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11/16/2008 Great customer service as always guys. thanks! You are a sincere pleasure to work with. The way every business should be....And you can quote me on that.
Mark Knotowicz
Caldwell, Idaho

11/15/2008 Hi, Dennis, I just got off the phone with you, and I just want to say that I hope the bruises go away soon. (The bruises I got from pinching myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming!!!) I have NEVER had such a pleasant experience purchasing over the phone as I did a moment ago. I got to see firsthand part of what those people in your feedback section were raving about. I believe there are some things that can't be faked or feigned; they just shine through. Your patience and concern that I had my many questions answered and explained was certainly genuine and greatly appreciated! Thank you very much,
W.T. Nugent
Beckley, Washington

11/13/2008 I read about the promise of ultra low action with no buzz in a reasonably priced guitar and I was somewhat skeptical but the Zager ironclad guarantee convinced me to give Zager Guitars a try. My guitar arrived very quickly with a cool T-shirt, extra set of strings, trussrod tool and Zager-autographed 8 x 10 glossy and the guitar looked beautiful, but after playing it for a while, it developed a SLIGHT buzz while fretting the "A" String. I emailed Dennis Jr. with my concerns and he told me to try adjusting the truss rod in a minor way to get rid of the slight buzzing. No luck. So I emailed Dennis Jr. again to inform him that I would like to exchange the guitar for a different one. In 3 business days, I had another guitar (again with all the bonus "goodies") in my hand plus I STILL had the original one so I could compare the two. The second guitar played just fine so I emailed Dennis Jr. to tell him that I would be returning the first guitar AT MY EXPENSE and keeping the second one. Well, Dennis Jr. would have none of it and INSISTED that Zager would pay for the return shipping of the first guitar. Needless to say, I am quite pleased with Zager's GREAT customer service and I am also quite pleased with my new ZAD-20CE. Give Zager Guitars a try.....with their superior customer service and guarantee, you literally have nothing to lose and a great deal of musical fun to gain.
JC Carroll
Morgan City, Louisiana

11/10/2008 Dear Dennis, I have been using the guitar for several weeks now and I love it. I don't have the experience to compare it to other models but it seems to play very well. It is less painful on my fingers than my nylon string classical guitar. I also felt your costumer service was exceptional. Thank you for all your help. Regards,
Rich Sullivan
Newport, New Hampshire

11/10/2008 I am extremely pleased with my new Zager Guitar. I have tried to play the guitar off and on for years, but I now realize that I had a guitar that was difficult to play and to keep in tune. I would work at it and make some progress, but then get frustrated and give up thinking I just didn't have the talent to play the guitar. I finally decided to buy a higher quality guitar and give it one more chance. I did research for months on guitars and was convinced that I would have to spend quite a lot of money to get a good one. It was hard to justify this based on my experience. Then I discovered the Zager Guitars. I was intrigued, but I didn't buy one right away. I was a bit hesitant to buy a guitar online. Finally, I decided to give it a chance. I could not be happier. I have been practicing for about a month with my Zager Guitar and have made more progress than I would have thought possible. I am also having a whole lot of fun. Denny's online lessons have been very helpful, as well. In addition to the guitar and the lessons, the service has been fantastic. It is so refreshing to do business with people who care about providing both a quality product and a high-level of service. Thanks to Denny, Dennis, and everyone at Zager Guitar!
Victoria Thormodsgaard
San Rafael, California

11/10/2008 Denny & Denny Jr - Thanks for sending the replacement. It sure is a pleasure dealing with you guys - you certainly stand behind your product. I love the Zager method - sure have learned a lot. Keep up the good work guys! Thanks
Tom Hutcheson
Oceanside, New York

