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01/03/2009 Happy Customer. Here's a picture of my husband Ron that I took the very first time he played it. Note the plastic cover is still on the pick guard.......he just couldn't wait to try it. I suppose he'll keep the old Guild 12 string, but it's just to difficult with the arthritis problem in the hands. The Zager will keep him going! It's so wonderful to see him able to play again, I just had to write and thank you.
Jean Hogan
Gifford, Illinois

01/01/2009 Well all I can say right now is if the guitar treats me as well as you folks have I am sure I will be in heaven. As a police officer for 27 years I don't get to interact with nice folks very often you can believe I will be telling everyone about the way you folks have treated me and the personal attention you have given me.
David Higday
Wichita, Kansas

12/31/2008 Dear www_zagerguitar_com, My guitar just arvied about 30 minutes ago. I am very happy, it looks and plays great. Thank you,
Felx Mendez
Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico

12/30/2008 Mr. Zager just a few words to let you know I recevied my new Zad 20 and I am very pleased. I bought it over the holiday week end, but still recevied it in 3 working days. It came to me in great shape, and the case I bought was in fine shape also. I let it breath for about 2 hrs. then let go what a feeling my fingers seem to slide like they had butter on them. So to say Iam very happy with my purchase,and Iam glad that there are people like you that care enough about people like me to help us. Thanks again your loyal customer.
Dale Minyard
Seattle, Washington

12/28/2008 Dear Denny, Well the guitar I ordered for my sister came last week. Of course I had to play around with it a bit - just to "make sure". I - like most everyone else who buys one of your products - just want to say that you have created a wonderful instrument. If I had had a guitar like this 35-40 years ago when I started playing, I'd be a much better player today. And i'm pretty good. A player does not have to work so hard to create what he is trying to create with your guitar. I am very very impressed. Not only is it easy to play - like, way easy - but it sounds incredible! Lows , mids and highs are as even as I have ever heard. And I have have no idea how you get that much volume using the strings you use - but you've done it. My sister is taking up guitar for the first time at almost 60 years of age and this guitar will give her her best chance if fulfilling her dreams. The rest is up to her. Thanks so much. Expect more purchases soon for other friends and, of course, myself. Sincerely,
Larry Bolger
Pasadena, California

12/28/2008 Hi, Got the guitar! Wow, that was fast!!! I haven't played in years so it will be a while until I can say much but my son plays........ He is absolutely BLOWN AWAY at the ease of this guitar & the sound! Have to admit, we grabbed his guitar and put them side by side....... Really checking out the differences! While his is a little fancier with inlays, etc.... This zagar is really nice! The difference in playing is ENORMOUS!!! Thanks so much! Anyway....... Just thought I'd drop you a note and thank you for the extremely fast service! Thanks again!
Derby, Kansas

12/25/2008 Gentlemen, Thank you for your timely response to my problem. The first guitar I received had a hidden blemish (revealed when removing the pick guard cover) and an unfortunate scratching on the back (caused by a piece of foreign matter wedged in the in the case lining). I realize that the imperfections I pointed out are minor, but I really didn't want to have any visual irritations every time I opened the case. (Not condusive to having a good session.) The replacement guitar arrived yesterday. It is in flawless condition and plays beautifully. It is the most enormously negligible difference I have yet to lay my fingers on. It doesn't look much different than other quality guitars, but the subtle adjustments are as if they were done just for me. As I intend to play this one for a lifetime (it's that nice), I can now appreciate the beauty of this instrument as well as the integrity of the company I purchased it from. I am highly impressed, and will recommend your company to any who may ask (and probably some who don't) in the future.
Randy Smart
Redding, California

12/22/2008 Hello, I received my guitar last thursday in excellent condition. I was very impressed with the fit and finish on this instrument. I have short broad fingers and it has always been a struggle for me to execute clean chords without fouling the adjacent strings. With the modified string placement giving me that little bit of extra distance between strings my playing ability has greatly improved. The resonance of this guitar is absolutely incredible. I have never heard anything like it. I am greatly impressed. Thank you very much for the set of strings and picks. I love it when you can actually pull a guitar out of a box and everything you need is already included. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you very much.
Clark Russell
Covington, Louisiana

