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09/24/2017 I got the guitar today; all I can say is WOW! Yeah, suddenly I don’t miss the 45’ Martin so much!
Dan & Tracey Weber
New York City , New York

09/24/2017 Gosh Dennis, you guys are incredible! I've already have a friend who wants one right away after playing just 30 seconds on your guitar! Awesome huh? Thank you much..
Rick Hayton
Houston, Texas

09/21/2017 Guitar has arrived this morning and I couldn't wait to get home so, straight to the office where I carefully opened the box, and .gently took the her out, and ran my fingers up and down that beautiful neck, played a few chords... WOW! I'm in love!!!
L. Mirafuentes
New York City, New York

09/18/2017 I am very pleased with my Zager ZAD-20 Mahogany guitar, it looks and sounds beautiful. I have been trying to teach myself to play guitar for the last seven years, My wife bought me a Fender acoustic for my 40th which I thought was hard to play but did not know any better. Then a friend of my daughter, a very good guitarist, played it and confirmed it was a tough instrument to play. So I did some research for EZ play guitars and came across your website. I was intrigued but did not purchase at that time. Then this past Christmas my wife bought me an Ibanez electric-acoustic. Although it was easier to play than the Fender, I was hoping for something better. So I decided to purchase a Zager guitar figuring that I would not have anymore excuses. Your instrument is by far the best looking and easiest to play. I just got done playing for over an hour and am able type this email with no pain in my fingertips. I look forward to taking advantage of the free lesson and help videos on your website.Furthermore, the extras you provide, free lesson, extra set of strings, picks, allen wrench and autograph pic only reinforces my belief that I got a great deal. I beleive you provide a great value, I am contemplating selling the Fender and Ibanez to purchase a Zager electric-acoustic.
Jeff Albrecht
Schenectady, New York

09/16/2017 I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know the 900 arrived safe and sound. I'll post a review for you in a few days after I've had a chance to collect some thoughts for your potential customers. What I will tell you and your Dad (which you already know) the 900 is a totally different class of instrument. I am extremely impressed. It's brighter and clearer than the 80, up and down the range. There is also a different character in the harmonics I'm not sure how to describe. Intonation is spot on and like the 80 holds tuning with the Grover gears. Anyway, thanks again so much. It's a awesome instrument that will only get better with age.
San Francisco, California

09/15/2017 I actually purchased my ZAD80CE back in December of 2010 and it was as good a Christmas present as I could have received. I love the sound and the playability. I don't get to sit down with it nearly as often as I would like, but I love the guitar. I have bragged on it and recommended it often. Thanks much for offering such a good instrument at an affordable price.
Charles Wright
Pelham, Alabama

09/14/2017 Just wanted to say I love my ZAD20CE Acoustic Electric. I've been playing it for a few months now and its amazing how much less I have fatigue in my fingers. Last week we had Anthony Evans, a christian recording artist, at our church and his guitarist played my Zager and loved it!
Van Fayard
Mobile, Alabama

09/12/2017 I received my guitar Thursday, and it is a beauty. It plays marvelously, and is every bit as EASY to the touch as it is said to be! The guitar plays great. I have had no hand pain now with practicing and am more and more motivated to continue learning. I've picked up more chords within days, that I previously could not execute properly on my first guitar. This is the second guitar I have owned, and it is amazing. The workmanship and quality materials used are so fantastic. The case is beautiful, and a masterwork in itself. As I have only been playing guitar for a little over a year, I am sure it will be years to come before I realize to the fullest potential what a treasure I have - but it's already clear for me and my family to see - that this Zager is one incredible instrument. I was recommending people to your site BEFORE I bought a Zager, simply for the outstanding way your business is run and the attention to detail in every instrument, but rest assured now, I will be recommending you to everyone.
Elisha Hale
St. Paul, Minnesota

09/12/2017 Hi Dennis, I just received my ZAD-20/VS Sunburst. It is one beautiful instrument and sounds really sweet. I have been playing guitar for over 35 years. I currently have 12 acoustic guitars 2 mandolins and 2 dulcimers. 6 of my guitars are vintage. I do have to say that I would rate this guitar to be in the $1000.00 to 1200.00 range and sounds as good as some of my vintage guitars that are over 44 years old. I'm very proud to have the ZAD-20/VS in my collection.
St. Louis, Missouri

09/09/2017 Wow!!! What an instrument….What Sound!! It is everything and more that you say. I am very pleased and so easy to play…thank you Denny!!!
Little Rock, Arkansas

