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09/06/2009 Dear Mr. Zager, I just received a ZAD20 for Christmas, my very first guitar. It plays like a dream, and its action can't be beat. Thanks so much for a great guitar! Sincerely,
Jack Byrd
Cleveland, Tennessee

09/06/2009 Hideyho Denny and Merry Christmas.I opened my gorgeous Zager ZAD-80 and really have never seen anything so beautiful. As an artist myself, I could only marvel at the beauty and then on top of it the sound was stunning. I have tried out many guitars and have been begging for a Zager since I read about the "string science" and all of the reviews from real people on the website. I don't know anybody who is not constantly looking for that right one to be found, you know the guitar you think about playing when you are not able or the one that you can compare others to. All other guitars seem a waste of money when compared to the 80 is not only the best in value, I think all the other guitars just do not compare. I thank you for all the help you were on the phone in making a decision.
Stacey Bakula
New York, New York

09/03/2009 Hi Denny,I finally got to try out my ZAD-80 yesterday since it was a Christmasgift. Absolutey beautiful guitar. I plan on writing a testimonial inthe near future. Will it hurt the neck to tie the strap above the nutinstead of drilling a hole to put in another strap peg? The guitar istoo nice to drill any holes.
Allen Sanson
Tallahassee, Florida

08/31/2009 Dear Denny, Six months ago I started to beg my dad for a guitar. I did tons of research and that was all I talked about. My dad made me a deal. The dealwas that if I got good grades and cleaned my room and praticed my singing that Iwould get my guitar. About 3 weeks before Christmas my dad told me that he had my guitar and that if I kept the deal that we had made that I would get it for Christmas. I had no clue what brand but was hoping it was an Ez-Play.Well today is Christams and I got my guitar yesterday. It is a Martin Sigma with the Rosewood and it's an ezplay. It's so easy to play and is great for abeginner like me. Thank you so much for making a really easy guitar to play, I know that Iwill not give up on this guitar like I gave up piano. Thanks!Sincerly,
Kim Jenson 13
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

08/29/2009 Hi DZ,I wanted to thank you for your help and your great customer service inpurchasing this guitar. Ironically, I almost missed getting a Zagerguitar. I had gone to ebay looking for a Martin guitar, to replace onethat had arrived damaged. It had taken over eight weeks and many emailsto finally get a refund. While I was looking at the listings, I becameintriqued with the Zager listing, so I went to your website and checkedthings out. I was impressed with the information about Denny and hisguitars, so decided to buy one. The guitar arrived in time for Christmas. I left the guitar in the boxfor a day to slowly "defrost" (the temp here plunged into the teens).When I took the guitar out and played it, the tonal quality was superb.Denny's modifications made it seem like my fingers could fly over thestrings. The whole guitar is a delight, not only beautiful to look at,but has an impressive sound. I know that a guitar's sound improves with age, and I'm sure this onewill be no exception:) As an aside to DZ Jr., Thanks again for all yourhelp, and taking the time to answer all my questions about the guitar andstring guages. I also appreciated all the nice extras you included withmy purchase. You set a new standard for doing business! Now that I haveplayed this guitar, I am really so glad I did not buy any other guitaroff of ebay! I wish you continued success in everything you do.Best regards,
Stewart Kelly
Sound Beach, New York

08/28/2009 dzjr,Just to let you know, this is the best guitar I'veever owned and I'm am passing it on to my son so hecan learn to play the easy way... It's good to knowsomeone is looking out for us guys with the short fatfingers....
Adam Farrell
Boulder, Colorado

08/27/2009 Hi,Just wanted to let you know how much we love the DR-41. It was set asideimmediately after its arrival, waiting for Christmas, and was a total hit(how could it not be)! What an absolutely beautiful guitar, and the toneand sound quality is amazing. We cannot believe that you can provide such amarvelous product; my husband had not been able to play an acoustic guitarin years, until now. I stumbled across your guitars while cruising ebay inwhat seemed bound to be a fruitless search for a guitar with good action.Calls to regional guitar shops had lead me nowhere. We were totally new toebay, and feel that finding out about your services "accidently" that waywas something not too short of miraculous.Thank you again for bringing the sweet tones of a truly wonderful acousticinto the household. P. S. Our pets are absolutely entranced by the tone.
Judy Harry
North Creek, New York

