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01/31/2010 Hi Dennis, I just got the Zager guitar I won from Gritz Magazine's contest. I really LOVE it! Fantastic sound and looks. The difference between how far you have to press the strings down between it and my old one is AMAZING! Very easy to play and sounds great. Nice case also! I signed up last night with your on-line lessons and will go there soon to do my first one. I have high hopes, based on the good testimonials I read there and from the Gritz guitar reviewer, Michael Red Tail. He recommended them highly also.THANKS!
Justin Kingsley
New York, New York

01/28/2010 Hi Denny and all the folks at Zager guitar. I have recently purchased two of your EZ play guitar. I just signed up for the on line lessons today and all I can say is WOW! I have learned more in the first half hour than I ever imagined possible. Everything is so well explained and close up it is like having your own guitar instructor at home. I have always wanted to learn the finger style guitar such as Jim Croce etc. I think I will finally be able to. Thanks for two of the greatest sounding and easiest playing guitars anyone could hope for. Thanks especially for the on line lessons.
Dave McFarland
Great Falls, Montana

01/26/2010 Hi Denny and all the folks at Zager guitar. I have recently purchased two of your EZ play guitar. I just signed up for the on line lessons today and all I can say is WOW! I have learned more in the first half hour than I ever imagined possible. Everything is so well explained and close up it is like having your own guitar instructor at home. I have always wanted to learn the finger style guitar such as Jim Croce etc. I think I will finally be able to. Thanks for two of the greatest sounding and easiest playing guitars anyone could hope for. Thanks especially for the on line lessons.
Dave McFarland
Great Falls, Montana

Richard A Wilson

01/24/2010  Just wanted to tell you guys thanks for such great lessons. I've been playing for about 8 years and hit a learning plateau last year. I couldn't learn anything new!! I just couldn't get better no matter how much I practiced. So I kept playing the songs I knew over and over, which has gotten me nowhere, and left me and my audience (friends and family) bored. This almost led me to putting down my guitar. That is until I signed up for your online lessons. These lessons are great! I found new inspiration and motivation, and am playing more than ever. I'm already at stage four and loving it. I've been a fingerpicker for my whole guitar life but never thought I'd play with such awesome dynamics and flair. The dynamics you bring into your style is absolutely unbelievable. It sounds like two guitars playing together in harmony! My new style that I have learned and adopted from Mr. Zager has wowed my friends and family. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. Sincerely
Charles Wilson
Santa Barbara, California

01/22/2010 Dear Denny, I love my new guitar, the sound is so clear, I'm very pleased . I would buy from you again. Thanks alot.
Sharon Cromer
Lebanon, Missouri

01/22/2010 Hi, I think the guitar arrived about the same time I could track it.Can't put it down! It is a great playing guitar! My stubby fingers seem to work now.Great guitar, great price, great support. You guys can't be beat! Thanks!
Mark Davick
Port Townsend, Washington

01/19/2010 Hi Denny, Denny Jr. and all the folks at Zager guitar. I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I received my new Zager Martin DM - 1 BK guitar two days ago and I can't seem to put it down. As a beginner who has been trying to learn for the past 15 years or so I can't say enough about it. I have always gotten frustrated in the past when I tried to play songs with lots of chord changes. My new Zager Martin EZ play makes those chord changes much easier. I cannot believe how beautiful this guitar looks and sounds. I am confident now that I will practice more and am already sounding better. I will also be signing up for your on line lessons. Thank you for a great guitar, fast shipping and all the extra goodies that you included. I will definitely be purchasing another of your EZ play guitars as soon as possible. Feel free to use any or all of this letter in your testimonials section and use my email address if necessary so anyone who is thinking of buying an EZ play can contact me if they wish. I wish you folks all the best, take care and THANK YOU again.
Dave McFarland
Great Falls, Montana