12/20/2008 I feel like it's time for me to do my part and give ZagerGuitar praise. I used to play the guitar a little several years ago. I had a Fender acoustic which I don't even remember the model, but know that it cost about as much as the ZAD-20. I regrettingly sold it about 8 years ago. Recently, I decided to get back into playing because I miss playing, and I want my daughter, who is almost 3, to learn to love music. I began to do some research and look for a new guitar. I went to the local music stores and played several models, and began price hunting these models online. Well, I happened upon the Zager guitar on E-Bay. I'll admit I was quite skeptical at first, so I took the time to read EVERY testimonial and magazine review Denny has posted. I was even able to figure out several of the partial e-mail addresses of people that placed the more recent reviews and sent out some e-mails to see if these were indeed true testimonials and not just made up ones (did I mention I was skeptical?). I received responses from almost every one I sent, and all responses said they couldn't be happier with their purchase. They basically told me to quit wasting my time, and just buy one of the Zagers. Since I have seen so much rave and praise about the excellent customer service that Denny and Dennis Jr. give, I realized that I had nothing to lose. I bought the ZAD-20 and Zager case directly from their site. I received it in 3 days, and it was still in tune. I have had it for about a month now, and I absolutely love it. No other way to put it. It plays and sounds incredible. I won't claim to be able to compare it to the $2000-$3000 guitars since I've never even seen one in person, let alone held one or played it. I can, however, compare it to some guitars that cost the same and even a few hundred dollars more. The playability and sound EASILY blow away anything I have ever seen in a price range under $700. The only thing the $700 guitar had that my ZAD-20 doesn't is better eye appeal with fancier finish pattern and more showy inlays and such. If you are into a guitar that only looks good, then buy the $700 or more guitar. If you are like most people I know, you want a guitar that sounds good and plays easily enough that your fingers don't hate you after playing, and won't break the bank account. Well, look no further than one of the guitars Dennis sells. What my ZAD-20 has that the $700 guitar doesn't is a sound that you just have to hear to believe. I tried these other guitars before buying the ZAD-20, and they were nice. They seemed to sound nice, and weren't any harder to play than the guitars I have played with in the past. Boy did I have the blinders on... When I received the ZAD-20, I couldn't believe how crisp and clean and powerful it sounded, and how easy it was to play. After playing it for a week, I went back to the music store and played the others that I had tried before my purchase. I don't know how to put it other than the sound of anything close in price to the Zager just had a muddy sound to it. This isn't something I could tell before, but after playing the Zager, I definitely noticed it. Not to mention the string height of those in the stores compared to Zager's String Science. The guitars in the store had a string height at the first fret that was as high as my ZAD-20 string height at the 12th fret. The neck of the ZAD-20 is also quite thin, making it easier to fret some chords. I quit playing guitar about 8 years ago because I was teaching myself, and got frustrated with the lack of progress I was making. I guess it's kind of like riding a bike, because my fingers have easily found most of the chords I used to play. The only problem with that muscle memory is it also includes the memory of how hard I used to have to press the strings to play a chord. It doesn't take anywhere near that much pressure to fret a chord on the Zager. I have to constantly remind myself not to use as much pressure when playing. I will recommend that anyone looking for a quality guitar that blows away anything even close in price, to look no further than Zager Guitar. With their 100% money back guarantee including shipping both ways and Lifetime guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose. For anyone who wants to ask me a question like I did with the other testimonials, feel free to e-mail me. Since they only post a partial e-mail with each review, the first part of my e-mail address is MCCurtis. If you send me a question, just be sure to put ZagerGuitar in the subject line so it doesn't get mistaken as junk mail. Now stop wasting your time and buy a Zager. You'll be glad you did. Thanks Denny for making such fine guitars.
Don McCurtis
Charlotte, North Carolina

