its paces amplified and leading worship. Thanks for a great value and a beautiful instrument.
Dana Jacobson
San Antonio, Texas

04/10/2010 Well I have owned my Zager for a few months now and here is what I have to say. I, like many other people it seems, still was a bit skeptical initially despite the great reviews because of how great the guitar seemed to be at such an unbelieveable price. But with that no-hassle guaranteed return policy I figured I had nothing to lose. I now no longer question the quality of the guitars or the luthier skills of Mr. Zager. The guitar is a perfect all-around instrument. I do however question his business skills. He could be doing about 1/4 of the work and selling these guitars easily for 4 times the current price!!! The least I could do was recommend it to a friend and I am happy to say he just received his sunburst Zager today!! I will never sell this guitar. Thanks again!

04/08/2010 Just wanted to send a sincere thank you for keeping the music alive for this not-so-old lefty. After years of not playing regularly (since my lefty son stole my guitar), and without built up calluses, I've been happily pickin' away some favorite tunes with NO pain! I'm definitely spreading the word about your wonderful and highly affordable products. And I hope I'm on your mailing list for a lefty Zager when they become available.all good things... :o)
Elaine Martinez
Floyd, Virginia

04/07/2010 Hi Denny,I received my ZAD20CE Friday April 15. Couldn't wait to get out of work as I was tracking this delivery all day and knew it was sitting at home waiting for me. I felt like a kid at Christmas when I got home. I opened my delivery and inspected my new Zager. Very nice! Like I said, I wouldn't call myself a guitarist but I may be forced to take myself into that realm now. My playing has always consisted of probably 7-8 chords and an audience of one, me. I've always played just enough remember where I last put my guitar. When I started playing the new Zager that Friday, those 7 or 8 chords easily turned into 12+ chords and when I put it down, three hours had passed. Yes my fingers were sore, but again I'm not a regular player and they would have been bleeding had I been playing the old Epiphone. I had to keep telling myself not to press so hard!So now my dilemma, where to begin again? I have not signed up for your online classes yet. I have so much info coming at me from players, including my brother and friends who already play. Everyone seems to have ‘the best' learning system. But I've been there before and have been discouraged quickly so PLEASE tell me the best way to get back into the learning curve. Practicing for me is not the issue, my issue is practice structure. What progression to follow and practice? I don't want to be a pro, I'm too old, I just want to be able to play and maybe be able to play a tune or two with my bro. Again Denny, nice work on the guitar, I hope I can do it some justice.Regards,
Mark Faivre
Longmont, Colorado

04/04/2010 Gentleman,I received my Zager ZAD20CE on Tuesday of last week. I have to say that I have enjoyed playing it very much. This will be guitar number 4 for me and I have found that it compares nicely with my $2000 dollar guitar. I have been helping play music at my church and the sound from this guitar over the sound system is great.You have put out a guitar that lives up to its name in every way. I will be recommending your product to anyone who will listen. All you have to do is play it, then letthem play it and it's sold. Good going. I am thinking of selling one of my other guitars just so I can order another, maybe a ZAD80CE next time.Thank you
Charles Ahalt
Warrenton, Virginia

04/04/2010 Hey Denny,I have had my Zager ZAD 20CE acoustic/Electric for just over a week now and I can gauge my reaction in just one word, WOW! The action is the best of ANY acoustic guitar I have ever played and I have been playing for over 35 years. The only negative for me is the unexpected resurgence of some slightly sore fingers, NOT because the "String Science" does not function exactly as promised, (it does), but because after playing for HOURS non-stop, I guess any body's fingers might get a little sore...:)I have picked up my old Ovation just once since the arrival of the Zager and that was to compare the sound. NO CONTEST. The tone of the Zager ZAD 20CE is so much richer, sweeter. The Ovation is now relegated to an unfortunate new existence of sitting in the corner and looking pretty as my new Zager gets played and played, and played.My only regret was not buying the beautiful jet black ZAD 20CE. What a pretty instrument. Oh, if money only grew on trees.
Keith Gaines
Leesburg, Virginia

04/04/2010 Hi, I enjoy your site and it brings back fond memories of my lessons with you back in the 70's. Thanks!
David Fowler
Fall River, Massachusetts