11/07/2008 LUCKY I FOUND ZAGER! Hello Zager family. I was first very impressed when I searched for online guitar lessons and found your website. After investigation I signed up, good invesment on my part. For years I have been toying with the idea of actually learning how to play the guitar. I purchased an electric guitar of well known name, but I had no idea how to play. Really I just toyed with the thing and just tried imitating songs I enjoyed from artists I liked. Needless to say I did not progress much, even after buying instructional video tapes, song books, etc. There was no defined direction like I find in Zager teachings. To me this is very understandable and doable. I have had some musical background playing an instrument as a young teen, high school band sort of thing. Reading music in relation to guitar playing would totally boggle my mind I suspect, which is why I never made much of an attempt. Using the Zager method has tought me in a few short months what I was never able to attain before now. I am progressing thru the first 3 starter lessons at a much faster pace now that I have purchased one of your beautifully made EZ-play Zager guitars. Shipping was immediate after I placed the order online, and the guitar arrived in perfect shape. I would also suggest one of your custom cases to anyone considering such. I would like to say thank you for giving me direction and turning me back on to music, I enjoy so much. Learning the guitar is viewed as an complex thing I suspect in general, but your style and teaching method is very easy for me to understand and practice. Thank you again Zager family. I look forward to many years of using your offered lessons online for the very affordable one time liftime price. Cool T-shirt too :-) Impressed
Dan Sims
Deer Park, Washington

11/04/2008 Dennis, Yesterday i bought into your lesson plan, i just started to look it over today, all ready i am playing Love me tender, slowly but it does sound good. I am a beginer, been taking lessons at a local university. Our teacher is a Sister of St. Francis with over 20 years of teaching. Yes she is doing a good job, we have only had 4 classes so far, but your system is much easier to learn. I do know how to read notes and such as i can play the organ, but i find it hard to remember the notes on the fret board so far. I will be purchasing one of your guitars, i have a very nice martin now im using but your system looks like the way to go. Best regards..
Tom Viersco
Buffalo, New York

11/02/2008 Denny, Received the guitar yesterday safe and sound, it was still in tune. Now I have a real problem. You see, I bought the guitar for my wife, since I already have a great sounding Martin DM. The problem is I couldn't put the ZAD-20 down. I was a little sceptical because of the price, but I can honestly say it surpasses my expectations. The guitar is beauitful, but the tone is amazing. I can understand why it is your best selling guitar. I put it next to my Martin and the sustain was equal. Of course the most obvious quality is the ease of playing. My wife is just begining to play and when I put it in her hand and she fretted a chord, a big smile came across her face. She said she would let me play it some if I was real good!!! Denny, I have left positive feedback for you on Ebay, but wanted to go into more detail with this note. I really appreciate your honesty and way of doing business. We love the guitar. Can't say enough good stuff. Thanks a million.
John Buchanan
Humble, Texas

11/01/2008 I can say for fact that I am thoroughly enjoying my DR-41. I've developed some killer calluses on my fingers...not because the Zager EZ-Play string science doesn't work, but rather it has something to do with playing my guitar a whole lot more. I can't wait to start the online lessons this summer, because I've already nicked a few ideas from just watching Denny play on some of the videos. In the meantime, I find my playing improving just by the act of playing for longer periods of time. What a joyful experience! Best regards,
Mark Rowe
Rochester, New Hampshire

10/31/2008 Hi, I wanted to let you know that I received my ZAD-20 guitar today....10 minutes ago, in fact. It's a beauty!!!! I haven't played it yet, but I know that tonight will be a late night. I just strummed it, and it sounds WONDERFUL. I'll give it a run for the money for a little bit and will then be pleased to email you a testimonial. I know I'll be thrilled with it. Thanks for everything included, too.
Tanya Kunevich
Conrad, Montana

10/29/2008  "Along with providing an excellent guitar the people at Zager Guitar have set the bar high for Customer Service. Thanks Denny and Dennis Jr."
John Martin
Grand Island, Nebraska

