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06/02/2009 Dear Zager, I cannot beleive how wonderfull this guitar really is. Your service is incredible!! I will deffintely be purchasing more guitars from you guys. You guys also included a kurt cobain shirt!! Nirvana has been my favorite band ever since i can remember. If people buy acoustics elsewhere, they are going the wrong way. Thank you so much for your service, will be back to get more!! Have a nice day!
Ron Smith
Winnebago, Illinois

Eric Gall
Abileine, Kansas

05/29/2009 Dear DennisI have been playing my Zager 20ce for about a week now and I love it.Itsounds great and it is the best looking guitar I have ever owned, the topand back woods match perfectlyI was going to by a high dollar martin I played one in a store and it didnot sound any better, I am glad I bought the Zager instead.Thanks
Warren Keller
Mustang, Oklahoma

05/27/2009 Denny,I am just overall impressed with every aspect of this transaction. Ireceived the ZAD-20 today and it is just amazing. The shipping wasunbelievably fast. The guitar is just so much fun to play. It sounds sosmooth and I can sit here and just play it for hours. It is definitelyworth every penny. I know I'll have this guitar for a long, long time.This was definitely the way to go. Everything that was said in thetransaction was done. That's just great business. Thanks again.
Dan Kundrat
Crown Point, Indiana

05/27/2009 I received my new guitar in four days, and was pleasantly surprised. At first I was a little skeptical at what the extra money that I spent over buying this same guitar from other retailers had got me, but After playing it I started to see how nice this guitar is. The action is so low that the finger fatigue is not an issue and the tone is just beautiful. I am not an expert player and this is making my learning process go a lot easier. I have owned other guitars ( epiphones, sigma by martin) and those guitars could not touch this one. The string science, and other adjustments makes this guitar play, and sound like a guitar that costs thousands. So I realized that this was a great investment, and will last a long, long time. Thanks to zagerguitar, and keep up the great job.
Sarasota, Florida

05/24/2009 Zager Guys, I received my Sigma DM1 this afternoon, 10-12-04. It is most excellent. Plays great. Sounds great. I am a very pleased new customer who will refer anyone interested in a great guitar to you. I bought my first guitar in 1966 at the age of 12. I've owned many guitars over the years, some expensive, many not so expensive. I think this guitar is the nicest playing guitar I've owned. Thank You Very Much
David Johnston
Como, Massachusetts

05/21/2009 Denny and Dennis Jr. This is my second Zager String Science applied guitar. One is not enough! The first was the DR-41 and it is great. So what would be better? Get another Zager Guitar!!! This time I wanted to try the Zager brand and I am not disappointed. It has a great thin neck and the string height is the lowest ever......I have read many of the testimonials, your guitar company speaks for it's self. I have had only the best treatment with any concerns and the greatest costumer service. I don't know how people can buy from anyone else. You don't get this kind of care anywhere but from Zager. Thanks Again,
Jeff Myrna
Darlington, South Carolina

05/19/2009 Denny, thank you so much for the prompt shipment of the ZAD-20CE Acoustic Electric guitar. I received it less than 2 days after ordering it. Before ordering I had read all the testimonials online and have to start by saying that I can add nothing that has not already been said - OUTSTANDING!! I have been practicing for 30+ years and have practiced with all the quality manufacturers and models and this is right there with them. The play is so sweet and the touch is a dream. My daughters friend who is a practicing musician picked it up and immediately said, "this feels very nice". That was without playing it. Over the last 2 weeks I think the only reason he visits is to play the Zager. I have 4 other guitars (name brand) in the house and he seldom plays those but now can be found playing this one each visit. The tone quality is exceptional - quality sound! The Venetian cutaway is an added bonus. The finish is rich giving it the look that goes with the way it sounds and plays. As the model name suggests (EZ-Play), no one would be displeased. With age and having mild arthritis, the EZ-Play is a welcomed friend. I now am playing like I used to, for hours and without pain. EZ-Play cannot be over-emphasized as my fingers can testify. Thank you for the quality craftsmanship that you put into your work - it is a masterpiece for anyone that is thinking of purchasing one. I have and will continue to recommended the Zager to all practicing guitar players. Regards!
Randy Reed
Treynor, Iowa

