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07/18/2009 What fun! Beautiful instument, wonderfultone, and, damn, am I a good singer or what? I also want to thank you forthe t-shirt, which I will be saving for my fishing trip out of San Deigo onDecember 26 (8 days for big tuna on the Red Rooster....will be wearing itaround on the pier). I'm an old captain who now gets to fish himself onrare occasions.....I fully intend to extoll the virtues of Zager guiters(want pu** a Zager).In any case, thanks.
Captain Michael Lewis
Ruth, Nevada

07/18/2009 I really love this little ZAD-15 guitar! I am a pro player, and bought thisthe guitar for my son to bang around on, but after playing it realized itwas no "toy", and one hell of an instrument. Thank you!
Lyle Workman
Glendale, California

07/18/2009 A close friend of mine bought a Zager ZAD-20CE last March and sent it to me asa gift. WOW! It has inspired me to practice more often, find a partnerto jam with and now we've been on stage 4 times at a local open mic nightjust to see if there is something really there. It's a blast! Thank you.
Steve Crim
Avon, Colorado

07/14/2009 While scanning the Martin Guitar Forum I came across an interesting statistic.
From some of the top Martin luthiers in the USA
Out if every 10 Martins:
2 are exceptional
6 are average
2 are below average
Cost of a Martin HD-28 $1820

Now my thoughts on Zager guitars.
Out of every 10 Zager guitars:
If 1 is below average Zager Guitar takes it back
If one is average and you were expecting more Zager Guitar takes it back
Cost of a Zager ZAD-20 $345
Difference in sound between a Zager and an $1800 Martin...I can't tell the difference.
Which one would you want to own?
David Cibula
Bradford, Pennsylvania

07/12/2009 Hey Denny,I received my guitar today and it is really something else. It is soeasy to play, sounds great, and is super easy on the fingers. Looksgreat too. I look forward to many hours of enjoyment.Have a great day,
Dennis Hayden
Independence, Missouri

07/11/2009 Thanks for working with me on debugging the amplifier problem. Yourinstincts were correct and I should have guessed right off that theproblem was *not* my ZAD-80CE. For the record, I'm impressed that youwere ready to ship me another guitar, even though there was a high chancethat the problem was the amp or cable. So, once I got a working, newamp, I can really appreciate this beautiful new guitar. I'm a 2 ZADowner now and the experience just gets better. I've made lots ofprogress in my playing ability with the ZAD-20, thanks to Zager stringscience, and now the ZAD-80CE opens up a whole new world with the coolelectronics package. I'm really glad I chose to do business with youfolks and I can see more Zager instruments in my future.
Tom Leavy
Clearwater, Florida

07/08/2009 Zagers,Just got the guitar 30 minutes ago and am taking just a minute to let youknow it arrived fine. What a beautiful instrument!! Got to go play itnow. Thank you so much. You guys are great!I'll keep in touch.
Kent Wolfe
North Port, Florida

07/08/2009 Just wanted to drop you a quick note about my ZAD-20 guitar, which I've now owned for about 6 months. The more I play it, the more I like it. It has such a beautiful sound, which only seems to improve as I improve as a player. Other guitarists friends of mine who've tried it are blown away by how well it plays, and stunned by the cost. Most times people peg it at about 3 times it's actual cost. I think it's IMPOSSIBLE to get a better sounding, better playing guitar at a better price than what you offer! I've a friend who has a Martin DM-STCE (bought from a different source) and I was less than impressed with how it was set up. It was difficult to play because the strings were so far from the fret board. Thanks Denny for making guitars that sound better, play better and cost less!!!
Gerry Giguere
Houston, Texas

