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02/23/2009 Hello, I played a little bit of guitar as a teenager but gave it up after only a year. I received this guitar as a gift recently, and it sounded so beautiful the first time I played it. I was amazed considering I had not even picked up a guitar in over eight years! This guitar is so beautiful it makes beginners sound like pros! Thank you for your e-z play guitar,it is harder to put down than to pick up!
Shoanie Semco
Milton, New Hampshire

02/20/2009 Hi Denny and DJr. My son in law received his Zad20 and love's it. Now I don't have to let him play mine. I put a LR Baggs Ibeam Active pickup on my Zad 20 boy it sounds nice thru the amp. I'll keep you updated on the things I do to the guitar.
Dan Gill
Everett, Washington

02/18/2009 Hi Denny.I have had my Zad 20CE for a little over a month and have advanced much faster than I ever thought with the help of your online lessons and EZ play string science. Thank you. My first Guitar is a Sigma DR-41 and I can't play it nearly as well as the ZAD. Would you consider customizing my DR-41 with your EZ-play string science so that I could enjoy playing them both with the same ease? Just name the price and I'll send it to you. Thank you for your help. Best regards,
Jerry Krebsbach
Green Bay, Wisconsin

02/18/2009 WOW, I have never experienced customer service like this before I am gonna write a real nice testimonial about my whole experience with zager its been a REAL nice experience. Thank you for extending my lessons I am ready to start learning to play the guitar, It has been a difficult beginning for me but the Zagers have made it as easy on me as possible. P.S. I have pictures of my hand if you want to see them LOL. Thanks again
Christian Natello
Galloway, New Jersey

02/18/2009 Good Morning, Mr. Zager I received the guitar and naturally I was pleased beyond my expectations. You know why: The guitar was in tune, is Beautiful (!) and sounds like.. well, makes me melt. Thank you for the T shirt,strings and picks. A very nice touch. The movement of this guitar is fantastic and I have shown it to several of my friends who have been playing for many years. They also melted when they began to play. This was followed by a glint in their eye as they began to pick... WHOOEE !!! Well, Mr. Z, you made me cry but it is the same as when my son gave me his first little flower.. it was a beautiful cry. I have been giving out your web site to everyone! And those with a computer within reach, well, I load up your site and place it on their "favorites". Thank You and Blessings to you and your family.
Catherine Adlerhurst.. Miss Kitty Two Po
Honey Brook, Pennsylvania

02/14/2009 Just spoke with Denny about the buzz I was experiencing on my new D-41. I made the slight adjustment that we discussed (turned the truss counter clockwise only slightly) and the guitar is playing beautifully. I very much appreciate the personal attention and I'm quite pleased with this wonderful instrument. Being shipped from all the way out west to Louisville no doubt had a bearing on the adjustment (Perhaps I should have bought a case as well - Although you packed it well, it might have shipped better with a case). I plan to change the strings to "light" guage (from extra light) in the future, but first, since the guitar sounds great with the extra light guage strings (plenty of volume), I plan to play with them on for awhile. Maybe I'll change my mind and keep them on! What blew my mind was that when I sent an e-mail last night, about 11:00 EST, I got an immediate reply from Dennis. You must work all the time. Thanks again for the great service!
Louisville, Kentucky

02/12/2009 I'm being attacked by pop-ups so I'll be brief. I received my Zager guitar about 3 months ago and I can't put it down. I'm a novice but it's advanced my playing capabilities way beyond I expected. I'll say this to anyone out there - "buy this guitar as a skeptic - play as a believer".
Tom Davis
Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

02/11/2009 Hello Dennis, Just wanted to let you know that her guitar arrived today in perfect shape. She showed it off to everyone at work and everyone thinks I paid a fortune for it. When she puts it down she will write you herself. ( might be a few days)! Thank you very much,
Rod Fletcher
Flint, Michigan

02/08/2009 Dear Denny, Just a quick one to let you know I received my guitar as scheduled. Its everything I expected and knew it would be. From my past experience with you I had no reason to doubt. I want to thank you for your passion and dedication to guitars, music and teaching during all these years. I took lessons from you when you were still at Thomasbrook Apartments on 56th street. We were both fairly young men then. When I had to move from Lincoln I came back from time to time for a lesson or two or to buy some new sheet music. Once I visited Lincoln to have you do the string sciences on my guitar before moving to Saudi Arabia to work. I've since moved to Las Vegas and was surfing the net when I decided to do a search on you. (Because I remembered you telling me that you wanted to reach more people possibly in a magazine ad etc.) When I found you on the internet I was very happy and excited, and it took all of about five seconds before I signed up, and only another week or so before I purchased this guitar from you. As I have more money to spend these days on my hobbies I will probably buy a few more guitars from you in the future. Take care and keep on doing what your doing. May God bless you and your family.
Robert Patterson
Las Vegas, Nevada