10/29/2008 Dear Denny, and Denny, Jr., I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy I am with my purchases of one of your Sigma DM-1/BK Guitars, and your on-line lesson series! The guitar looks great, and sounds wonderful! I look forward to the day that I can get better with it, and do it justice! Your String Science modifications really do work well in making this lovely instrument easier to play! Like many of your other customers, I had tried to take up guitar years ago, with a less than acceptable instrument, and abandoned the attempt when it tore up my fingers so badly. The frustration level with that is part of the reason that it took me so long to decide to give it another go with one of your guitars. I first saw one of your auctions in eBay last year, and read what you had there, then I came to your web site to find out more. I still had a lot of thinking to do, and I also had to wait for a few extra bucks, in the form of my tax refund, before I was in a position to make the decision. I'm very glad that I finally decided to give it a try! I've had my new "baby" for a little over a month, now, and I find that I'm getting better about making the time to practice on it. Is it painless? No - but it doesn't irritate my fingers enough to give it up, and I find that my fingers are now growing accustomed to the feel, thus allowing me to practice longer. Of course, at this very early stage, I don't think my playing would be painless for anyone to listen to! lol! I still have a lot of work to do on making my chord changes smoother! The wider stance of the strings does help my big hands and fingers from muting adjacent strings as often as other guitars that I've tried. In short, I love this new addtion to my life, and you have produced a simply marvelous intrument! I also have to laud your on-line guitar lessons! I'm still working on the first lesson, but I'm getting reasonably comfortable with over half of Love Me Tender. Your notation method seems very logical and straightforward to me, and I find that it is fairly easy to scan it while playing it. I'm already seeing a bit of the benefit of repeating sections, and adding another measure, once you are comfortable with what you have. The procedure really helps in retaining the muscle memory of where things are for both hands, and you quickly get to see what you refer to in the lessons as the "ands" and "thes" in the tune. The absolute best part is that you get to start finger picking, and playing a recognizable song from the very start! This is SO MUCH more satisfying than playing chord progressions! Now that I am into the lessons, I can see just what you have created in your years of teaching, and it is as impressive as it is simple to understand. I also like the fact that your lessons progress beyond just playing the songs in your library, to teaching some music theory, and how to notate a song that you are personally interested in playing for yourself. The cost of your lessons is a tremendous bargain, for the knowledge that you are passing along to us! I have no doubt that I will be signing back up for more! Anyone who is thinking about getting a guitar, and/or the lessons - talk to Denny Jr.! He is very helpful in answering questions. This instrument and lesson system has my highest regard! John Denver had a song called This Old Guitar, that he wrote after finding one of his favorite old guitars, that had been misplaced after the filming of a TV special. I can easily see my Sigma becoming just as special, to me! Thank you so much for having the passion to pass along the whole package, of a wonderful guitar, and the lessons to make it sing! All my best,
Roger Schlis
Breckenridge, Colorado

10/26/2008 Hello, Zagers! I received my new Zager electric/acoustic CE yesterday, and WOW! I've only played a small handful of guitars in my life, but a group of players were standing around me when I opened it up. Needless to say, it attracted a crowd. They were all very impressed by the finish and the fretting ease of Denny's string science. Not only that, but the guitar sounds awesome! I ended up giving your URL to all the guys standing around, and they all seemed very interested. They said just what you advertise that this guitar rivals other guitars that cost in the thousand dollar range. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service, and I'm really glad I waited for these to be available! I'll be signing up for guitar lessons with you guys soon, least in the next few months. THANKS AGAIN!
Casey Johnson
Paris, Tennessee

10/23/2008 Denny, The acoustic/electric arrived today. I couldn't be more thrilled and pleased. I recently sold my Martin A/E and didn't regret it one bit. This Zager guitar, however, is my new KEEPER. Thanks for a great guitar and a great deal. P.S. I've been playing guitar since 1964 -- years before my band used to do "2525" when it was still new on the charts.
Bill Bernico
Blackfoot, Idaho