07/08/2009 Denny Zager & Family, thank you for not only a great guitarbut for the instruction course as well.I have had my ZAD20 for a week and you will never get it back! I'm 58yrs. old, tone deaf and this system of yours will work for me. I willfinally learn to play and enjoy the guitar. I will keep you updated onmy progress. If anyone has doubts about your products use me as a verysatisfied customer(for life). Your string science is nothingshort of amazing, Love that EZPlay. The customer service cannot be beat!!! It is the best in the world. You guys love what you doand it shows. Thank you for giving me a new lease on life.
Jamie Jenks
Zachary, Louisiana

07/05/2009 Denny Zager & Family, thank you for not only a great guitarbut for the instruction course as well.I have had my ZAD20 for a week and you will never get it back! I'm 58yrs. old, tone deaf and this system of yours will work for me. I willfinally learn to play and enjoy the guitar. I will keep you updated onmy progress. If anyone has doubts about your products use me as a verysatisfied customer(for life). Your string science is nothingshort of amazing, Love that EZPlay. The customer service cannot be beat!! It is the best in the world. You guys love what you doand it shows. Thank you for giving me a new lease on life.
Jamie Jenks
Zachary, Louisiana

07/02/2009 Hi guys,I've had my Zager Guitar for a couple of months now. I haven'tpicked it up as much as I like to lately (you know, work, maintenance onthe house & truck, & some community service), but when I do, what a joy! Iconsider myself pretty much a beginner. I can strum a few open chords andfumble through a few lead riffs (my motto is the more you drink the lessI stink), but I find myself playing longer with my Zager than I didbefore. I will be ordering the online lessons after the first of theyear, and I'm looking forward to 1-2 hours a day on learning how toreally play. Right now, when I take requests from my friends I ignorethem and keep playing. I hope the lessons will change their requests. Theguitar was received in excellent condition, earlier than expected, andthe extras that came with it are greatly appreciated. The autographedpicture is framed and on the wall in my den. I tell all my friends aboutthe great product and service, and when I am in the market for my nextguitar, your website will be the first and last I visit. I wish you thebest of luck and hope you are able to provide musicians (and duffers likeme) the gift of music for many years to come. Oh, by the way, thecommunity service mentioned above is voluntary, not court ordered! Thanksand God bless.
Jim Held
Los Angelos, California

06/30/2009 Hi Denny, I am about to starton my second song, I am doing pretty good with the first one considering I only started (picked up my first guitar ever the end of August 2004 anddidn't even pick it up until September), playing this year and I am stillpartially paralyzed on my left side. To tell you the truth, the Zagerprogram has been my therapy. Everytime I sell a guitar on ebay,(I havesold a few) I always mention the Zager name and I always see someonebidding on your guitars. I think your dad has the best system ever. When I was at the guitar store today, the owner is so suprised how muchknowledge I have gained about guitars and he could not believe it when hesaw me play the Martin. He asked me where the hell I learned all thisand how to read music and play as well as I did? He has been playingsince the fifties, I figure if I keep practicing 2-3 hours a day, I willbe closing in on him by Januarry 2005. I really love it, I cannot thinkI would rather do all day then play guitars; I would love to have a jobyou can play all day and get paid for it! I don't know how you couldever get burned out on it, as long as there is room to improve, you justkeep raising the bar. I don't want to bore you to death, but I do wantto thank you and your dad, you have forever changed my life and it istruly the best thing anyone has ever done for me.Thanks again, your friend,
Eddie Harpman
New Haven, Connecticut

06/29/2009 Denny I absolutely love what I am learning on your site. I am abeginner guitarist and have found only headache trying to learn from other resources. I don'thave accessto a teacher right now so I am limited, especially do to the fact that Iam very impatient.I want results quickly or I give up. I find that with tab you spendmore time thinking abouthow to play the piece than actually playing it. With chords it can beso difficult to 'discover'the strum pattern. Your method is so simple to follow I wish everyonewrote their songsthis way. I look forward to learning new songs. Keep em coming.Thanks for your hard work.
Calvin Jewell
San Antonio, Texas