12/20/2008 Well Denny and Family, I've been living with my ZAD-20 for about a week and decided it's a keeper. It arrived in perfect condition, and was still in tune after a 5 day shuttle via UPS to the East coast! The tonal balance of this guitar is beautiful. The bass, tenor and treble strings all sound out very clearly, no muddiness at all. Playing is easier than any other acoustic that I've played and I find myself constantly testing to see how little pressure on the fretboard I can get by with. I almost always am using too much. Once I get used to it, I'm sure it will speed up my playing enormously. A few of my guitar playing friends have tried it out and been surprised at what a fantastic guitar it is for the money. The finish on it is also top notch. What a great deal!!! Thanks again
Gerry Giguere
Houston, Texas

12/20/2008 Denny, Thanks a lot for the awesome guitar. I am amazed with how easy it is to play and how awesome it sounds. Thanks for the freebees too!
Vince Stange
Johnston, Rhode Island

12/16/2008 Greeting Denny! I just got my ZAD-20. This is a wonderful, remarkable instrument. I love the look of it; the side panels are outright gorgeous. It is every bit as playable as you said it was. It sounds *fantastic*. You have really achieved something here. Thanks so much for the extras! I showed my (76-year-old) Dad the autographed photo of your Dad's duo and he loved it, and so do I. Love the shirt, what a riot! And thanks much for the extra strings and picks. Excellent, high-quality guitar case--I like it more than my higher-priced Ovation case. bye for now.
Chris Fotos
Topeka, Kansas

12/14/2008 Mr. Zager, Just a note to let you know that the DR-41 arrived ontime and in great shape. I am absolutely thrilled with the guitar! Not only is it a beautiful instrument with that wonderful Martin resonance, the Zager setup is simply amazing, and everything you claimed it to be! It will be a guitar I can live with for a long time, and I thank you for your recommendation.
Merrell Shoptaw
Dexter, Maine

12/13/2008 Hello, You guys are great! I really appreciate your shipping of the guitar before you have even received payment. I am truly complimented by your trust in me. Please let me know when you do receive my money order. Thanks again.
Clark Russell
Covington, Louisiana

12/10/2008 Dennis, I'm not one to dispense gushing accolades freely but I have to admit, I am so ecstatic with the progress and ease of play of my Zager guitar that I thought I should write to you. I am pleased to own a ZAD-20 guitar and have Denny as a virtual instructor. He has reignited a dormant passion of mine, which is music. I literally look forward to playing the guitar and am amazed at how well it stays in tune. My son, whose been playing for 5 years, and I now share a wonderful gift. Give my thanks to Denny and his company's gift, of making guitar playing less a mystery and a truly wonderful art. Gratefully,
Jesus Osuna
Raleigh, North Carolina

12/10/2008 Denny, I love this new guitar. I've played a lot of good ones over the years but none have had the sound and playability as this one. Thank you so much . I know i will enjoy it for years to come!! Sincerely,
Jerry Hardin
Hanover, New Hampshire

12/10/2008 I spent a few hours last night just getting to know the guitar and it is so much easier to play and the sound is excellent.Thank you,
Mike Daubney
Lake Charles, Louisiana

12/07/2008 Received the Martin Sigma DR1-ST yesterday evening. The moment I touched and played the Martin Sigma, I knew this was my guitar. It not only feels good, and is easy for my long fingers to maneuver, it has a full sound that thrills me everytime I play and I want to keep playing! Sincerely,
Margie Mahler
Omaha, Nebraska

12/04/2008 Hi Dennis. Please note that this is my second guitar order. I got the first one last Wednesday. My daughter used it for some recording and I took it to a party Sunday. Several other people played it and all were amazed! Damn good guitar!!!
Tom Fritche
San Juan Capistrano, California

12/02/2008 Mr. Zager, I purchased a DR-41 in Dec. and I must say the guitar out performs all others that I have played. Thanks for the guitar that made my friends envious!!!!!!!!!
Brandon Bowman
Somersworth, New Hampshire

12/01/2008 Hey Zagers, Well I must first say that everything you said and promised happened. I got a first class guitar at at great price. I waited patiently for the Zager line to become available and I am thoroughly pleased. The guitar sounds and looks great.
Ray Lovejoy
Carlsbad, New Mexico

11/30/2008 Dennis,this is Charles. I ordered your EZ-Play modified left handed Washburn...just wanted to thank you and say how pleased I am with the guitar. I hope you get in another lefty model soon-perhaps in the Zager line. Thanks again,
Lake Providence, Louisiana

