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04/12/2009 Denny, I was out of town when my new Zager guitar arrived. I was happy to hear the tone when I played through the few cords I could remember. Learning has not always been a pleasure, I admit, but I am looking forward to refining my playing on this guitar! It looks good, it feels good and it sounds sweet! Sincerely,
David Bloomer
Yuba City, California

04/09/2009 Dear Zagars,I've had the guitar (ZAD20) for a couple of weeks, and it plays and sounds great. I had been wanting one for about a year now, and I'm very pleased to finaly have one in my hand. I've owned 4 other guitars in my life (yamaha,2ovations,1 ibanez electric) and your guitar plays like the electric, smooth and low. But what I like the best about your guitar is the clean sound, sustain, resonance and projection, and of course, the low price for a quality acoustic guitar. Another satisfied customer,
Jamie S. Heedick
Reno, Nevada

04/09/2009 Zagers, Wow. I got my Washburn in yesterday just like you said I would, but it was so much more than I expected. It looked even better when I got it; those pictures on the internet do not do it justice. The wood grain is so deep and rich in color. Second, I played it unplugged. It played easier than any of my electrics. Then I tried over and over, the Washburn, my old acoustic, the Washburn, my old acoustic, and there was no competition. And the old one was a Gibson! Then I plugged it in, and wow, I had more control over the sound than I thought possible! It sounds better than I thought it could. Also, thanks for the shirt, extra strings, picks, and signed picture. You da man!
Seattle, Washington

04/09/2009 Dear Dennis and Denny, I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thanks!" once again for the beautiful instrument and the great deal you gave me on the "Blemished" model. I've been playing every day since receiving it, and REALLY appreciate the phenomenal set-up work performed by Denny. It is a pleasure to pick it up and play, and has restored some of the joy of music that had lapsed into being merely mechanical due to the amount of time I need to spend to prepare for our Sunday worship services. It has truly re-ignited the desire to progress as a musician, and provided the motivation for me to put the action behind those words. I'm using more of the neck than ever before! And it sounds good too! I will most likely be signing up for your instructional series soon. I'm very impressed by the demos I have seen and the testimonials of your students. It has been a real plesure doing business with you. All the best,
Dave Smith
Elkton, Maryland

04/06/2009 Denny & Dennis jr, I want to send you guy's a HUEMUNGUS THANK YOU for the great guitar, Washburn D10 SCE and hardshell case. It was a gift from my wife for our 5th wedding anniversary. And I must say we were both totally surprised by the Quality of both the washburn and the case, not to mention the super personel service we recieved. Now, for the zager string science, I have a fender 1200 which is a really nice sounding guitar but after a while it gets a little rough on the fingers,But Not the washburn with your fantastic modifications.The wider stance and lower fret hights are wonderful. I am truely pleased and satisfied. And will be back again as my 10 yr old son wants one also. You guy's are the greatest. Keep up the good work. Loving my new "Zager Magic"
Robbie Nance
Stanfield, North Carolina

04/03/2009 Hi Denny, what a week it has been for me. I order my guitar an the next day a category 5 hurricane hits my house; total devistation, ups was marked for demolition. I couldn't beleive, I went to where my 6,000 square foot house use to be and my guitar came right on time. Well, I guess I am really starting over, maybe I will become a rock and roll star! I broke my neck in a car accident on memorial day weekend, A hurricane wipes me out and my lincoln car suspenion failed, but I got my guitar, LOL! I went ahead and ordered my big dog amp and all the accessories. I am going to sit on my pool deck and play that baby full blast. I am signing up for the guitar lessons, in the mean time I am going to entertain my neighbors. I really love my guitar. I am going to attach a couple pictures of what Charlie did. I have 300' on the water and I did have 120' pool cage Cheers,
Eddie Harpman
New Haven, Connecticut

04/01/2009 Hey Dennis, Thank you very much! Your customer service is "TOP NOTCH" I just got back from lunch, went home for lunch and played the guitar my whole lunch hour. It plays beautifully! Thanks again,
Tom Lerchenfeldt
Warren, Minnesota