05/19/2009 Hello, I received my Sigma Martin two days ago and I am just now putting it down long enough to write you this letter and let you know how pleasing this guitar is. The action is just as you described it and the guitar plays like melted butter. I couldn't believe the tone of the guitar either. I have many guitars, such as Gibson's, Epiphone's,and a Gretsch, and this one is definitely in the same league as those, but for less the cost. I appreciate the T-Shirt, the picks, and the autographed picture, as well. The picks are just the weight that I use. One of the best things that ever happened to me is when I stumbled across your website. Your quick response to my emails were greatly appreciated and you answered each of my questions with great knowledge. Thanks again for such a great transaction and I Love the Guitar!!!!!
Jane Biggs
Huntsville, Alabama

05/19/2009 10/06/04 I received my ZAD-20CE yesterday and though I haven't had it long I can tell it's gonna be great. It has a great sound and the finger fatigue is virtually non-existent. It is a very beautiful instrument and we will become great friends. I have seen many guitars that cost much more that are not near as high quality and good sounding. Thanks for such a nice job!!!!
Rich Neel
Brownwood, Texas

05/15/2009 Hi, Dennis! The Zager modified Washburn D10CEDQSB acoustic - electric was a big hit at work with all my guitar playing buddies! The comments ranged from "Man, this really plays nice!" to "What an excellent sound!" and "It only cost that much?" among the six guys who took it for a test play. I'll agree with those comments myself. It is the best playing acoustic I've ever owned, and is comparable in action and tone to other famous brands that range in the $2,200 up class. And it's even better plugged into my Acoustasonic amp, wow it's awesome! I'm very happy with the excellent fit and finish of the Washburn as well. The visible maple section of the top looks very deep, and the mahogany sides and back are beautiful. I had a Washburn classic nylon string before, and it was nice. But the color and quality, having it in hand, are just not quite imaginable as presented on the website pictures. It's like pictures of artwork, just not the same as reality. Thanks for your superior work!
Kenneth Massengill
Brooks, Georgia

05/13/2009 It has been nearly 2 weeks since my Zager Zad-20 arrived. And the more that I practice with it, the more impressed I am. With the thin neck, low frets and extra light strings, I find it much easier to play than my fairly well set up Martin HD-28. The sound works very well for finger picking. After a few days of settling in, it stays in tune great and the finish is buffed out to perfection. I am convinced that it is the guitar that will allow me to work my way to the next level of my ability. Money well spent.
Wanda George
Bear Lake, Michigan

05/12/2009 Denny Jr. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your attention and service. I almost wish I could buy another guitar from you, but I've bought two in the last three months!!! And yes my daughter loves her guitar as well. Our lessons together are going great. Thanks again.
Bruce Schoonover
Corning, New York

05/09/2009 Denny, I received my new Zager guitar (ZAD-20CE) yesterday - what a deal! I am 39 years old, have been playing both electric and acoustic for 25 years, and this is the best guitar value I have ever seen and played. Right out of the case (which I also purchased - nice case!), the guitar was perfectly in tune - it is obvious pride is taken in your guitars. The action is wonderful, the intonation perfect all the way up the neck, each string rings out without dead spots (which is really rare), and it sounds great though my Fender amp (for my Strat). It is no wonder you offer a 100% money back guarantee - only the clueless would not recognize the value and return it. To prospective buyers: you can't lose. New Zager guitar fan,
Mark Elert
Minnetonka, Minnesota

05/09/2009 WOW! I received my guitar last week and have finally been able to put it down and write a quick note to let you know how much I love the guitar! I have seriously thought about purchasing this model guitar ever since playing one that belonged to a friend. While searching the usual online shops for the guitar, I stumbled across your website... After reading the testimonials, I decided to purchase it through your company. I was not disappointed! Comparing the two guitars, with and without your customization, shows what a difference your modifications make... The tone was much richer from my guitar and played much easier... I am sure that when I get ready to add another acoustic to my collection, I will be back! Thanks
Dave DeStefano
Battle Ground, Indiana