06/28/2009 Hi guys,My beautiful ZAD 80CE arrived as scheduled......unfortunately, I wasscheduled to head out of town the same day! So, as soon as I had it inmy hands, I jumped in the car and took off for five days. I have hardlyhad a chance to play it, but the brief time that I have spent with it hasbeen great! What a beautiful instrument! I can hardly wait to get homeand really give it a go......I'll let you know as things progress. Inthe mean time, I have signed up for the online lessons and am trulylooking forward to learning from Denny. I have played for years but amself taught and I'm sure I have many bad habits that need to go. I havealready learned so much from the 'string changing' video. I will reportback later with more experienced information! Many thanks to both of you,
Dave Barner
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

06/26/2009 I have had my ZAD20CE for several days now and I am definately notdisappointed. I own several other guitars and I have been playing forover 30 years and this guitar is going to be my primary instrument forsome time to come. It sounds great and it plays like a dream. I havebeen playing beyond my skill level with this guitar so I am sold on thewhole string science thing. Mark me down as a satisfed customer. Thanks for everything
David Thompson
Portland, Oregon

06/26/2009 Denny and Dennis,I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your new ZAD 20. As youknow I own 3 Zager acoustics already, 2 are played by family members. TheZAD 20 is possibly the best acoustic for the price I have ever played. Theslimmer neck makes playing the most difficult chords so easy. The stringheight even with light gauge strings is lower than any of my 3 currentZagers if you can believe that. Even with the low string height the volumeand tone of the ZAD 20 is unmatched. You will not find an acousticanywhere to match the playability of the ZAD 20. The Martin guitar I bought on the internet can not match the ZAD 20. That acousticcost 3 times what the ZAD 20 does and out of the box was not set up anywhere near as good as the Zager. The Zager String Science is the best setup for an acoustic I ever experienced. Combine that with the outstandingdesign, fit and finish of the ZAD 20 and you blow away thecompetition. Plus the service you provide along with the purchase of anyZager guitar makes it easy to be a returning customer times 4. I cannotcompare Denny's work to anyone... his is far away the best and thats whatreally makes an acoustic, not the price or name on the headstock but thework put into the setup and how playable it is. We play and improveand challenge our skill level or is if it's too difficult we give up orlose interest or keep looking for something better. In my opinion Zagerguitars are the best guitar on the market at any price. Thanks.
David Cibula
Bradford, Pennsylvania

06/23/2009 First I would like to tell you after 25 years of not playing I feel like a kid again. It is all comming back but sometimes it is like i never put theguitar down. Thanks for that old but not forgoten feeling. The Zager is one of the best i have played, and after all those years I missed the ez-play is a great help, and i need alot of help. Thanks forthe old feelings
Anonymous Anonymous
Lincoln, Nebraska

06/20/2009 Thank you for the swift delivery of the new Zager Zad 80. It is my second Zager guitar. This guitar is every thing it¹s touted to be, so very easy to play. Like a hot knife on butter, it¹s that easy. And look good?, Holy Moley!, I can¹t get the ZZ80 back in the Zager case as my wife wants me toleave it out as living room Art work. Wonderful job Denny! and thank you Dennis for the fantastic service!Sincerely,
Michael Wolfe
KC, Kansas

06/18/2009 I got you 2 new customers today while I was at the VA hospital for treatments today. I took my guitar to pass time in between doctors and these two guys who play guitar couldnt believe how my Zager modified Martin played. I told em all about you and Denny and the service and the classes. One wants a guitar and said he was picking one up today. The other guy looked at my music sheets and said wow what a teaching concept...thinks it would help him alot. I gave them the website and said they were sold and going to log on and get into it. Just wanted you to know I am still your sales person in Texas. HAHHAHA. Hell they just pick up an EZ-Play and they sell themselves.
Paul Johnson
Scottsdale, Arizona