03/31/2009 Zagers, Just wanted to drop you a line to say what a great guitar I now have. I'll be the first to admit I was skeptical that a guitar at this price could possible sound as good as all the testimonials I read on your website said. Your money back guarantee gave me enough confidence to order one. I was shipped quickly and packaged very well. After one strum I knew this was a great purchase. I am writing this note a month later so I can say that I didn't jump to any conclusions and gave it a chance to disappoint; but it sure hasn't. I find it hard to go back to some of my other acoustics now because I have become accustom to the excellent string action and bright sound of the ZAD-20. Thank you for this great guitar and all the excellent support that comes with it.
Doug Goik
Rochester, Michigan

03/30/2009 Denny, I received my Zager ZAD 20 CE Accoustic Electric guitar on Wednesday (8/18) and all is got to say is WOW! Great setup, great action, great sound and one heck of a deal! Thank You!
George Minchew
Austin, Texas

03/28/2009 I received my "EZ- Play Zager ZAD- 20 CE Acoustic Electric" guitar 2 days ago. I want first and formost, to thank Denny and Dennis Zager for putting up with my fretting (no pun intended) and worry about the "nut width." Due to incorrect nut width spec's on some other guitar merchants' websites, for the Martin Sigma DM1-STCE, I believed a much wider neck was available to better fit my big hands. Once Dennis explained that he had been dealing with this same false information for quite some time, and that a neck that wide didn't exist for a steel-string guitar, I stopped fretting;ie, and started "fretting" my new Zager. Due to Denneys wonderful EZ-Play string science and his perfect setup, I am making that "open A chord" with ease, even with these huge hands. I've been playing guitar for 60 years, (started when I was 9) and this is the first steel-string guitar I have really enjoyed playing. If anyone reading this has any reservations at all, don't hesitate. You can't go wrong at It's been a pleasure to deal with such talented, honest,trustworthy and generous people. Thank you Dennis, for the capo. Looking forward to seeing your expanded line of merchandise. Thank you Denney for the special signature. With gratitude,
Robert "SongDog" Meek
Salinas, California

03/28/2009 My computer crashed right after my ZAD20 came it is a fantastic guitar and sounds GREAT! I have been playing it every day,something I couldn't do with my washburn. Thanks for theT-shirt and strings and picks.Now maybe I can get serious about playing. I maybe signing up for lessons from you shortly.
Riva Violet
Atlanta, Georgia

03/25/2009 I love my new EZ-Play Zager ZAD-20CE Acoustic Electric! For over 30 years I've been trying to play guitar. I never practiced for long because the strings cut into my fingers and it always hurt like the dickens. Given my obvious lack of talent, I really didn't want to spend a lot of money on a new instrument. I ordered the ZAD-20CE on the strength of the testimonials. I couldn't believe that such a reasonably priced guitar could be as good as people said, but I decided to try it for myself. Imagine my surprise when I picked up the Zager for the first time. What a difference! It had never dawned on me that my old guitar was the source of my trouble. The Zager is especially great for us guys with big fingers. For the first time, my barre chords are starting to sing instead of that muffled non-musical noise I always made in the past. Thanks guys -- keep up the great work.
Tom Powell
Shreveport, Louisiana

03/22/2009 I want you to know that I really appreciate the time and patience you took in taking care of my order. when im ready to buy another guitar, youll be getting my business, as well as that of all my friends. They are probably sick of hearing me talk about my new guitar, and how good your customer service is. Once again, Thank You
Jason Bost
Pontiac, Illinois

03/20/2009 Dennis, Thank you so much... It has been a pleasure to do business with you. I look forward to seeing your new line, and will without hesitation recommend your quality products (Your guitars play easier/better than any acoustic I've ever picked up). I hope in the future to add one of your pieces to my collection.
Hank Sauer
Concord, California