08/25/2009 Greeting, Mr. Zager. Seven months ago, I bought a membership to the site, and a Zager ZADguitar. The system worked wonderfully for me, I now play better thananyone I know who learned by other methods. People assume I've beenplaying for many years, they are amazed when I tell them it's only beenhalf a year! I learned it fast, and can play any of the songs offeredon the site that I wish. But what I really wanted to mention is the impact the system had on myother instrument. I'm a harpist, and wanted to learn acoustic guitaras a second instrument. Since I've learned the Zager guitar method, mystyle as a harpist has evolved dramatically. I now just naturally addin many additional 'parts' and layers to the harp music, much as Dennydoes on guitar. My improvisation and composition skills have improvedbeyond belief. I think the Zager method painlessly teaches 'ear'skills that otherwise take many years to develop. So, thank you to the Zager method for making me not only a goodguitarist, but a better harpist as well!
Lyn Dave
Montgomery, Alabama

08/25/2009 Hi, guys. The lessons are doing good. As I told you, I'm 58 yrs. oldand tone deaf too boot. But with this system I am learning to tune andplay the guitar at last. Again thanks for everything. Denny, you are"THE MAN" and have earned that right and all that goes with it.Keep up the good work. From a customer for life.
Jamie Jenks
Zachary, Louisiana

08/22/2009 Dennis & Denny,Wow, I received my ZAD-20 CE tonight when I got home. What a great sounding and easy playing instrument. I recently sold an Ovation because it hurt to play more than 10 minutes at a time. I thought that I was through with Acoustics, but this one is wonderful. I have been playing for over 90 minutes and my fingers are not sore, and I feel as if I could play for hours on end. Thank you for your "String Science". It has made a believer out of me.I'm glad that I decided to purchase your guitar. Everything is top notch, The smooth grover tuning keys, the solid spruce top is gorgeous, and the pearl rosette inlay is magnificent. The sound that this guitar produces is amazing, While not the best player on my block, I have yet to hear another guitar sound like this.Keep up the good work, I am sure that when my friends and family hear this, they will want one as regards, and Happy Holidays,
Bill Zakareckis
San Jose, California

08/19/2009 WOW...just got my like a dream....thanks againguys...keep doing what your doing!
Doug Clevinger
Fairborn, Ohio

08/17/2009 Hello Denny & Dennis II,Just another quick note...I am really loving this puppy!!Thank you for such great service and a great guitar.Best wishes for the Holidays & the New Year.
Steve Caputo
Bridgewater, New Jersey

08/17/2009 Good morning Dennis Jr.Just wanted to give you and your Dad feedback on my guitar.I've only been playing for about 1 1/2 years so I had my brother check outthe guitar. He's been playing for over 30 years and in my opinion is damngood. He said the guitar was easy to play and sounded great. It was nice tohear what the guitar sounded like with an experienced player behind it. Iknow that this guitar has elevated my playing ability. It sounds so nice,you want to focus and express yourself through the guitar to hear the nicesounds that it delivers. Thanks for all the extras. You guys are great. Havea Merry Christmas. Regards,
Mark Ronderos
Los Angeles, California

08/17/2009 Dennis & Denny, I want to say thanks for delivering my ZAD80CE! It has been the bestguitar that I have ever played. The action is light and smooth and thetone is simply amazing. The frets are perfectly placed, you can playchords on the 12th fret with open strings and it is perfectly in tune.The guitar is beautiful, smells great and stays in tune. I rarely haveto tune it, the way Denny Sr builds these guitars is just amazing. I hadmy father who has played for years and quite an accomplished musicianplay my Zager over the weekend. He thought it was wonderful and wants tosee if Denny Sr will rework his guitar. He was thoroughly impressed withthe craftsmanship, the sound, and the action. Thanks Zager for producingsuch a fantastic instrument and at such a discounted cost. Thanks!
Gary Horsley
Belleville, Illinois