05/09/2009 Dear Zaggers, Well i woke up today, and the first thing i did was look out the front door. Bummer nothing there. Then i looked online to see if it was delivered. By golly it said it was, but where was it. So i sat around for an hour thinking about where it could be, or if someone else was playing my fresh ass zagger guitar at that very moment. Soo i got the idea to look at the back door. Wow there it was i ripped the package open and unsheathed your beautiful creation. About a year ago i started playing guitar after my brothers, who have been playing for over 14 years, finally reeled their little bro in. I picked it up rather quickly, but was not satisfied with how the guitar felt. After my brother held and played two of your guitars the day before i ordered, he called me and said i needed this thing. Now he plays many guitars that are worth over 3 grand. But he said this zagger sounds as good and even better then most of them. I began playing it, and i immediately felt my fingers working easier and the sound coming from the guitar was freakin awesome. I figure its not the way it looks that makes it bad ass, (although this is a bad ass looking guitar i must say) but its the sweet sound that emanates from it. Thank you zagger, another happy customer is granted to you:) Keep it up, i'll be back Thanks,
Jason Krier
Minneapolis, Minnesota

05/06/2009 I'm in my mid-40's and have never played. On a whim, I bought one of those inexpensive 'infomercial' guitars, figuring little to lose if I couldn't play it. Within a month, I'm loving the experience and locking myself away hours a day learning. I also soon had 1/2 inch callouses on my fingers from fighting what I now know as a bad setup on the bargain guitar. I had to tune it every 10 minutes and just found it impossible to harmonically play some of the basic chords. My progress slowed quickly, and I suspected the guitar might have something to do with it. I visited my local guitar stores and played everything. A few of the guitars seemed more 'playable' but all of the good ones were well over $1000. I was disheartened, but then I stumbled across Zager Guitar. I read all the 'too good to be true' testimonials and saw your perfect Ebay rating so I figured you must at least honor your money back guarantee, even if the claims were a little outrageous. I was skeptical, and half-expected to be sending the Zager acoustic electric back in disappointment. After playing it for a month, I can safely say - you get my Zager back only by prying it from my cold dead fingers! Everything others have said about this guitar is true. I write this note not only to thank you, but more importantly to tell other beginners that this is THE way to go! I came very close to quiting before this guitar changed my entire experience. I can now strum several dozen songs - rock, country, folk - and feel I can get better, so I'll be signing up for the Zager lessons soon. This is a high quality instrument which I am sure will last me a lifetime. Thanks again,
Cleveland, Ohio

05/03/2009 No one takes better care of the customer than Zager Guitar, I just purchased and received my 3rd Zager acoustic last week. The first two a ZAD 20 and a Martin Sigma DM1ST are played by 2 of my daughters. The new Washburn D10s is mine. I played for 6 or 7 years when I was younger then took the next 26 years off and before finding out about Denny Zager. Went through about 3 or 4 acoustics one a Martin DX 1 the others were in the same price range. All were bought from high volume big box stores with rock bottom prices. I struggled with each and everyone before ordering the ZAD 20 which I find to be an amazing acoustic that is so easy to play. I passed that one down and another to my children who had played other instruments and wanted to learn guitar. The Washburn D10s is setup amazingly with a low action and great initiation and every question I have had on any acoustic is answered quickly and politely by Denny. I requested a little different setup with the Washburn and it was no problem.The D10 is not the top line Washburn but it sure sounds and plays like one Dennys "String Science" was perfect for this model. One the other acoustics I had started with was a D10. Bought from one of the biggest dealers on the internet came to me never being touched sealed in the factory box. It had potential but the string height was so high and initiation so off as much as I tried I could not make it sound good or play for me. Not so with my new D10s from Zager guitar, Thanks for all the help and the great acoustics you have sold to my family.
David Cibula
Bradford, Pennsylvania

05/01/2009 My new ZAD-20 just arrived and it is everything you said it would be, beautiful and in tune right out of the box. I used to play professionally in the late 60's with a 15 piece soul/Motown band opening for Stevie Wonder, Temptations, Four Tops, Smokey & the Miracles, Wilson Pickett and many others, Now in my mid fifties and haven't played in years so I thought I would try your acoustic and see if I can still play just around the house. The action is great for some one who hasn't played in a while. Thanks for all the extras (t shirt, strings and autographed picture) I am going to really enjoy this Guitar. I have a 1965 Gibson SG Standard in mint condition but I really don't want to plug in anymore so the ZAD 20 is going to be a great addition.
Ron Rouch
Baltimore, Maryland