03/20/2009 Good morning, I received the new ZAD-20 guitar package last Friday, 8/6/04. Thanks for the true value of this product. I was able to play it right out of the package. I haven't played much for the last 30 years, but my girlfriend remarked that she was surprised that I could actually 'play guitar'. The reason for the comment, I'm sure, is because of the expert setup and great sound of this instrument. Thanks also for the extra strings, picks and t-shirt. I'll be checking your website for the introduction of other product as I'm sure I'll be buying more from you. I'm determined to learn to fingerpick in this learning incarnation, so I'll probably sign on for your lessons as well. Oh, Denny, I don't want to remove the signature, either. I think it's really cool. Best regards,
Tom Leavy
Clearwater, Florida

03/20/2009 Mr. Zager, I got my guitar on Friday. I have not sent feedback because I have been playing it to death. It has an amazing sound. I could play a G cord all day long on it. My guitar teacher has been playing guitar for 43 years and said it was a very nice guitar with nice work on the neck. He may even order one soon. Thank you very much for making a nice sounding and playable guitar available at a price a working man can afford. Anyone looking for a guitar I am sending your way. Thank you,
Michelle Lawrence
Mansfield, Pennsylvania

03/16/2009 Hello Dennis: I haven't returned your message before now because I believe you needed a break from me. Don't you ever rest. I can't believe how soon you return a message. Just want to let you know that I have never been happier with a purchase than I have with this guitar. Not only is this the best sounding, playing and fretting guitar I have ever owned, but the response and concern you have displayed over this purchasing is truly outstanding. Just dealing with you has enhanced my purchase and makes owning this guitar a great source of pride for me. The only problem I have now, is that this guitar has made orphans of my other guitars. They are doomed to lay in their cases under the bed collecting dust bunnies until I can find them another home. I have also fell behind on my chores because I can't put this guitar down and my fingers show no sign of abuse. You have made a friend in this neck of Virginia and I have shown this guitar to many of my friends (will not let them touch it yet), and told them what a pleasurable buying experience I had with your Company. Now that I have seen one and played one, I couldn't imagine anyone ever purchasing a guitar that had not undergone the Zager modification. I can say this with absolute certainty, that we need not fear the Year 2525, if we are fortunate enough to have more citizens such as yourself populating this world. Thanks again for a wonderful buying experience and a fabulous guitar.The Zager Case is great as well.
Sam Progglesworth
Los Angeles, California

03/14/2009 Thanks, it has been a real pleasure dealing with you. There is no doubt that customer service like this is what makes the difference between good companies and great companies. My compliments to you, your father, and your employees.
Jim Thompson
Bay Springs, Mississippi

03/13/2009 My friend played alittle on this guitar, and he loves it. he will be buying a guitar from you in the near future. Your customer service is just icing on the cake. Thanks again
Jason Bost
Pontiac, Illinois

03/10/2009 I received my Zager ZAD-20 acousic guitar yesterday and was very impressed. I haven't found anything to be negative about at all. It is much easier to play than my Ibanez AEF18 acoustic/electric and the sound is excellent. I am a beginner player but have played a few other guitars in the past few months, including Fender, Seagull, Daion, Ibanez, Ovation, and Mitchell. My ZAD-20 sounds as good as any of them plus is much easier to play. I am very surprised by the sound from the Martin Ex-Light strings and this setup. Denny Zager is really doing something right with his guitars. If you decide to try one you will not be disappointed. Their service and support is also a class act. They shipped my guitar the afternoon I ordered it and it arrived the exact day they promised it would (3 days transit). Anyone who is starting out playing should take a serious look at Zager Guitar! I look forward to trying Denny's online lessons soon.
Bill Burchett
Big Spring, Texas

03/10/2009 Guitar received. It is BEAUTIFUL. Thanks so much. Now I have to learn how to play it, which will be pure pleasure. An exquisite instrument.
Denney Clements
Myrtle Beach, North Carolina