08/13/2009 Hello Mr. Zager,I just purchased your online lessons package and found it the mosteffective and effecient way to learn to play a guitar. I regret wastingmy money on music teachers at music stores. The thing I like the most is your unique method to teach andarticulating the lesson. In short, I'm very pleased and quite satisfiedwith this purchase.Thank you.PS: If you'd like to use as a testimonial, please feel free to do so.
Anoop Paswar
Los Angeles, California

08/11/2009 Hello Dennis.I received my ZAD-20 on Friday morning, right on time. The finish isbeautiful & the quality of the workmanship is top-notch.It took me a bit before my fingers stopped hurting, but I hadn't played inmonths & for not more than 2 minutes at a time.If you recall, I came across you folks while on eBay looking for a usedMartin DM, which was until now the best acoustic I had ever owned or played.I sold it a year ago & had been sorry since.And then my Zager showed up. I'd read the magazine reviews & testimonials(which is what brought me to actually buying one "sight-unseen" which I hateto do). I've never played a $3000 guitar, but I am so knocked out by thetone, the resonance and the sustain. I have never heard anything like it. Itsounds like the acoustics that I hear on my favorite songs...Neil Young, TheEagles, etc.It makes even ME sound good & I stink! But I love to play, if only for my ownears, as it is the most relaxing thing I can do with clothes on. I foundmyself playing A-shaped bar chords up the neck with only 2 fingers & gettingall 5 notes (strings) clear. I have NEVER been able to do that!!My wife said that it sounded pretty good & asked me if it was very expensive(which is about as excited as she gets over guitars). I was delighted to sayit was half of what I paid for my DM 2+ years ago.If you ever decide to sell to retailers, let me know, I want to be yourmid-Atlantic sales rep!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for a great instrument!Best regards,
Steve Caputo
Bridgewater, New Jersey

08/10/2009 Hi,I received my new ZAD20CE in its new case on Wednesday! It is a joy tostrum and play already. Thanks again for a wonderful Christmas gift!
Barry Sarends
Spokane, Washington

08/07/2009 Dennis & Denny,I received the guitars I ordered from you in two days. I appreciate yourpromptness. I purchased two ZAD-20 guitars, one for me and one as a giftfor my son. The only problem I have is trying to decide which one to keepfor myself, they both sound and play so beautifully. I must commend youfor delivering the product that you are promoting.Years ago, I played quite a little guitar, mostly on a classical nylonstring. A good friend had a Martin D41 which I loved the sound and feelof. So I decided if I ever bought a steel string, I would try to afford aMartin. I went to a guitar store recently and played a few Martins and acouple of Gibsons. I also got on E-Bay possibly looking for a bargain ona quality guitar. That is where I found Zager guitars. Your philosophymade so much sense for beginning guitarists (like my son), and for thosewho haven,t played in a while (like me). I've played enough to know howplayability and sound will keep the interest growing. I decided to try aZAD-20.Now for the comparison with the other guitars I sampled:The ZAD-20 was the easiest guitar for me to play, period. Hands down. Butwhat really impressed me was the sound! Your guitars just ring like abell! The ZAD-20 blew away a Martin D1, was better than a D16, and everybit as good as a D28 in my opinion. I also thought your guitar soundedeasily as good as a Gibson hummingbird. I think that's some pretty goodcompany. But when you consider the difference in price, it makes theZager guitar the best value in quality guitars that I know of. I'veplayed more in the last week than I have in the last year, and enjoyed ita hell of alot more! I am very pleased with my guitars.Please feel free to use my opinions as a testimonial, as I would gladlytell anyone the same things I've just written you. Thanks for rekindlingmy interest in a beautiful instrument, and I enjoyed doing business withyou. We'll likely do more.Sincerely,
Sarah Rabens
San Francisco, California

08/07/2009 This is the bestacoustic i have ever owned or played. Great work guys!
Robert Canapp
Borger, Texas