04/30/2009 Good Morning Dennis,Received my Washburn guitar yesterday and I am very happy with it as I am with your company and the way you do business,also enjoying the on line lessons.Sure wish I had this available thirty years ago when I had lessons.To give you a little background,I recently sold my Ovation that I had abused over the years to Grunn Guitar in Nashville,the neck had warped so I was happy with the 100.00 bucks I got for it.Then I started to look at buying a new one,I picked up about 12, first based on the looks and then on how they played,then I looked at the price tag,in every case they were in the 2000.00 dollar range.Well I guess I have Champagne taste and beer money in the pocket.Well I wanted to buy a guitar and the following day I bought a JBP from an old friend Red Williams who is a song writer from Memphis.While I was in the booth Jack Clement walked in and bought two of the guitars for gifts.So I thought if they are good enough for cowboy their good enough for me,but Jack is a guitar player I am a novice. I would not be surprised if this guitar came out of the same factory in Indonesia as the Washburn.When I got the guitar home I was very pleased with the looks and sound,but trying to play it was a bear,my fingers where killing me and I could not play a b7 cord on a bet.Your guitar was much easier to play, now I have to train myself not to push hard on the strings.I am looking forward to many years of fun with it.Thanks and Regards
Bruce Borgesen
Carthage, Tennessee

04/29/2009 Hi Dennis & Dennis! I received my new Washburn D-10CEQSB guitar today and am very pleased with it. A few weeks ago I stopped in at a music store to give the Washburn D-10 a "test run". For an inexpensive guitar, it had remarkably nice tone. However, on the model I tested, I was not particularly happy with the guitar's playability. Some strings buzzed and others required more than average pressure to chord. If that type of workmanship is typical of factory D-10's, I would have to say that your String Science craftsmanship is nothing short of remarkable. The Zager-Washburn is a wonderful instrument, whether played acoustically or amplified. It is also a downright "purty l'il thing" to look at! I should probably mention that I have been playing for over 40 years. With advancing age (I'm 61) I have also fallen prey to a genetic arthritis in some of my fingers, but I find that daily practice keeps them working. The hardest hit finger is the left index finger which makes playing a regular C-chord a bit painful until it's properly "warmed up". Today when I opened my new D-10, I had not yet played, so I expected the usual pain in the finger on my first "C" of the day. It didn't happen. The action you have created was so smooth and required so little pressure that I felt no pain at all. A wonderful job, Dennis! You might also want to know that I have several guitars: A Martin D-35, an Ovation 12 string, a DeArmond/Guild Starfire, an Epiphone J-45 and a Takamine F375S. This Zager-Washburn is now in prestigious company and in spite of its modest price tag, has nothing of which to be ashamed. It certainly can hold its own in tone and action. I would highly recommend your work to any guitarist and probably will do just that to all my pickin' friends.
Bill S.
Walton, New York

04/27/2009 I just wish to thank-you for my new guitar (ZAD20-CE). I love it. There are times that my wife has to remind me of the "other" things I need to do other than play my new guitar. But, she has admitted that it sounds beautiful. And now I have her singing with me. Praise God! God bless you!
Michael Buller
SONORA, California

04/27/2009 Denny and Dennis, I want to tell you just how impressive you guys are. It is so refreshing to have a company keep it's word, and beyond! My ZAD-20 is absolutely gorgeous. Honestly, I know I can't completely appreciate all it takes to make it look and sound the way it does, being a very beginning-beginner, but I've had a few friends play on it and they were very impressed. (One was especially impressed with the signature on the back. :o) I DON'T want it coming off! Like another customer wrote, "How do I keep it protected?") Thank you for bringing such a lovely guitar to the greater public. When I first looked at your site, I honestly thought there was no way I could buy one, thinkin' they'd have to be in the "over $200" range. What a pleasant surprise! I will be spreading the word, in fact I already have one friend who is very interested ! Keep up the fabulous customer support. I've never seen anything like it. Who else is that concerned about how happy their clients are with their product? I know of none. It's as if you enjoy shocking your costumers with your service... I'm enjoying my guitar so much, getting more and more comfortable. Will be taking your online lessons in about a month. They look great! Thanks for all your hard work to make such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship available to people like me. Most Sincerely,
Mike Wicks
Cleveland, Ohio