10/21/2008 Thank you so much for a wonderful, beautiful guitar! I had heard about Denny's handiwork through my brother-in-law. At our family Christmas party, he pulled out his Zager guitar and let me have a round with it. At the time, I had two electrics and wasn't too interested in purchasing an acoustic. But when I began playing his Zager, I was totally impressed! The sound was beautiful! The tone was balanced... I could hardly believe that an affordable acoustic could sound so beautiful! Once you try it, you fall in love quickly!! Since then I have been itching to get one for myself. I received my Zager/Martin Sigma DR-41 guitar last night. It was beautiful to behold, a real masterpiece! And the sound was incredible, absolutely breath-taking! Right out of the box, my DR-41 was tuned and ready to be played! I am in love! And the best part, it's all mine. :-) I am keeping Denny's signature on my guitar (I wouldn't remove it for the world!), and I will proudly wear the T-shirt! I am going to frame the autographed picture for my "music room" too. Thanks for all the extras! I just don't know how else to say it, but... thank you! It is a real tribute to music and the "almighty" guitar that Denny takes the time and effort to make the guitar more pleasurable to play and totally affordable. Keep up the wonderful work! You can mark me as another very happy customer! Sincerely,
Debbie Sutter
Pacific Beach, California

10/21/2008 It is refreshing to deal with someone with integrity. It's truly is a pleasure. Thank you.
Frank Agosta
Laughlin, Nevada

10/21/2008 HI Denny & Dennis JR. , I'm really enjoying the new guitar, Just learning how to play and I'm going to take your online lessons. I took my guitar to a friends house that knows how to play ,I didn't think I would get it back! He has a Martin that he paid $1,200 for and the Washburn has a better tone , The string height is about the same, but the cost wasn't. Thanks Again!
Scott Lipscomb
Jackson, Kentucky

10/17/2008 DZ Jr & Sr, Well, I received my son's birthday present, one of your Zager EZ play guitars with the string science in place and I think, if anything, you may be too modest. Before I wrapped it up for his birthday I opened up the box and played a C chord. I could not believe how the strings almost fell to the frets. So then I played a G, a D, some bar chords, etc. and it was so much fun I almost couldn't put it down to wrap it! I even discovered another benefit that I haven't seen you mention. Because the strings are so easy to depress, it's also easy to deaden a string with some sloppy misplaced fingers so not only does it make if fun to play, which causes you to want to play more, it makes you play more clean and honest while you're at it! My son is just starting to play and the only guitar he had ever picked around on was my Martin J-41, which has pretty low action itself. When he played the Zager he said it felt like someone had loosened the strings like you would if you were in the process of taking off a string, yet they were still in tune. Suffice it to say that we're more than pleased and my brother, also a guitar novice, is planning on buying one next month. The bottom line is I am also a novice and my Martin J-41 now seems harder to play. It sounds great, but so does the Zager and, since the Zager is easier and more fun,when the Zager upper line acoustic electric hits the market in April, I think I'll probably have to buy one, too! I have hopes that with a little help from your on line guitar lessons that I can go from a guy who tries to play guitar to a guitar player. My son and I are actually writing songs together and that's a special side benefit of a sort of bonding you don't always get with a 15 year old son! Thanks again and feel free to share this with anyone you want!
Gene Huff
Las Vegas, Nevada

10/15/2008 Mr. Zager, I bought a new guitar from you last week. I have been playing the guitar for about 35 years. I now have 4 guitars. I really love the new one I received, it sounds great and plays exceptionally well. I have recently developed pereferal neuropathy and have hand problems. This guitar has certainly helped me. Thank you.
Gerald McFadden
San Marcos, Texas

10/14/2008 Hello Denny and Dennis: I am having such fun playing my new ZAD-20. Songs that I could only play thru once without giving my cramped fingers a break I can now practive over and over. It is GREAT to be able to do this. Thank you for making this possible. Also thank you for the extra items included--the tshirt, strings, tool and picture. Sincerely,
Archie Oquette
Bristol, Connecticut