08/07/2009 Dear Dennis, I recently received a Zager EZ-Play guitar as a gift. Amazing, I have never played so well. I am able to transition from one chord to another faster and with more accuracy then ever before, it is so much easier toplay than any other guitar that I have ever owned. I can't thank you enough for this guitar. I have also started to learn the Zager guitar method, I have worked really hard and can now play "Love Me Tender", I have just startedto practice "House of the rising sun". It was amazing when I played "Love Me Tender", and had several people comment on how well It sounded. I would definitely recommend both the Zager EZ-Play guitar and the Zager guitar method to anyone who is serious about learning to play. Thank you so much.
Steve Oszen
Orlando, Florida

08/04/2009 A neighbor brought over a new Alvarez RD20SV he bought for his son for christmas this afternoon. This isn't anyone I talk to much, I was even surprised he knew I played guitar. He bought it at a music store in Olean NY. about 15 miles from here. Retail $339 on sale for $259 plus tax. He wanted me to tune it up since he can't play. I gave him my Zager ZAD-20 to hit a few notes on while I tuned his. I didn't say much...I just went ahead and was thinking in my head this is a pretty bad guitar. It had a boxy sound, strings were a little high, fingers felt cramped. As he was hitting strings on my Zager he finally asked how much did you pay for this? $345 I said. "Your kidding" "Nope" "Can you play a few chords on mine?" I did and then he gave me the ZAD 20 and asked "play the same thing" which I did. "Why does yours sound so much better? The guy at the guitar store said this was the best I could do in this price range...I thought your Zager was like the $1600 acoustic he showed me." Well my neighbor was right the Alveraz sounded pretty cheap next to the Zager and I felt bad for him since he could only get a store credit. Put the Zager side by side to any acoustic in the same price range and you will not only here the difference but you see it as well. I felt like like I had a $1600 acoustic compared to his. Well l hope his son does ok with it. I gave him the Zager web address and told him to look over the line up and maybe if it doesn't work out they can sell it and get a Zager model. It's tough to match quality, playabilty, sound and price of a Zager... in fact I don't think you can...MERRY CHRISTMAS!
David Cibula
Bradford, Pennsylvania

08/01/2009 The Zager Guitar sells itself. I just had two more people play your guitartonight and they could not believe how easy it was to play and the soundthat was emitted.I have a lady that sings and plays guitar on Fridays & Saturday evenings atmy restaurant.She has played in Memphis and Nashville. Her stage name is "River Red".She plays a Washburn and has bragged on the sound I'll bring out your guitarand see what she thinks.I'll try not to bother you with my day per day experiments with my customerswho play guitar. I can't brag on you guys enough.Keep up the good work.Scotty at
Louisville, Kentucky

07/30/2009 Dennys -I received my new ZAGER ZAD20CE a little over a month ago and have had a lot ofopportunity to play it since.Having read your website for almost a year, I was not terribly surprisedthat it had a great setup right out of the box and an action that plays like one of my nylon stringclassic guitars. I have done some action adjustments to the other 2 steelstring acoustics that I own so I can appreciate that it takes someworkto get a guitar to play as easily as this Zager does. Actually, I figurethat you must have it down to a "science" because I don't know how you could do the kind of setups thatyou do and still sell the guitars for the prices you charge unless youdid.What really surprised me was the sound that comes from it. It has thebest tone of ANY of my 5 guitars including the 2 classicals. Of course,all of this makes it an absolute joy to play. I would compare it forplayability and tone with some of the $1200.00 to $2000.00 guitars that Ihave trial played at local stores. I am another one of these guys who took some lessons and played a bit inthe 1970s and then stopped playing until about 3 years ago. I am a fingerstyle player who likes toplay melodies, so I am interested inyour "Play by ear" lessons. I will probably sign up for the lessonsafter the first of the year.
Chuck Goldenman
Plymouth, Minnesota

07/29/2009 Denny Zager Jr.I've been playing my new Zager for about 2 hours; am taking a break.What an awesome instrument!!! My hats off to Denny Sr.!!!It's been almost 30 years since I last laid hands on a guitar, but I nowknowthat I made the right choice with the Zager.Thanks again.
Peter Wojciechowski
Rockford, Illinois