06/18/2009 Dennis,You guys are awesome.I appreciate your excellent customer service, and will definitelycheck back to see the changes in your library from time to time.I will also make sure the other guys see your new line. They'vealready seen mine and were truly impressed. (Which meansalot to me, since they have played for years, while I am justbeginning.)If my guitar skills improve like I hope they do, I may be in themarket for the ZAD80 myself in the future.But, in the meantime, rest assured that Zager Guitars will havemy highest recommendation to anybody who has interest inobtaining a quality instrument at a true bargain price.Thanks again, Dennis. You have definitely earned my business.Sincerely,
Alan Legate
Los Angeles, California

06/18/2009 Dennis and Denny, Thank you forgoing out of the way for acustomer... it is greatly appreciated. One of the nice things about having3 Zager acoustics in the family is I can trade back and forth with my 2daughters and play a different acoustic. Each one becomes a currentfavorite, right now it is the Zager modified Martin DM1ST which has begun to open up and thenew ZAD 20 I'm sure will be another I won't put down. I keep reading inguitar publications and on the internet the importance of the "set up" andplayabilty in what ever price range guitar we play... a $1200 acousticwon't please us if it is not set up properly. That is why Zageracoustics are becoming a sought after guitar... they arecarefully set up to meet the needs of all skill levels of players. I'm sure anyone who is interested in guitars scans for good bargains onE-Bay or other sites and one thing you will find are a lot of used highpriced quality acoustics. One reason people sell an acoustic is for some reason theydon't like something about it and it just does not play well for them. One thing you don't see in this galaxyof used acoustics is many Zager acoustics. Yes from time to time you runacross one, but not many, which in it self says something. Many satisfiedplayers have found the importance of spacing and roomto fret chords. Play a guitar where we don't haveroom for our fingers and we muffle strings, we need to press too hard on the neck and fingers get sore, orthe action is so stiff it's like picking bare wire,ever had an acousticwith one fault like that or all of them? Even the very best guitarcompany in the USA has customers who complain about one of the above. Sothey have their guitar reworked or try to do it themselves...either way youpay to do that. Of course you will come across a click whowill only buy and play one brand, one in particular is made in my homestate of PA. Yes, beautiful acoustics and worth some money, and they costsome money too, and they still need to be modified believe me that's part ofthe click... how you modified yours. If I could afford it I would spendabout $1800 for one and find some one like Denny Zager to make it playbetter. Then again you could spend 1/4 of that $1800 and buy a new Zager ZAD20 that will play like the $1800 acoustic (or better) and do somethingelse with the rest of the money like buy a ZAGER ZAD 80 and be happy :-D to havethe 2 best playing acoustic guitars on the market. Hey you know weshouldstart our own Zager club and talk about how we have the best playingacoustics for the money made today and with the people and service toback it up better than anyone..Thanks...A ZAGER "Enthusiast.
David Cibula
Bradford, Pennsylvania

06/14/2009 Hi Denny Jr, I was practicing a fewminutes ago on my Zager and it sounded just like your dad, just a hellof alot slower!(LOL). Now, tell me thats not exciting. I couldn'tbeleive I was the one doing it, I never thought I would get this far inmy wildest dreams!Thanks alot.
Eddie Harpman
New Haven, Connecticut

06/12/2009 Dear Mr. Zager and Son......My new ZAD-20 is a joy to play. It's a comfortable guitar with rich sound resonance and very easy on the eyes. Without a doubt, one of the best bargains out there for the money. It's quality surprised me alittle, and I've been in love with guitars for many years. I can see why Denny signs his name on his Zagers. He has good reason to be proud of this product. The purchase process was trouble-free and your willingness to serve after the sale was obvious. To bad all companies don't operate with your level of conscience. Thanks for the online video help and providing a good affordable guitar. Continued success and best regards from a new Zager convert in East Tennessee.
Michael Brummerstedt
Knoxville, Tennessee