10/11/2008 Recieved guitar today, great sound. I am well pleased. Thank's SUPER FAST SHIPPING.
Bill Watkins
Jackson, Mississippi

10/11/2008 The "baby" arrived at 5:38. Poor thing on the truck all day. All was well with the outside box but I got confused after I opened it....I had opened it at the narrow end and wondering where the body was. Just kept reeling it up and there she was.'s a far cry from the couple I have held in the past. Learned a bit from the lesson book. More difference in a classical vs. acoustic than a bridge. The one I had as a kid was classical and that is what I struggled to learn first and then chords. Didn't learn well if at all...too painful. This is one sweet action and it sounds so mellow with just a thumb strum. Well....will cut the fingernails tonight and get a fresh start tomorrow. Thanks for all the goodies. When I earn my tee shirt I will put it on...not yet. I'll be seeing you. I am going to have daughter go to the site and see if she is interested in the lessons. She is working and going to school but summer is coming.....Hugs to all of you.
CC Slater
Anaconda, Montana

St Charles, Missouri

10/08/2008 Hi Dennis, I received the ZAD-20 yesterday. It sounds great and has already made a big difference for me, besides the smiles. I was suppose to learn a full Bar F for the first time this week and was showed how to do it on Monday. I was told it is really hard. On Monday I couldn't do it at all. Yesterday I was doing it correctly at least 80-90% of the time and going right into it from a chord change. The amount of pressure I had to use was ridiculous. Who know it could be like that. Thank you.
Marty Casey
San Diego, California

10/05/2008 Thank you for all the time you have spent with me on my problem that has nothing to do with your product. I have put you right up there with Zippo lighters and Cross pens who stand firmly behind everything they make for life and make one's life better for doing so. In these "business" times where we are swamped with one scandal after another it is a blessing to find someone else who has integrity and pride. Thanks for being there and being you.
CC Slater
Anaconda, Montana

10/03/2008 Hi Dennis, Thanks for you rapid response. And again I am most favorably impressed with the way you folks run your business. Per the guitar I think it is a beautiful, well crafted instrument with outstanding tone and playability. I was at my brother's home to secure his opinion. He is a fine player of many years. He has two late forties Martins which he bought new. The sigma DR -41 gave them a run for their money. Was he ever impressed! Thanks much.
John Martin
Grand Island, Nebraska

10/02/2008 Thank you so much for your outstanding support and lightning quick responses to my emails. As my son advances past elementary school and shows a true commitment to learning guitar, we'll keep in you in mind for a future purchase! Best regards,
Roger Sharadin
Chino, California

10/01/2008 Buyer Beware: The purchase of a Zager modified DR-41 or any other Zager modified guitar can lead to musical addiction, long nights of “picking and grinning” and the possibility of divorce if you don't go to bed when your spouse calls you. Other symptoms include, but are not limited to, the restoration of feeling in your fingertips, being able to easily play a barre chord and quicker transitions from one chord to another. Seriously, this is a great sounding guitar with superior playability. I am also enjoying the classes and the note-by-note instruction that Denny provides. I spent about 3 weeks on “Love Me Tender” and then I blew through the next two in about week. Each one seems to get easier, even though the material gets more complex. The one thing that I was most impressed with was the customer service at Zager Guitar. Denny and Dennis Jr. answered every question with the utmost honesty and respect. I called them about 10 times and sent several e-mails, which they answered very promptly. I have recommended and will continue to recommend your sight to others. Thanks,
Ronnie Adcock
San Angelo, Texas

09/29/2008 Hi, I recently purchased your Sigma DR-41. Before it arrived, I discussed the purchase with some of my more experienced guitar playing friends, and they were skeptical to say the least. My guitar arrived shortly after order (in perfect condition due to excellent packaging), and my friends are skeptics no more. Beautiful action and tone, just as advertised. All my friends agree, hats off to Mr. Zager! Regards,
David Powell
Reno, Nevada

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