09/06/2017 OMG Dennis! My guitar just arrived and I am almost speechless. I can hardly believe I am the owner of such fine instrument and can't wait to get home. I'll play all evening. I remember trying really hard to see the minor finish flaw online and it is virtually undetectable in person. You guys are super picky! Thank you and your father sooooo much for giving me the further price break. Actually, I'd be tempted to send back the extra $20 off the already discounted price as I feel like I'm stealing. Words can hardly describe how much I already love my new guitar and I've only strummed a few chords since it arrived at my place of work this morning.
Douglas Breskin
Chicago, Illinois

09/04/2017  I got my guitar yesterday and it plays great and looks even better. Tell your Dad he did a great job setting this guitar up and it sounds as good as it plays. This is just the guitar I wanted, as a retired player your guitar is just what I needed.
Wayne Brunson
New Orleans, Louisiana

09/04/2017 Hi name is James Allen...I have one of your electric acoustics and case and loved the guitar. I am a novice player. Last Saturday evening a semi truck had a blowout and left the highway and plowed into my home completely destroying it. I thought you would like to know that the case took a direct hit and survived almost without a scratch...what a case. Unfortunately, the guitar was on a stand next to the case and didnt make it. I was impressed about the case as I hope you are!....thanks
Little Rock, Arkansas

09/04/2017 Zager Guitars, What can I possibly say that would describe my amazement when I first heard and played this work of art called the Zager ZAD80CE Acoustic Electric guitar at QUAD Studios in Nashville, Tennessee while producing Doug Kershaw and The Kentucky Headhunters. After years of using Takamine, and Martin acoustic guitars to get the full sound that I needed, and many times having to double track the acoustic track in order to get it full sounding, in comes this (unknown to me) guitar. From the first take we all could hear the difference, the sound was rich, clean and more so it was that full sound all producers look for in the studio and more importantly it didn't need multi takes to get it!!!! It was from that moment on,that I swore "I would never use any other acoustic guitar for recording again other than Zager ZAD80CE Acoustic Electric guitar".
Doc Holiday
Newport News, Virginia

08/31/2017 Danny no question just wanted to let you know I bought one of your zad80 guitars. I have been playing since the 60.s This is by far the best sounding and most easy to play guitar I have ever played. When I go to jam with other guitarists who have high end martins and gibsons they are amazed at the sound from this guitar and really become interested when I tell them how much I paid for it. I have no complaints about the instrument at all. Keep up the good work.
Athens, Alabama

08/29/2017 Denny; I have had my left handed guitar for a couple of months. I must tell you that my guitar is beautiful. This work of art came to a person with absolutely no knowledge what so ever in how to creating a meaningful sound. I'm taking lessons. I'm in the cradle stage of learning. I'm doing something out of the box that I've wanted to do for 20 years. Thanks Denny, you will hear from me later, when I can play "Hey Jude" for my grand daughters.
Joseph Green
Denver, Colorado

08/28/2017 I am proud to own and play this Zager guitar. I just recently got into playing guitar at the age of 54. The ZBB has a rich deep sound and I can actually feel the resonance through the back of the guitar into my body. The first day I played it- just last week- I could not only feel this music going into me I noticed how much easier it is to play over my fist guitar, a G series Takamine made of flame maple, it has a bright sound, with not nearly as much bass response. In the few weeks I have been playing guitar I have visited two of our local shops for a national guitar chain and have picked up no less that 40 different guitars to see just how well they sound and how easy they are to play. Priced from $69.00 to $2600+. I am no expert but to my ears my ZBB plays easier and sounds just as good if not better than guitars in the $1000.00+ range. I won't mention all the big and small name guitars I have played but really I think I would have to spend well over $1200.00 to get this quality sound and then there were only a couple (very expensive) that I could feel the resonance through the back of the guitar and into my body and that had the base response of my ZBB. I studied them hard to really get the feel for each one and try to figure out why they play and sound like they do. It is only the very expensive ones that project the bass and then carry the sound through the guitar like my Zager 4/5 Parlor does. As far as customer service goes I had a concern about my guitar and sent Dennis an email tonight late in the evening here in Ca and not only did I get one response back tonight but several with the invitation to keep asking questions if I needed to. And I got all this help even though I am the second owner of this guitar. I can see myself making music for many years to come with this guitar. A word about quality of workmanship, this is a well built guitar and the fit and finish is top notch. Yes I have plans to get a ZAD 20CE from you in the future to add to my list of guitars. And I would recommend you and your guitars to anyone in a heartbeat.
Mark Ayers
Flagstaff, Arizona