06/11/2009 Denny and Dennis Zager, rest assured that my new ZAD-20 is everything Ihoped it would be, and for the money it's an amazing bargain. At 72, I'ma retired naval engineer, returning to the guitar after a hiatus of overthirty years. My early guitar was a gut-stringed Gibson, but this oneseems to be its equal -- for much less money, and if memory serves me,the Zager's more comfortable. Please understand, God in his wisdom didn'tchoose to bless me with musical talent beyond a smattering, but he gaveme the forbearance to appreciate those he did bless. In my instance, mysmallish, thin-skinned size 8 hands have been a concern -- but no more,thanks to the ZAD-20's reduced neck and EZ-Play fretboard. In alllikelihood, I'll never be called upon to give a live performance, but asI struggle through my music and TAB sheets in the privacy of my backporch, I'll be picking away, enjoying the hell out of my wonderful newZager. A retired old sailor thanks and blesses you, sirs. Fondly,
Jay Wells
Salt Lake City, Utah

06/08/2009 Dennis,First of all, let me say that I love this guitar. This and the lessons haverenewed a hobby (passion) that I thought was gone. I went ahead yesterdayand adjusted the truss rod and I really can't believe the difference itmade. I may be wrong, but I even believe the guitar sounds better. Thanks for the great guitar and the great service andthe great lessons.
Charlie Wiltshire
Barksdale AFB, Louisiana

06/08/2009 Hi Denny & Dennis Jr.,I received the guitar & case Friday and everything is in good shape. The playability of this guitar is just as good as I had hoped. I started on the video lessons yesterday and am just amazed at how much there is to learn from them. As I move on I'll keep you informed of my progress via future emails. Thanks for offering such great products (both guitar and lessons). Best regards,
John Sanders
Austin, Texas

06/08/2009 Dear DZJR,I called about noon on Tuesday and had my guitar at 1:30 on Wednesday. One day delivery to that's fast service. I was concerned aboutnot buying a case, but I don't gig, I'm just a hobbyist and I have othercases. No need to worry, the guitar came through flawlessly and now I will takethe money I saved on a case and sign up for online lessons. As for the product, I spent about three hours with it last night and I am verypleased. As a hobbyist, I have played some real"sway backs". This is like a whole new world. Great low action andtones. I checked all sources of D-10's before I made this purchase. The modifications made to this instrument are definitely worth the investment. Thanks for the extras you included and the three online sessions that are tremendously helpful for us amateurs. This guitar and the online lessons will enrich my hobby. I'm glad I found you guys.
Ron Leiker
Topeka, Kansas

06/05/2009 Dear Zager, My ZAD-20CE arrived today. I ripped into the box with much anticipationand when I sat down with this instrument, I couldn't believe it!! Thisguitar is everything you advertise it to be and more. I was amazed at theease of play and the sound. I used to own a Martin DC-1 and this guitarsounds every bit as good or better than the DC-1. I also owned a high endTakamine and it doesn't have anything on the Zager in my opinion. I am verypleased. The packaging and the service was outstanding. After laying offof playing and writing for a while (new baby), I am happy to be getting backinto it with a Zager!! The strings are super low and there is absolutely nobuzz!! This is truly a fine instrument. It was also in tune and ready toplay right out of the box. Thank you for the free T-shirt and extra stringsas well. Anyone that is considering a Zager should get one withouthesitation, you won't be sorry!!!
Chase Nease
Delaware City, Delaware

06/02/2009 Dennis, Thanks for the fast reply. The guitar definitely plays easier. I can play much longer on this guitar than on my Martin. Thanksagain!
Bobbie Shand
Dayton, Ohio

05/31/2009 Dennis,Well the guitar finally arrived. I can not thank you enough for all the effort you went through to make this happen. Quite literally all the feedback you receive is true. I love the guitar, I love the sound, and it is very easy to play.Thanks again.
Louis Bertellotti
Arlington Heights, Illinois

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