04/24/2009 Greetings: Got it, just as promised. Thank you. It looks great, sounds great and plays EZ. In fact it looks identical to an Alvarez MD-80 that sells at my local discount music store for around a grand with case. I used to own one, but alas it was hard to play even after having the action lowered. The action on the Zager is about as low as it is on my Les Pauls. That is impressive. I was astounded at how much difference such a minute change in string spacing made. I look forward to taking your video lessons. I've tried to learn to play well off and on for 40 years. Took lessons, tried to teach myself, etc. I could never make enough solid progress to expend the level of effort required. I used to practice 1 to 2 hours per day and didn't become a materially better player. I'm excited. The summer of '69 was the most perfect summer of my life. There is a powerful association between 2525 and that summer (in that good sort of way that Coppertone smells like summer). Best wishes and thanks again.
Gary Stephen
Overland Park, Kansas

04/21/2009 Dear Dennis and Denny, I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thanks!" once again for the beautiful instrument and the great deal you gave me on the (minutely) "Blemished" model. I've been playing every day since receiving it, and REALLY appreciate the phenomenal set-up work performed by Denny. It is a pleasure to pick it up and play, and has restored some of the joy of music that had lapsed into being merely mechanical due to the amount of time I need to spend to prepare for our Sunday worship services. It has truly re-ignited the desire to progress as a musician, and provided the motivation for me to put the action behind those words. I'm using more of the neck than ever before! And it sounds good too! I will most likely be signing up for your instructional series soon. I'm very impressed by the demos I have seen and the testimonials of your students. It has been a real plesure doing business with you. All the best,
Dave Smith
Elkton, Maryland

04/19/2009 I like the guitar a lot, and I'll buy another from you when I'm ready for my next one. The quality is great and the personalized customer service is unmatched. Thanks again.
Victor Messner
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

04/19/2009 Denny, Thank you, thank you for all your help (and deals!) I really appreciate you and Denny Sr. "going the extra mile" in so many ways...I am a delighted customer! Warmest regards right back,
Phil Herman
Alamo, California

04/19/2009 Denny, I got my guitar today and I am simply thrilled with it. It has been a long time since I have been excited about a new instrument. My Sigma DM-1STCE is great. Thank you so much. Also, I appreciate the T-shirt. I will have to pass it on to someone who is smaller than I though. Regards,
Jim Powell
Fort Collins, Colorado

04/15/2009 Good Morning Dennis! My guitar showed up exactly on schedule yesterday afternoon! Indeed the ding you discounted the price for is barely noticeable - I looked for quite a while, and it was my wife who spotted it first. Very inconspicuous and does not detract fron the beauty of the instrument in the least. I'm very pleased and impressed with all I have seen and heard thus far. The tone is very crisp and bright. It is so much easier to play! A joy indeed. I have watched all the videos from the link you sent - I was very impressed with the string replacement info - that is priceless! And then to see it perfectly executed on my guitar when I opened the box. I plan to take a couple of digital pictures of the original string setup to keep as reference, as well as your excellent video. I'm very pleased with the piece on using a capo. I use one quite a bit, usually just to make things easier for me, and plan to explore more extensive use of the capo to change the tone and feel of songs. On a final note, my company has a policy that we must change our network access password every few months. The last time it was due happened to fall the day after our weekly 3 to 4 hour Praise Team rehersal for our church - I changed my password to 'sorefingers'! I think the next change is going to be to 'zagerized'! Thank you so much for the professional manner in which you folks do business - above and beyond normal, acceptable, good - beyond exceptional in my humble opinion! I plan to write more after I've spent a little more time with the guitar, and am looking forward to that time rather than dreading it! I can see already that I will need to concentrate on playing and fingering chords with a lighter touch. Awesome technology and service! Sincerely,
Dave Smith
Elkton, Maryland

04/13/2009 The bright spot in my day was receiving my new Zager-Sigma guitar. It sounds, looks and feels great. I have not picked up a guitar in 10 years and this sounds every bit as good as my brothers Martin. Thanks for making a great guitar in a price range that the "every man" can afford. I'm guessing that your ideal is to either turn folks on to the guitar or bring them back. Well, you have definitely accomplished bringing me back to such a wonderful instrument. I look forward to years of satisfaction in playing this guitar. Sincerely,
Peter Koerner
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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