11/28/2008 Denny, I received my new Zad-20 yesterday and it was everything you said it would be and more! I spent a lot of time reading the testimonials on your site and figured if your guitar was half as good as people made it out to be it'd be worth the money. Man am I pleasantly surprised. The tone is deep and wonderful, the sustain long-lasting and it is easily the most playable guitar I've every enjoyed. Thanks for the quality instrument and purchase experience. Sincerely,
Sam Chiodo
Troy, Michigan

11/28/2008 Dear Mr. Zager: Well, I've had my ZAD-20CE for over a month now and wish to say, it's every bit the guitar you advertised and I expected. Sure like the built in pick-up and look forward to showing it off to my guitar friends, since it's really a good looking instrument. It arrived via UPS in just a few days, no damage, and ready to play (in tune). A satisfied customer.
P. J. Perry
Madiera Beach, Florida

11/25/2008 Hey Guys, I LOVE the new ZAD-20. I feel like I can succeed in my guitar learning now that I have this Great guitar to play. I showed it to a very good musician friend who played a couple of songs and said it was as good as any high dollar Martin he had ever played. A dealer friend of mine offered to trade me a much more expensive guitar for mine that same night. I told him to order his own, this one is mine ! Thanks again guys, I'm telling everybody I know about your products and I'm sure I will be back !!!! Thanks,
Roy Seagroves
Deer Park, Texas

11/22/2008 Very nice guitar... best playing accoustic I ever had. Thanks
Gary Cresswell
Cranford, New Jersey

11/20/2008 Dear Mr. Zager, I received my Zager guitar today. It arrived in perfect condition, and very nearly in tune. I am most impressed with the playability and action. I had been taking your on-line lessons using a mid-range Washburn, and progressing pretty well. Or so I thought until I picked up the Zager. The difference between the Zager and the Washburn is unbelievable. In just about a half hour on the Zager, areas I formerly struggled with a bit became EASY (such as the F chord in House of the Rising Sun), and my practice has become more enjoyable with success. The guitar sounds beautiful, plays easily, and looks great (the abalone inlay is a very nice touch). It SOUNDS as good or better than any high end guitar I have played in the music stores, and puts them all to shame for ease of play. Shipping was fast and the 'extras' (T-shirt, strings, autographed photo) are very much appreciated. My only worry is PRESERVING the signature on the back of the guitar! I am proud to own a Zager guitar, and I hope that you all take proper pride in the fine workmanship and excellence you provide to your customers. As far as your guitar method, I must say that I never expected to be able to play the guitar so well in such a short time. My 13 year old daughter has been taking lessons for months and can't do more than strum a few chords. A lot of money for a negligible result. I've spent about 1/4 of that money and time with your on line method and can play 'Love Me Tender' and most of 'House of the Rising Sun'. Family and friends say it sounds as if I've been playing for years. To me that is true value for a low investment. What a fine guitar, and a fine method. Thank you for the fun and satisfaction you have brought into the life of this stay-at-home mom. My toddler even asks me to play for her before bedtime! I will be happy to provide a reference for any potential customers with questions. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can! You just can't go wrong with this guitar or method. Sincerely,
Lyn Dave
Montgomery, Alabama

11/20/2008 Denny, I ordered my guitar on tuesday and it arrived on Friday, unbelieveable customer service to say the least ! and the guitar is perfect, great tone, super finish, and the best action I have ever seen on an acoustic. I have been playing for nearly forty years and have never experienced anything like the action and playability of my new Zager. Thank you.
Las Vegas, Nevada

11/20/2008 Dennis, Thank you for your response and excellent service. It's good to know there are businesses that take such care to satisfy their customers regardless of a sale.
Jan McKay
Windham, New Hampshire

11/16/2008 Denny, it arrived about ½ an hour ago (8:15 pm pacific). Sounds great and as your dad said, it probably won't need to be tuned or not very much. I didn't realize that I was going to get all the extras: strings on and in pack, signature guitar, autographed photo, certificate, wrench and tee shirt. My wife asked me to serenade her while she worked on the computer. Thanks again, I'll be talking to you later.
Greg Bettridge
Berlin, New Hampshire

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