04/01/2010 Hi Guys, Very nice site - and I am learning a lot. I am already through Level 1 into Level 2. This style is actually easier than it sounds! My wife is amazed because I've been playing guitar for 4 years and now I actually sound like I can play. She asked me..."How do you get it to sound so complex?" I told her.."Ancient Chinese Secret"!
Danny Halberg
Los Angeles, California

Mark Jones
Vista, California

03/27/2010 Hello,I recieved my Zager hard shell case yesterday and it looks great. Excellent quality. I wanted to let yall know I very pleased with the guitar, the case and just the general attitude towards me as a customer. I really appreciate it and will always recommend yall to other musicians. The Zager guitar is a magnet for other musicians. Whenever I bring it along to get togethers everyone wants to check it. First comments are always about its good looks but then they want to play it. They love the sound and its ease of play. Then they ask what I had to give for it and when I tell them the price they give me a look like Im joking. I tell them all to check yall out on the internet. Thanks! It's been a pleasure.
Tim Lively
Marble Falls, Texas

03/26/2010 Hello Denny,I received my beautiful instrument on Tuesday, April 5, just one day after you shipped her to me. I had warned Randy, our UPS driver, that I was going to be getting a guitar and not to "waste" any time in bringing it to my office at the courthouse. At a little after noon, I heard him coming down the hall, he grinned as he handed me the box. I gave him no option, he had to stay long enough to help me get it out of the shipping box.When I opened the case, I saw the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen, and she was all mine. I took her out of the case and played the handful of chords that I knew and I have no words to explain how very easy she is to play and how beautiful she sounded. I never dared dream that a guitar could be so easy to play.My friend, Bev, has a 20 year old Martin and she came over on that afternoon and played my guitar. She was VERY, VERY impressed with the action and the beautiful tone. She commented that my Zager ZAD20 was the first one she'd ever been able to consistently achieve a clear F chord on and that she knew she'd could play it all day with no hint of sore fingers.My husband as played for 40 plus years and has a beautiful 1941 Gibson. I have struggled off and on over the years to try to learn to play, but have lost interest each time because of the pain and frustration involved. When I first visited your website and learned of your EZ-Play guitars, I thought that maybe this would be the guitar that I could learn to play. My ZAD 20 is seldom in the case these evenings, as my husband picks her up before I can even get the lid shut.
June Morgan
Cottonwood Falls, Kansas

03/25/2010 I'll try to be brief. I was EXTREMELY skeptical when I e-mailed Denny about buying a guitar. Like most every other guitarist, I've seen enough scams and shams to last a lifetime. But I was desperate to get over the "Barre Chord" plateau and my Martin 000 wasn't helping matters. So I took the plunge and ordered the ZAD-20CE.The guitar arrived earlier than promised and was incredible easy to tune right out of the box. However, when I played it I didn't seem much different than the Martin......UNTIL I went back to the Martin after playing the Zager exclusively for three days...If anyone's interested, the Martin is going on the auction block this week.Folks, the Zagers are FOR REAL. These guitars are amazing. Thanks again!
Rick Townsend
Winterville, North Carolina

03/23/2010 Thanks for adding so much to the soundtrack of our adolescence! After years of only being an appreciative listener I have decided that I would give myself the opportunity to learn to play the guitar. Thanks to you I might actually realize that goal. I have always loved the sound and haven't been able to keep anyone in my life who plays, so that leaves it up to me and (my collection of CDs) if I want to have music in the house. Being alone I can only offend my own poor old who cares if I practice the same line for three hours!!! It becomes a mantra after awhile. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift you have given us. I think this is a most remarkable method you have developed, and your generosity in sharing it is sincerely acknowledged by those of us who never thought we had the music in us. All the best to you and yours,
Jennifer Morgan
Glendale, Arizona

03/23/2010 Denny, I received my new Zager guitar (ZAD20CE) and it was all I expected it to be. It has quickly risen to the top of my favorites of the seven guitars I own. Smooth, great sound! Thanks for what you do. I have shown it and made believers of those that have tried it out. Hope to own an 80 some day now. Thanks again.
Barry Thomas.
Kankakee, Illinois

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