02/08/2009 Hi Denny on e-bay there is a left hand Martin D-35 that someone from Lincoln has that was worked on by Denny sr. The pictures of the string height are nice, I've never seen one like it. Well it made it's way to the "unofficial martin guitar forum" last night which kicked off some Zager bashing, but some good comments did get through. I had my membership denied because of good comments about Zager guitars in the first round of discussions I was in. But the D-35 ended up being analyzed pretty good. When someone brought up Martin Sigma's as a good inexpensive guitar it was added that the Zager Sigma's are the best way to go because they are set up so much better than anything you can buy right from stock and the 100% lifetime guarantee policy of Zager guitar. That is the truth you won't find a Martin Sigma better than one of yours because of the set up Denny sr does. Since I have had a Zager I swear by that and I have a sigma DM-4 bought before I got into the Zager acoustics. You can't compare the 2 in sound or action not even close. The string height on the non Zager DM-4 is awful and it sounds awful so I don't play it and won't sell it because it would probably come right back. From Dave a "happy customer"
David Cibula
Bradford, Pennsylvania

02/08/2009 Denny: I have been watching you and your site for over a year now and promised myself that I would use you to get me back to the guitar. I'm 53 and haven't played since high school and college days of the coffee shops late 60's early 70's. I have talked to both you and your son about the various guitars, Sigma, Washburn, Zager etc. and have finally scored. I was given my new Zager ZAD 20 CE for father's day and WOW!!! This reminds me of when I was able to buy my Martin D-28 back then. (long gone now...) The tone is fantastic, the condition impeccable, the delivery unbelievable, so fast that my son wanted to give it to me early because he couldn't wait for Father's day. Now, I completed the circle and have enrolled in your "school". It is the best system I have ever seen and does for me what we always tried to do for ourselves 30 years ago. How simple and basic and understandable! Man, your good!You have made my day. I am having a ball. Thank you! I will be in touch with progress notes. Kindest Regards,
Shannon Dennison
Cedarburg, Wisconsin

02/05/2009 The Martin Sigma DM1st I ordered from Zager Guitars arrived Tuesday June 22. This is my second acoustic from Denny the first being the ZAD 20 which my daughter decided would be hers. The ZAD 20 is a great guitar and I wanted to try another acoustic from there line of modified guitars so I choose the DM1st. Of course the chance to save $20 for a dad with 2 college students couldn't be passed up so Denny jr.said he had one Denny had set up for himself and never used so that was perfect for me. Again as with the ZAD 20 this is set up so perfect it is a dream to play. I e-mailed Denny jr 2 days after receiving the DM1st and told him that the DM1st is a little different than the ZAD in the neck and probably would take a few days to get used to feel.Denny jr. e-mailed back he was worried I was having difficulties adjusting and offered to send a new ZAD 20 in exchange since that is what I had and given to my daughter.I had to tell Denny jr that no I was keeping the DM1st and just wanted to let him know the difference between the 2 acoustics. I have made up my mind the only acoustics I'm going to buy are from Denny and Denny jr. I play for fun and to relax and when my daughter is home we like to play together it's a good chance to sit and chat and do something we both like. I don't see myself needing anything more than a Zager modified acoustic. I don't have a guitar technician to set up my acoustics so this is as close as I can get and it is worth it.When the Zagers offered to take my DM1st back and replace it because they thought I was having trouble adjusting from the ZAD blew me away. I can imagine trying this with one of the many guitars I bought on e-bay before I got a Zager. If you do buy on e-bay make it a Zager,I still have 2 guitars from my e-bay experience that I can't even resell there so bad. After 4 days of playing the Dm1st it feels perfectly natural in my hands and the string height is set so good you can play chords with a feather touch and the sound is loud and clear and intonation up and down the neck is beautiful. Buying from the Zagers is like having my own guitar tech, thanks for another great acoustic guitar.
David Cibula
Bradford, Pennsylvania

02/02/2009 I love this guitar. Feather touch the strings & I get a great sound. You have made a great guitar for a very reasonable price. And I can see you stand by your guitars. You have every reason to. I am telling all my friends about your guitar.
Boise, Idaho

01/31/2009 Hi Denny and Dennis JR., I received my new ZAD-20 today (6/30/04), and I'm absolutely thrilled with the tone and playability of this wonderful instrument! You guys sure know how to craft a fine guitar, and your customer service is outstanding! Gotta go now, I hear my ZAD-20 calling me.Best regards,
Fred Wimmer
West New York, New Jersey