03/10/2009 I was reading some posts on the "unofficial Martin Guitar forum" today and 3 members were putting down Denny Zager to someone who asked about Zager guitars and if they were worth trying.Again of course the response was to spend $30 and get the same set up done when you buy your Martin and you will have the same thing.Each member lists his Martins that he owns and nearly all of them if you look have Martins that are over $1000 and many over $2000.Yes for an extra $30 with your D16 purchase or OOO16RGT or D35 you will have the same thing.But buy a Martin Sigma or Washburn D10 and see what you get,sore fingers,frustration when you struggle with chords and the guy who sold you this $200 to $300 guitar says hey it's not a $1200 Martin you get what you pay for that's the best I can do and if you bought it on line don't bother to ask.That is of course unless you buy it from Denny Zager than the Martin Sigma or Wasburn is as close to that $1200-$2000 Martin that your going to get and you'll be treated like you bought that high dollar Martin or better.I have a Sigma Martin DM1st that is unreal it's set up like that D16 and sounds like it cost 3 or 4 times what I paid for it.My play has improved so much from the time I bought the Zager/Sigma Martin because of the very low string height and incredible sound that comes from this expert set up.Don't listen to some of the experts who play only high dollar acoustics and think for $30 you can find the same type of set up on that $200 or $300 guitar from a high volume dealer who won't even open the box the guitar is in before you get it.Look at the Zager web site and e-mail the people who are playing one of Denny's guitar e-mail Denny jr and ask some questions.You will be very happy with your choice if you do.Thanks
David Cibula
Bradford, Pennsylvania

03/07/2009 denny, wanted to let you know i received my guitar today. i really like it and can't wait to start practicing. thanks for the t-shirt that was very thoughtful. i'm a little too big for it, but i know one of my daughters' or nephews will be proud to wear it. thanks again... for my type of playing i know i'll get years of service from it and plan to give it to my grandson when i fade out. i will sound only as good as i can play it. the action feels great!! best wishes
Craig O
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

03/04/2009 Dear Zager Guitars: I recently bought a "Zager" model for my 13 year old daughter and she has hardly put it down since receiving it last week! I used to have to beg her to practice (and felt like an ogre doing that), but now she is practicing on her own initiative. I am confident that it is due to her pride in ownership and the comfort level she is enjoying with your EZ-Play system. Thanks for offering a quality product with excellent service at a fair price. Very best regards,
Brian Rowland
Jacksonville, Florida

03/02/2009 Dear Denny Sr and DZJr. My apologies for taking so long to send you an E-mail,but I`ve been swamped with work the past month,and can never seem to find the time to send e-mails. (so my kids tell me.) Anyway, received my left handed washburn d10 right after fathers day ( a present from my wife) and really did not know what to expect. I had been checking out your website for a while, and finally decided to give one of your guitars a try. I CAN NOT PUT INTO WORDS HOW HAPPY I AM THAT I DID!!! I cannot believe how easy it is to play, and how great it sounds! My wife is so pleased to see me renew my interest in playing again,that she smiles every time she sees me pick up your guitar. I remember e-mailing you before buying the washburn, with concerns about being to old to try and learn how to play (again) and you told me your never to old. How right you were! I`ve had a lot of different guitars in the past 35 years and a lot of friends that were musicians. But being left handed and to modify right handed gutiars, got to be too frustrating, (and painful )so I never really learned how to play beyond cords and a few runs. I still have and old modified yamaha sitting here that a friend of mine from nyc (were i grew up) and i still cannot believe i have actually tried to learn to play on instruments like this. Since i first picked up your guitar, and learned how not to push down on the strings so hard (took a little getting use too) I find myself being able to do chord changes at double the speed i could before. (including barr chords) This guitar, with your string science, is the easiest guitar i have ever played. I would highly recommend your guitar to anyone how wants to learn how to play, and also to those who ( like myself) tried to learn on guitars that required 1 inch callouses on your fingers in order to push down the strings. Again I cannot thank you enough and my next step is to sign up for your online lessons!!! P.S.My wife would like to thank you for the tee shirt that she grabbed out of my hands before i even had a chance to look at it!! Will e-mail you with an update on my progress after i start the lessons. ( i'll make the time) ANYWAY, thanks again, the both of you, I will always think of the day that I received my Zager modified guitar as the day my interest in learning how to play was reborn. Best regards, and keep doing what you doing so others can experience the joy of learning how to play on a zager ez play guitar!!
Tom Britt
Antrim, New Hampshire