01/16/2010 Denny, Thank you for making this kind of guitar available. I've owned 2 Martin guitars, and I have to say that, sound quality wise, my new ZAD 20 is the equal of both of them. Of course, the guitar is beautiful to behold. The binding and abalone are especially nice touches, and the gloss finish is very attractive. However, a guitar is measured by its sound. I love the tone of this guitar. Deep, strong and even. I love the warmth and midrange punch . The sound is full and crystal clear; it never becomes murky or muddy. I had not played an acoustic for 3 years, but now my Zager is all I've playing. The electric has been sitting in its case ever since the ZAD 20 arrived. I was a little worried about how my hands might hold up to an acoustic after playing an electric exclusively for so long, but the transition has been made much easier than by the EZ PLAY system. The action sits nice and long, and the string spacing makes both finger and flat picking easy. Oh, I don't want to neglect mentioning the shape and size of the neck. Perfect, especially since I have smallish hands. About the only thing I've found to be superior to the value of this guitar is your customer service. I sent and email with some questions and recieved a reply immediately, as in within 20 minutes. Ditto for the phone calls I made. A friend of mine played my ZAGER and promptly resolved to get one of his own, as did one of his guitar students. Thanks Again,
Derek Rodriguez
Stockton, California

01/14/2010 Good Evening Gentlemen, My guitar has arrived, and WHAT A GUITAR! It is such a beautiful instrument; with obvious attention to detail. I can't stop looking at it. As for the sound: IT'S INCREDIBLE! Unfortunately, my playing skills can't do it justice, so I am interested in the on-line lessons, how do I proceed? Regards,
Greg Testroet
Park Forest, Illinois

01/14/2010 Lovethe guitar. Went to good shop in East Lansing andlooked every guitar in the place in the ZAD20CE pricerange. Nothing came close to matching your guitaruntil I hit $1,200-$1,200. I went home a very happy guy!
Stan Blood
Lansing, Michigan

01/14/2010 I love my new EZ-Play modified Martin. I haven't touched a guitar in years. I got my new Zager guitar last weekand played it 1 hour a day since and still don't have any sore fingers. The guitar was in perfect tune whenI opened box. I check the tune daily and still have done very little tuning. The guitar is easy to play, sounds great, and looks great. You Guys sure know howto build guitars. I signed up for Denny's online lesson program too. You are as good teaching as you arebuilding guitars. This is the best experience I've had in long time. Great guitar, great teacher,and great people to do business with.
James Golden
Pell City, Alabama

01/10/2010 Hi Dennis,Please pass this on to Denny. I had the good fortune of spending this morning with Laurence Juber who is an exquisite, world class fingerstyle guitarist. We were in an informal Q and A session without guitars and he told me to think vertically instead of horizontally as I learned fingerstyle, to take the stacked notes one "rhythm movement" at a time rather than trying to learn the running bass line, lead line, etc. As he elaborated I realized that he was explaining precisely the same concept as Denny's tab-method. I thought that was pretty cool.He gave me a couple of other "cerebral" pointers to go along with it and I came home and turned on the videos again and took a big jump in progress. My wife has joined me and together we are tackling the breaking of decades-old bad habits with the intention of replacing them with Denny's teachings.
Doug Hall
Allens Park, Colorado

01/08/2010 Denny, Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did! I just can't emphasize enough how pleased I am with your work and the guitar. I can make much larger stretches and play cords that I never thought I could get to ring true. My pinky finger is actually useful for the first time. This guitar arrived in tune! My other guitars couldn't make it across town and stay in tune! Today I woke up early, anticipating another day playing. I've never owned a guitar that got me up early (in fact I can't remember anything getting me up early). It is very exciting to have my enthusiasm jump started like this. Every aspect of this purchase from my first phone call to today's arrival has been a very satisfying experience. Kudos to you and Tony. I'll write more in a week or two, right now, I'm getting back to my new Zager guitar! Thanks again,
J. Scott Davidson
Springfield, Massachusetts

01/07/2010 Thank you again for a most pleasurable experience, you have succeeded in gaining a lifetime customer. I will most defiantly recommend “your family” every chance I get. I'd like to keep in touch, even if it's just to say hello and give you an update on my progress.You may use any part or all of any of these e-mails as a testimonial. I am proud to be associated with and do business with a company as forthright and honest as Zagar Guitar.
Chuck Vokal
MANKATO, Minnesota