01/30/2009 I purchased three of the EZ-PlayTM Martin Sigma DM-1STCE Acoustic Electric guitars - one for my son, one for my daughter, and one for me !! I had looked at higher-end Martins, CA guitars, and Lorrivees. I found the Zager modified Martins to be as easy or easire to play than the others. The absolute satisfaction guarantee is as advertised. One of the guitars was slightly damaged in shipment and they paid all costs to ship the guitar back to them and provide me with another. The thing that was most impressive to me is that Dennis shipped the new guitar that same day before I even had a chance to return the damaged one!! This was done without any consideration to charging me for the new guitar until the damaged one was returned. The entire transaction was done on a trust basis. This is the old-fashioned American way of doing business, and it's just a shame that this is the only example I've seen in decades !! We are also using the online lessons with Denny and the whole plan is well thought out and presented. Denny and Dennis - thank you so much.
Dr David E Reid
Augusta, Georgia

01/29/2009 i just received it. its beautiful , icant wait to give it to my boyfriend for his birthday. and the shirt's badass. im gonna keep that for myself.thanks
Rebecca Tand
Houston, Texas

01/27/2009 Thanks so much! As I have stated before "you have set the bar for customer service very high".Regards,
John Martin
Grand Island, Nebraska

01/27/2009 Thank you for staying in such good contact. You guys really are good with your's appreciated from a customer...who also works at a place where we uh...aren't so good with customers and it makes me sick at times.Thanks again for all your help. OUTSTANDING customer service award!!!
Drew Angell
Raymore, Missouri

01/24/2009 Thank you very much for making a wonderful guitar! It is as you promised, easy to play, and has a beautiful sustain. It will be cherished and loved for many years to come!
John Barlow
Shawnee Mission, Kansas

01/21/2009 I don't know if you have ever heard of the "unoffical martin guitar forum". There all experts on guitars and you talk about your Martin and give advice to those asking. They sure like to trash Zager guitars and Denny, these are the experts who advised the DX1 over any Zager. The DX1 had such a high action and the only sound it made was bass. No range in tone at all, but if you can afford the $200 it's better than anything else under that price. I just shipped mine to Mississippi and replaced it with the ZAGER ZAD-20 which plays circles around it. Yesterday they trashed the Zager acoustics again when someone asked for the forum members advice. Yet everything they said was totally wrong they know nothing about these guitars and why they're so good for someone looking for a pro setup in a guitar under $200. They think every one is the price of the $545 Sigma D41. Go to your local music store and by a Martin and they'll do the same set for free. HA! Nice, try it. I showed my ZAGER ZAD-20 to the the owner of the local store here. He's taught guitar for 20 years and sells them and said he had no idea how to do a set up like this. Nor would he want to spend the time to do it. Mostly he tunes the ones he sells before they go out and looks for flaws. He said they come to him set up at the factory and if anything is wrong he sends them back. I'm still in shock over the ZAGER every time I play it and I can't believe the great tone and the super easy way it plays. I've made more progress playing in the last 5 days than I have in the last 3 months. I'm getting one for my daughter in a couple days to take to college since she fell in love with mine. Anyone who has any doubt, remember you can send it back but I doubt you will ever want to.
David Cibula
Bradford, Pennsylvania

01/19/2009 I knew this was going to happen, after 6 months of looking at Zager guitars,100 or so questions asked on the chat line and a few dozen e-mails I finally ordered a ZAD 20 acoustic. Well in my last chat Denny Jr said we have some that were used for lessons or videos that will cost less and some cases that have a nick or two.(you still get the full warranty) I said ok I'll take a case to along with a ZAD 20. I tell you if the acoustic was any different than a brand new one I could not tell and the case had a nick I guess any one else would still sell it as brand new. Any how I knew this would happen why didn't I do this 6 months ago. I had doubt fueled by a few on line chat rooms that put down anything less than the very best and most expensive acoustic as some sort of gimmick. So I bought Alvarez, Martins and Washburn's all in the $200 to $600 range from online dealers and E-Bay. These were nice guitars yes but I always seemed to have to tinker with the set up and in 1 case had to send one back to the factory. I started playing a year ago after a 25 year lay off and made progress but always seemed to hit a wall even with these guitars my fingers are a mess with grooves indented from the strings that are very sore. It did effect my play. One of the models I had did have a low action not as low as the ZAD 20 the others were not even close. After just a short time chords would get hard to form and the strings even though I used the best felt hard to strum, I play finger style. The ZAD 20 arrived early this afternoon I played for 2 1/2 hours something I could not do before, my fingers did not get irritated. The strings were so easy to pick and the chords so easy to form. My big concern was a select top voodoo on some guitar chat rooms. Well I in no way could tell this was not a solid top, it sounds better than the $600 Martin I bought on E-Bay. I thought I would cheat myself on the bass end with the select top, I was wrong. I'm going to enjoy this acoustic so much it sounds beautiful and is so comfortable to play. The fit and finish perfect, I can't say enough. I would like to apologize for some of the e-mails I sent searching for something to find fault with at times. I'm sure you guys know what I mean. If I would have done this when I first saw Zager guitars I would have saved money and been a lot happier a lot sooner. If any one is having trouble making up there mind believe me this is everything you want in an acoustic guitar. A lifetime warranty even on the ones that are used in lessons and videos first, like the one I bought. THANKS Zager guitar for all the e-mails answered, all the questions on the chat line. Thanks for the Great guitar.
David Cibula
Bradford, Pennsylvania