07/28/2009 I'm the 65 year old man that has a restaurant, works an average of 85 hoursa week, and has never played a guitar. I had three of my customers waitingfor this guitar just to re-affirm what your web site stated as factual. Itracked the shipment every day like a little kid waiting for Santa Claus.Finally the day arrived. As all the local UPS drivers eat at my restaurantit came as no surprise; when he brought the box in; to hear,"Scotty, don'ttell me you play guitar".It's a beautiful guitar and sounds great. My customers that have playedguitars really love it. Thank you for the shirt, the photo, and the strings. "The changing of thestrings part I can hardly wait." Well I got to run. I left the guitar at the restaurant. I'm thinking aboutrequiring all customers that want to play my guitar to have to purchase aBBQ sandwich and a soft drink.
Louisville, Kentucky

07/26/2009 Hi Dennis.My new ZAD20CE arrived a week ago and I am loving it! I'll be sending ina testimonial after I've tried the on-line lessons.Thank you for sending a new guitar so promptly. It arrived in 2 days andit is a very nice instrument. Now I'm thinking perhaps I should havepurchased the "80" model :)Thank you for such great service,
Jed Brownson
Columbus, Ohio

07/26/2009 Hi Guys,The ZAD 15 arrived on Friday and I must admit I was shocked. It soundsfantastic and looks great. It is a Christmas gift for my son and heis going to be thrilled. Thank you.
Paul Rogers
Mansfield, Massachusetts

07/23/2009 Just wanted to say thank you for making such great guitars. I receivedmy ZAGER guitar Friday and played it today in an Advent service atchurch. It sounded supurb! I noticed that it was much easier totransition between difficult chords with your guitar. Also, I guess Inever really knew what a "good" guitar sounded like. I'm 39 and I'vebeen playing the same acoustic guitar since I was 14. Mine wasn't badrealative to what I had to choose from at the music stores but last nightI went to the local music store just to see once again if they hadanything close to what you sold me. The answer was no. The Ovationguitars looked good but they just didn't have the tone and resonance ofyour guitar. The only comparrison I can make is that your guitars soundlike a grand piano and all others are like an old upright piano. Nightand day difference. Thanks!
Kurt Badstubner
Madison, Wisconsin

07/20/2009 I am truly amazed at how easy your System is. I am actually playing the guitar. The more you play the easier it seems to get. I have completedthe stage 1 songs and I am moving to stage 2 . Thank you so much for opening theworld of music to me.
Chuck Vincent
Palm Bay, Florida

07/18/2009 Im in process of writing an original song using Dennys fingerstyle method and a bit ofhelp from the kid next door. I am haveing so much fun. I LOVE my Zager ZAD80. Isounds so great and with the onboard electronics I can now record till thecows come home. It is so easy to play. I have the EZ-Play Martin DM1ST I got from youand the songs I already know play even easier if you can believe that. Thethinner neck on the ZAD80 made a big differance in the way I can change chords faster.The low strings speak for themselves. I can play several hours and nofatigue or painful fingers. This thing is so sweet. I took it to the Musicstore here and asked the guy to give me an honest opinion of it. Afterlooking it over real well and playing (and falling in love with it) he said hewould hang it on the wall with a $1700.00 dollar price tag and would have noproblem getting it. I actually hooked it up to a amp in the store and playedGreensleeves with quite a few people in there and they all came over andlistened to me play. They actually cheered and applauded. When I said how longI had been playing they couldnt believe it. That opened the door to tell all aboutDenny and what he could do for them. I got paper and wrote down your websiteand passed it out to about 20 ppl that were really interested. The storemanager frowned a bit I guess because he teaches too but he didnt stop me orsay anything bad. The way Denny teaches you dont have all that mess oflearning notes or reading tabs. You listen and you play a FULL ARRANGEMENT.Thats the big thing that impressed everyone because I sounded like a whole band withjust one guitar. I Love my EZ-Play Martin but the Zager ZAD 80 C/E blows it awaywith easier playing ability and the sound plus the electronics. MORE thanworth the money. You can play on stage with anyone and your guitar willsound as good or better, and play easier than the even the high priced ones. I wontmention names but you know the top 3 or 4 guitars. So imagine 645 dollarsfor a guitar that keeps up and sounds as good and PLAYS much easier than $2200 to $3000 dollar guitars.
Paul Johnson
Scottsdale, Arizona

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