01/04/2010 Hi, It was my lucky day when I stumbled across your website while I was seaching the 'net for guitar strings. The guitar (with your string system) that I purchased from you guys plays great...couldn't put the guitar down! Was up till the wee hours enjoying the greater range, ease of use and great sound coming from my new guitar. Keep up the good work! Thanks again,
Carl Saalfeld (aka Smoke)
Palatine, Illinois

01/04/2010  Received my guitar a few hours ago and it is just fine. It does play like an expensive guitar. Back in the 60's I had a Gibson country and western and the action of this guitar reminds me of that great classic. I am quite satisfied.Thanks much
Martin Jones
Summertown, Georgia

01/04/2010 I may be sending more business your way , everyone who has seen the guitar likes it very much. I have looked in the music store in my area and the Zad 20 CE equals or exceeds in quality (guitars under $200) BUT IT BLOWS THEM ALL AWAY WITH THE SOUND QUALITY. I will contact you soon for another order for my son. Thank you so much!
Charles Vincent
Palm Bay, Florida

01/01/2010 Dear Kind Folks at Zager,I waited what felt like a very long week for my guitar to arrive, but it was well worth it! I honestly can't believe the Zager String Science hasn't been adopted by every guitar manufacturer on the planet. It's seriously that great. Mr. Zager is a genius! I have been playing guitar for 15 years, and I have owned a variety of guitars over that time. This is without a doubt my favorite acoustic guitar, ever. Some skeptics may say that you sacrifice tone for good action, but it's absolutely not true in the case of this guitar. You have obviously done more than just lower the action, and the guitar has a beautiful sound, which sounds unique in a subtle way. For anyone who is used to playing an electric guitar but finds themselves having to making serious compromises to play an acoustic, these are the only guitars to have. I play for hours every day, and have for a long time, and I know that with this guitar I no longer have to worry about strain on my fingers or my wrist. I will without a doubt order another Zager when I can afford it. My only hope is that if you license out the String Science to the major manufacturers, you continue to sell these amazing guitars at these prices. I've payed more for so much less. Zager gives new meaning to "paying for a name".All the best,
Faris McReynolds
Los Angeles, California

12/29/2009 Hi,I am not a great writer but just wanted to drop you a quick line. I received my new Zager / Martin DR-41 with Zager string science yesterday, I am very much impressed, its everything that you said and more, plays like a dream. Sounds wonderful. I have been playing for about 40 years but am in no way a good player, I signed up for your lesson plan as well and I cant put this thing down. My fingers were already pretty sore as I pulled out one of my old guitars a few weeks ago to start pickin again which is always fun and relaxing but as you might have guessed my fingers are so sore that I had to limit myself to about fifteen minutes a day. The new D-41 doesnt hurt the fingers at all even being sore I played it for about four hours last night with no ill effects what so ever. I truely love this thing and will probably but a couple more of your guitars over the next year or so. Thank you for your efforts and expertise in building an modifying these units!!!Sincerely,
Bill Sanders
Manhattan, New York

12/27/2009 I am 49 and have played the guitar now for 38 years. For a while in my 20's I played semi-professionally, lounge gigs, weddings, etc. but quit because, in addition to the smoke in the air, I hit a wall with my playing and couldn't figure out how to get past that. If I couldn't be what I felt was a "pro-level" player I would just accept the guitar as a pleasurable hobby. But I love guitars and I have had several top brand name guitars whose equivalents now run in the thousands of dollars.My new Zager guitar is, without question, an instrument that could possibly have gotten me over my "wall". It is the easiest playing steel stringed acoustic guitar I have ever held. All of a sudden I was hitting notes cleanly, every time. I had been fiddling with only nylon / classicals for quite a while because I wasn't playing enough to toughen up my fingers. I hadn't touched a steel string in 6 months. My fingers finally got sore the first day on my Zager... after FOUR hours! And it sounds GREAT! I pulled 4 guitars out and played them all and the Zager was the brightest, cleanest, most room filling of the bunch.I've given beginner lessons over the years, so for newbies I have a question: Are you at the stage where you are first learning "bar" (sp) chords and are frustrated? You will be able to play them on a Zager!For anyone who is looking for a new guitar, unless you insist on paying $2000 or more to have an heirloom, (that you will inevitably scratch up), try one of these. Then, after you receive it and have played it for a couple days go find the finest guitar room you can and play the best they have to offer. In bang for the buck quality I have never seen anything like this. I told my wife about it but didn't tell her the price and, as I played it, she was thinking, "oh no, he's gone and spent a thousand dollars". Mine was under $200 delivered! 100% money back guarantee including freight both ways? Unheard of! And extras thrown in!In the Year 2525 perhaps all guitar companies will make as good an instrument, for as reasonable a price, and will back it up with the extent of customer service you receive from the Zagers. I can't wait to get back at it tonight!
Doug Reynolds
Minden, Nevada