01/19/2009 I've been playing for over 30 years now and I've owned over a dozen different types of acoustic guitars...Mostly Martin and Fender guitars. Many of these guitars easily cost 5 times more than my new Zager guitar cost. Not one of these guitars have the beautiful action or ease of playing that the Zager Acoustic has and the tonality of this guitar is very rich and very full. Thank you for enriching my life with one of your instruments. If there was any advise that I could give you it would be....Charge more money for your guitars , They are worth much more than you are asking !!! Thanks again
Mike Nunnery
Austin, Texas

01/19/2009 All, IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER. What a great experience. Well let's see, it all started a month ago,with a web site containing a large quantity of useful information. I then called the toll-free number during my lunch break. While waiting for the inevitable auto-tele-puzzle to answer the phone and drag me through a maze of options, a real live human greeted me. DJr. was very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I had become a very combative consumer in today's internet economy due to poor service, hidden costs, and gimmicks. It is funny but I felt like a satisfied customer immediately after placing my order. Once I received my ZAD20CE I was amazed. Even the box and packing was great. I should know, having worked several years in the shipping business. Anyway I opened the sturdy hard-shell case and saw the guitar; WOW it looked even better than the pictures. While I waited for the guitar to acclimate, I noticed the extras (picks, strings, etc). Talk about shattering expectations. It's funny but after spending several hundred dollars at another e-commerce site, I only received a rather uninspired sticker brandishing the company's web address and phone number. You guys really know how to treat people. Oh wait did I forget to mention the guitar. It is everything that it claims to be. I have only been playing a couple of years and have a pretty decent acoustic and electric. The ZAD was comparable in cost but blew them away with its tone, ease of play, and even its look. My friend who brought his Guild over to my house would not give my ZAD back to me; he just kept laughing and smiling while playing it. If only other products and or companies could be Zagerized. Keep up the great work guys.
Michal Short
St. Louis, Missouri

01/15/2009 Denny, Well I've had my guitar (ZAD-20) for about 1 week now. It came promptly and was packed very well. Thanks for the extra string set and t-shirt. The guitar looks great and has no visible flaws like you find in most guitars under 4 figures. Now for the sound and did you do it and why don't others do it too? I've been playing off & on for over 30 years, I've owned dozens of guitars and also love "rebuilding" old worn out pieces. (Nothing major) The tonal quality rivals anything I've ever played at 2 and 3 times the price. The wonderful brightness of the higher notes is indeed "music to my ears" because I find this lacking in so many others. You're "string science" has a great effect on playability too! The neck is comfortable and the additional spacing is great for me (pudgy fingers). I switch between a classical I fixed up and the ZAD; previously the transistion was at times clumsy & quite uncomfortable, not so with the ZAD. I'll be checking out you're lessons also, even though I've played for quite a while, I'm self taught with more flaws in technique than you can imagine. I don't see the value ($$$) or have the time for traditional lessons, so I'm given you a chance to help me out. I've already benefited from you're lesson on stringing. All these years I've been doin it wrong. By the way I found 2 frets (on the fretboard) that were a little "rough" (probably just me being picky) but with a little 0000 steel wool they smoothed out just fine. In the last 2 days I've recieved 2 e-mails from other e-bayr's asking for reccomedations, needless to say I spoke highly of you're guitar. Hope they buy! Thanks for a great guitar.
Jim Miller (52yogi)
Virginia Beach, Virginia