03/01/2009 I just have to tell you this. I am not a musician by trade, I am a businessman (who just wishes he was a musician by trade :-). I want to tell you how impressed I am with your follow up and customer service. If only all of my business transactions involved such enthusiastic and personalized attention. You guys have it figured made me feel important. Thank you.
Michael DeLapp
Gig Harbor, Washington

02/28/2009 Dear Mr. Zager: My new Zager guitar just arrived. I unpacked it quickly because it is pouring rain and the packaging had become wet. I am happy to report that the guitar is dry, safe, and ~ oh boy ~ is it sound! Wonderful sound. I've owned a guitar since the early 1960s, never been instructed and play indifferently at best. In college I learned a few chords and thrashed away accompanying myself and friends at the beach and beer bar. We had fun, but I never got any better. My guitar (a battered Gibson) got dusty and left for college again in the 1990s with my son. I've played the ukulele and penny whistle recently, but my wife and daughter voted us into the basement. They begged me to find another guitar. Your guitar is simply a wonderful instrument and far and away the nicest guitar I've ever held. I don't feel quite "worthy" of such a fine instrument. I am energized to take your on-line course this winter and see if I can't find a better musician in myself than I've been. I enjoy your demonstration videos and hope you'll be able to help me up a notch or two. No offense to Pete Seeger & Co., but it would be nice to be able to play "Michelle" or "Norwegian Wood" instead of "This Land is Your Land." Anyhow, thanks for the dream you've reinstated. I'll be taking your course when the snow falls and my yardwork and gardening aren't so pressing. Sincerely,
John Kelleher
Homer, New York

02/26/2009 Dear Zagers, Thanks so much for the great guitar. I got my Sigma DM-1STCE from your 'blemish' offerings but I'll be darned if I can find the blemish on it. I'm a cheapo who waited about a year looking for a used Zager EZ-Play but could never find one, even after daily looking at classified ads and internet/ebay searches. I finally took the plunge on a new one and it was worth it. I took it over to a friend's house last night who has been playing about 30 years. He plays mostly Fender electric guitars. He didn't look at the brand name, he just looked it over and commented on how nice it looked. He played a couple of songs and commented on how dynamite the neck was, how easily it played and how great it sounded. He looked at how low the strings were at the sound hole end and commented how he'd never seen an acoustic like that. Then he said "What'd you give for this... $2,000?" When I told him I paid around $420 he was absolutely floored. He and another guitar playing friend of his that was there both said they are going to get one... just like that.
Montgomery McNew
Pollock Pines, California

02/26/2009 I received my new guitar today and it is absolutely beautiful! More than I ever expected for the $$$. I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow so that I could stay home and start playing it! I'm hoping to take private lessons soon since I am a beginner but I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you for getting it to me so quickly and needless to say, I admire your work immensely! I appreciated the personal touch with the picture attached to the strings...that was way cool!
Casey Johnson
Paris, Tennessee

02/23/2009 Denny, As a new customer I would like to say that I love my new guitar. My guitar arrived without delay and in good shape! After I received my guitar I was impressed with its easy playability and that it was in tune even through the heat & travel of shipping! The extras are so nice as well! (Shirt, Picks, & Strings) I like the signature as an exceptional touch to my Zager guitar. I am occasionally apprehensive of buying online without the feel factor but I wanted you & others to realize that this was a good experience and that I more than like the guitar - I love it! Good quality & tone! Thank you for quality & the value!
Jay Davis
Chicago, Illinois

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