12/26/2009 I want to let you know I love my new Guitar. I am impressed with how easy it plays. I do not buzz anymore and the songs I am learning are so clear. The quality too is also impressive. I plan on buying another guitar for my son. It is always a pleasure to do business with people who are kind and professional. Thank You
Charles Vincent
Palm Bay, Florida

12/25/2009 Cool! I'm 48 yrs old, been playing rhythm guitar since I was 12, in a celtic stage band for 4 years, took up classical 18 months ago.The Zager came about 2 hours ago tuned and ready to play. I've been playing it for the full two hours and my hand is not tired and my fingers are not sore!I'll update the information a little later, but the initial impression is fantastic!
Sharlan Proper
Lubbock, Texas

12/23/2009 Hi there, I'll be sending an "official rave review" of my new guitar soon. First reaction and play is that it is even nicer than I expected and a heckuva deal for under $200 delivered. And an extra set of strings and a TeeShirt and an autographed headshot! Extra touches not seen in the modern world and duly noted and appreciated. Thank you!
Doug Reynolds
Minden, Nevada

12/23/2009 I wanted to let you know the Zad 20ce arrived yesterday, but there is aproblem. I paid $420 ± for this guitar, but you must have mistakenly sentme a $2000 guitar. This is amazing. The action is perfect. I meanperfect. The sound is clear and bright. The pickup is wonderful. I cannot tell you with enough passion what a great product you have. I have beenplaying for over 25 years and have owned or played several guitars. Oneyear ago, I was deciding between a Garrison and a modified Sigma. I wentwith the Garrison because I loved the sound and I couldn't find one of yourmodified Sigma's to play. After speaking with you, I decided I had nothingto lose. I ordered the Zad 20CE and will soon be selling the Garrisson. The action is not a low as I thought it would be, but any lower wouldprobably not be a good thing. That being said, I never played a guitar withaction this low with no fret buzz. I don't know how you did it, just keepdoing it. I will be ordering at least one more when my son gets a littleolder, and maybe a ZAD 80 CE for myself!Thanks for a great product, great pre-sales advice, and a great web site!
Thomas Phelps
North Syracuse, New York

12/20/2009 Howdy Denny & Dennis,Got the guitar & case today, all i have to say is three little words...YOU GUYS ROCK!!!Just left you good feedback, Thanks!! I can finally play a C chord withoutmuffling!!!!! WOOOO!!!
Robert Boswell
Carrollton, Kentucky
***wdy Denny & Dennis,

12/17/2009 Sounds as nice as my 1965 Gibson and plays betterthan the Martin D 28. Thanks.
Ron Sparrow

12/15/2009 GOOD PEOPLE! GOOD PRODUCT! I want to reaffirm what has already been said many times in these testimonials. Zager Guitar is a great company to do business with. I received my Zager ZAD20 on 1/28 and it has been everything it was promised to be. Easy on the fingers, easy to play, sounds and looks wonderful. We were so satisfied we ordered a ZAD15 two days later. Don't hesitate for a moment the product issolid and the service is unmatched.
Don Parrel
Bunker Hill, Illinois

12/15/2009 Just wanted to let you know that the credit of $80 showed up in my account.Thanks!FYI-I can't put me guitar down. It's in my office with me, so I rarely getany work done!Thanks, I really, really love it!
Peter N. Lombardi
San Francisco, California

12/15/2009 I just want to thank you for your prompt courteous service on the return of the guitar I ordered.When I called the person that answered the phone was professional and courteous and instructed me on what and how to pack the guitar for return.It's not often a business responds like you did and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anybody looking for a fair deal on a product.Thank You
Jim Arthur
Medina, Ohio

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