01/13/2009 I have been playing for about 25 years. I have an acoustic about that old. My old guitar sounds very nice and I had the action lowered years ago. Never had really found anything at a music store that was as easy to play as mine so I was somewhat skeptical about how much difference a Zager modified guitar would make for me. However, my left hand would get tired when playing tough chords and it was difficult to make all of the notes sound out in certain chords. With the Zager return policy being "no questions asked" and all of the positive feedback, I decided to give it a try. I purchased a ZAD-20 since it was on sale and was touted as being even easier to play as it was produced to Mr. Zager's specifications. Looked like an incredible value. The guitar arrived in excellent shape and I started playing the thing right away. Had a couple of chord progressions in mind to test out and the first thing I noticed was that I was able to get the full sound out of all of the strings. Cool! After years of playing, it took a bit of practice to keep myself from gripping so tightly with my left hand. I played the guitar quite a bit over the next few days and I must say I was even more impressed after the third day of playing than the first. I hardly even touched the old guitar for a week or two. Then I picked it up and started to play. Still sounded very good but it felt like I was playing a 2 x 4. I noticed right away that the neck is too thick on the old one. While the action is pretty low … the Zager string science beats it hands down. Also, the Zager guitar is set up so well that it stays perfectly in tune all the way up the neck. The quality of the instrument is amazing when you consider the cost. Sounds excellent and will only improve with age. They've obviously thought this process through from every angle to give the customer the most "bang for the buck". I've spoken to Denny Jr. on the phone a couple of times and he couldn't be more polite and helpful. Hats off to the Zagers and the terrific job they are doing. One of the best products I've ever purchased.
Phil Faulkner
Atlanta, Georgia

01/12/2009 Dennis, All the accolades are well deserved. What you guys are doing is nothing short of a great service to the community in that it provides the beginner a chance to more easily get started with the guitar. Who knows how many potential guitarists just never quite got going on the instrument because it was too frustrating in the beginning. Playing music can be very rewarding even if it is just a lifetime hobby. Best of luck,
Phil Faulkner
Atlanta, Georgia

01/09/2009 Hi, I got the guitar today, thank you! PS, love the T-shirt, extra picks and strings. What more could you ask for?
Craig Wrinn
Fargo, North Dakota

01/09/2009 I am extremely happy with this guitar (DR-41) and am amazed at both the tone and playability. These guitars are definitely in a class of their own. The only problem is, I am so used to pressing down so hard on my old war club that it is a hard to get used to! A nice problem to have! This guitar makes even me sound like I know what I am doing! Thanks for all the help guys.
Daniel Ortiz
San Antonio, Texas

01/09/2009 The low action is outstanding and plays like an electric. It's a beautiful guitar. Please market a 12-string with the string science! Many thanks!
David H.
Huntington Station, New York

01/06/2009 Denny Zager: Well my Washburn acoustic electric came today. I originally bought it for myself but realized its my sons birthday and he has been wanting a good acoustic. Out of the box the guitar was in tune and near flawless. I found a blem in the binding strip on the back. Other then that it is a gorgeous instrument. I have a 13 year old Alvarez Yairi DY-52 Canyon Creek. This was a $1220.00 dollar guitar then. I was stunned at the Washburn's tone and playability compared to my Yairi. I have played many High end guitars lately in acoustic electrics and I have not played anything that feels like this new Washburn. In tone and playability compared to price you will have to spend a ton of money to beat this guitar and likely a setup charge because nothing I have played is set up any better then a Zager and in fact most are just simply painful to play. No matter what the price and "status" of a high cost guitar if they don't set them up properly they are just a pretty piece of wood. Why isn't everyone using the Zager system. One thing I did notice was some string buzz in the lower strings, primarily the low "E". This was not the guitar's fault. I was hitting way harder then I needed too. This guitar has caused me to lighten my touch to the point it feels like I am playing my Strat. Another note. This guitar on Washburn's site retails right at 5 bills. That's without the Zager string science system. I paid $445.00 for the guitar and $40.00 shipping. Lets see, that's 15 bucks less then the retail price of the guitar without the work done on it by Zager. Need I say anymore! I'm going to have to by another one for myself now. I simply don't want to play my Yairi anymore. I should also note the on board electronics on this guitar were wonderful sounding. Very balanced and versatile. The other thing you will get with a Zager is very personal attention. I had allot of questions before buying. I was a bit skeptical. I sent several e-mails to Zager and all were returned promptly with all my questions answered with, can you believe this, honesty. I then had a phone conversation with Mr. Zager's son. Where else in America or anywhere else for that matter can you actually call a company and talk to a human let alone the owners son. I can't thank you enough. My son will be so pleased.
David Higday
Wichita, Kansas

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