08/25/2017 Hi Dennis, Thank you for the quick reply. I purchased the guitar today. The quality of the workmanship, the appearance of the guitar, the sound and the playability are amazing. I own 30 guitars, and this one will definitely be one that gets plenty of use. I am bringing it to my gig tonight for the first time and look forward to plugging it in and playing it for the audience. I am so glad I found your line of guitars.
Gregg Green
Des Moines, Iowa

08/25/2017 Thank you! You guys are really good!! what great communication and customer service!
Fargo, North Dakota

08/25/2017 My guitar arrived today which was 3 days after ordering it. I unpacked it and was very impressed with the appearance, and after tuning it was also very happy with the tone and playability. I don't know how anyone can go wrong buying a guitar from this company. Well worth the price of admission!
Roger Brierton
Carthage, Illinois

08/22/2017 Only wanted to say that after several months of owning the zad-80, I am still very pleased with the overall quality,sound and playability of this guitar. I showed it to a friend who has a Martin of twice the price and he was impressed. The sound of this guitar has enabled me to hear songs "better"; and more easily learn and play them. You do good work.
Johnny Foreman
Raleigh, North Carolina

08/19/2017 I bought a Zager for the first time today at a pawn shop. I have played guitars my whole life (I am 45) and wanted to find something for my daughter who is 13 to bang around on, but I wanted it to be easy to play with no buzzing of the bass strings. After going to three different pawn shops and playing everything on the walls I happened on a Zager at the third. Had never heard of them. This instrument stood out from all that I had played. Couldn't believe the sound and the action was easy. Perfect! I bought the guitar and went home thinking I would get on the net and see what in the world I had just bought. I was stunned to learn this was the Zager of Zager and Evans. As a young boy I used to bug the disc jockeys in Memphis on FM 104 to play 2525. I know they got tired of me. It is still one of my favorite songs from my childhood. I will be giving this guitar to my daughter for Christmas with a great deal of pride.
Brett Blair
Seattle, Washington

08/17/2017 I received my guitar yesterday and I am so pleased! It is beautiful beyond words and plays like a dream. It is definitely a finesse player's guitar. I finger pick primarily so, it is perfect for me. Even the smaller size has plenty of volume for what I want to do. I have not amplified it yet but, assume it will be awesome. As I told you before, I have played for 44 years and have played many, many acoustics. This out looks and out plays everything under $2000.00. I'm glad I didn't take a refund and kept faith in your company.
Ric Auer
Flagstaff, Arizona

08/16/2017 Just a quick note to let you know that I went and picked up my guitar at the depot. I was anxious to get home to open up the box. But, when I did, my heart almost skipped a beat... I never saw a more gorgeous instrument ever before. Even though I'm only a novice in guitar playing, I found myself at ease with the instrument and felt proud to own such a quality guitar. Like I said, I don't know much about guitars but I do know this, I felt something when I picked up this guitar from the case it came in. I can't describe the feeling. just to put my hand on the neck, I knew this was something out of the ordinary and it almost felt like holding and old friend you haven't seen in a long while. I felt the craftmanship deep within and I know some artists always leave something behind when they work on a piece of their art. But with this guitar, I felt MR. Zager left his undenialble mark unto this one... I never felt so proud to own such an exquisite guitar and I know I will have some jealous friends when they get to see what I just got. And I must say it is everything you said it was and more.
Marc Barry
Ft. Worth, Texas

08/15/2017 The Zad 80 OMCE arrived yesterday. I let it sit and get used to the house temperature and humidity until today. All I can say at this point is Wow! It is everything you said it would be and more than meets my expectations. I have been playing for over fifty years and have played just about every brand of acoustic there is and own three great ones, a J-45 Gibson made about 1937, another Gibson an L-00 Blues King made about the same time and a 1958 Martin 00-18, all wonderful instruments. However my arthritus has gotten worse and I was searching for a guitar that was not only easier to play but would also approximate the tonal quality of the fine acoustic instruments that I own AND also allow me to play electronically. I did not have much hope of finding such an instrument and have been looking and trying out acoustic electrics for years. Thanks to you I have found the instrument I have been looking for. It is easy on the fingers and wrist, has a full,smooth and very pleasing voice both acoustically and electronically and the on board tuner and adjustments are a real plus. In addition it is a very attractive instrument and a welcome addition to my collection.
Nashville, Tennessee

08/13/2017 Mr. Zager I have received my ZAD 20 this guitar is amazing I have played a lot of guitars But none match the zager . It arrived in perfect condition. The sound is beautiful. When I plug it up to my amp this guitar will blow you away. I think I will set my Ibanez out to the trash it is just too hard to play. The ZAD 20 is as easy to play as my Fender Stratocaster.
Randy Bennett
Kansas City, Missouri

08/13/2017 I have thought about learning to play guitar several times since my brother began playing over 30 years ago. Every time I picked one up and attempted to play a few chords my fingers felt like they were “being eaten by the strings” then I remembered why I didn’t want to learn all over again. About a month ago I got the itch to learn again. Instead of going to a music store this time, I went online. I learned that there were substantial differences in playability between guitars. Reading blogs and comments from guitarists I attempted to educate my self about what I call “user friendly” guitars.” I found that the “higher end instruments” were probably what I was looking for but how could I justify the price of a “good guitar” without really knowing if I was going to like playing it? Continuing my search I came across Zager EZ-Play Guitars. The name immediately had my interest. The website testimonials impressed me. I sent a message to your “Chat Live” link on the Zager website. I wasn’t really expecting an answer for a couple days because it was the weekend. I couldn’t believe the responsiveness to my e-mails. I was blown away with the personal service that was extended to me. All of my questions were answered promptly and in detail….Thank you!!!! The price tag for the Zager was a bit more than I had planned on spending in the beginning. In trying to make a decision I thought about most of the guitar players I knew. Most of them have at least a half a dozen guitars or more lying around. I thought “what if I didn’t like to play the guitar at all?” Being cheap I looked online for a used one. The people selling used ones were hard to find and were usually die hard Zager fans. Most were selling because they had bought another one to change to a different model of Zager for one reason or another. Also, the resale prices were high enough that it seemed to be in my best interest to purchase a new one. That says a lot. Now I wasn’t so worried about losing money if I didn’t like playing. The guarantee offered by the company seemed great too. The Zager guitar seemed to be the answer. I chose the Zager ZAD-80 CE because I wanted to buy “one guitar” not “one at a time.” Remember, I’m cheap and buying one right guitar is far less expensive than purchasing a half a dozen while eventually working up to “the right one.” Making the right decision in purchasing a Zager has definitely been validated. It’s everything you say it is and more! I’m enjoying learning to play. I love the onboard tuner and my practice time is much longer than I ever believed it could be. The parts of the guitar have proved to be first rate. The finish is awesome. It even smells good! I love the Zager case. My neighbor, who is really a quite good guitarist and who had recently purchased a much more expensive guitar, came over and tried out my Zager. He was impressed by its ease of playing. He picked it up and looked down the neck commenting “How do they get the strings so low without buzzing?” After playing for a while he said: “How can I explain buying another guitar to my wife?” He is one of those people with several. It made me smile to think of how he was impressed with “my first guitar” and it made me feel good to know that I had made the right decision. In conclusion, I don’t think I could have made a better choice. The price is worth every penny. I know now that I could have spent a lot more money and have gotten a lot less. It’s better than I will ever be at playing it. I’m completely satisfied with every aspect of my purchase and my new Zager guitar.
John M. Greer, Sr.
Memphis, Tennessee

08/10/2017 Just received my new ZAG 80CE and its as beautiful looking as it is sounding. It makes my old guitar seem like a stick with strings. The service you all provide is absolutely excellent. The product is a value. The guys I jam with are totally impressed and jealous of this guitar. I recommend this guitar to anyone who wants to discover an easy acoustic experience. Thanks for the great service and a totally bitchin' guitar.
Kyle Keever
Seattle, Washington

08/07/2017 My decision to purchase this guitar was based solely on the testimonials on for these people actually purchased Zager guitars or Denny would not allow their testimonial to appear. It seems that anyone can post on other websites, even someone posing as an imposter purchaser of the Zager guitar. I feel that trusting a company is a great part of the purchase. Also, this company does have excellent customer service. The guitar is everything that other people have said in their testimonials, great looking, wonderful tone and easy to play. Frets nice and smooth, strings spaced evenly and what a great wax job. The help section that comes in video form on the Zager web sight when you purchase a guitar is wonderful as well. Where can you go and purchase a guitar and have life time help in video form and get step by step instructions in restringing a guitar and other very useful information pertaining to guitars.
Nestor Derkach
Bear, Delaware

08/05/2017 Just received my new ZAD 20 a couple days ago. It truly is everything you say and MORE, The fit and finish is unbelievable and the sound is wonderful. I was getting ready to spend more than twice what I paid for your guitar for another brand, I'm sure glad I didn't. Thank you for being one of the few companies left that truly takes pride in their products and service. I certainly will recommend your company to everyone. Thanks again.
Danny Chapman
Scott Depot, West Virginia

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