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09/27/2008 Hi Dennis, I just received the guitar. It looks great and feels great. Thanks again for your help on this.
Rich Sullivan
Newport, New Hampshire

09/26/2008 Hey Denny, Just wanted to thank you for the guitar. Great Price, for a great instrument. This thing arrived IN TUNE! I am a bass player, but have played guitar in the past (barely, I knew a few chords) I wanted a guitar because the band I was in had called it quits and I was shopping around for something cheap, just so I could write some original music. I stumbled on your website after looking on ebay for cheap second hand guitars. Being a bass player and becoming so spoiled to that "sought after" low action, wide stance, I fell in love with the idea that a guitar could be as easy. I thought, "heck, money back guarantee, great price on a decent name 'Martin' what the hey". I signed up for the online lessons and ALTHOUGH discouraged at times, kept going and going and now I probably spend 20% of my time on the guitar and the other 20 on my bass. It opened up my eyes and really helped me with my songwriting. Every time I ever had any questions you both (Denny and Dennis) were always available, and never made me feel uncomfortable. If anyone has any hesitation, feel free to email me at I will vouch to the end, these guys are better then a music store. You get a quality instrument, and a personal touch, customer service is an A+. Thanks again,
Tom Burick
Des Moines, Iowa

09/23/2008 Hi Dennis. I received the second guitar (the DR-1ST), and it's amazing! The tone is even better than I'd hoped, really full and warm, love it! It's already been played in front of a crowd (well, church...:o). I'm really, really, really happy with it. I also appreciate the goodies (capos, pitch pipe, strings, etc.) - woohoo, I'm in heaven! Now, if I can just master Love me Tender on those lesson videos........:o) Blessings,
Centerville, Pennsylvania

09/21/2008 Hi Dennis, Guitar arrived safe and sound yesterday. It sounds great and looks better than my Martin D-35; plays more easily (and sounds about as good as) a 30-yr old D-1 I have. Very impressed w/ the whole thing - the extra strings and t-shirt was a nice surprise. Thanks for great service ! BTW, checked out the fingerboard w/ a laser and it's right on ! (we are a science institute, after all !! ;-) Well, I'll "bond" with it over the weekend - very happy w/ whole deal - best regards to you, Denny and the family. (BTW, as you might imagine, being in West Virginia, I do a lot of flat-picking - bluegrass/Doc Watson-style stuff and around here, so-called "legacy" or old-tyme stuff from the pre-post civil war up to 6o's folk (travis-style etc.) - this puppy makes it all very easy and even a hack like me sound better....Thanks again...will stay in touch as we become more friendly w/ the DR41 -- bye...-j.
Fairmont, West Virginia

09/21/2008 The new guitar is absolutely awesome! It is more than I could ever expect....thank you so much. PS...I ordered this one for my son, I'll be getting one for myself in the near future and i'll tell others about your guitar!
Terry Lilly -
Oak Dale, Louisiana

09/21/2008 Dennis, Thank you very much for your most accommodating stance towards your customers. I have enjoyed our interaction. I shall certainly recommend your company to any guitar player I know who desires dependable quality and excellent service. My best to you and your father.
Michael Lang Dodd
Salt Lake City, Utah

09/17/2008 Hi, Less than a week after receiving the new guitar, it accompanied my very happy son to the local music shop for his first lesson. The shop owner (30+ years experience) remarked that it was a beautiful guitar and she wished every parent equipped their beginning students with such a great instrument. Sincerely,
Ben Gavett
Crystal Springs, Mississippi

09/15/2008 I've had one of your guitars for almost a year now and it's the best guitar I've owned Acoustic or electric. My friend bought one after trying mine. Thanks,
Libby, Montana

09/14/2008 Bless yer heart, Dennis, thanks for going the extra mile for me! We received the first guitar this afternoon, and I'm so impressed, I'm just learning this year, but WOW, what a difference. F has always been hard for me to reach, but on this one, noooo problem! It was so easy for my son to play (he's 13), he's really excited, and I know he'll keep at it, since it's so much easier on the fingers. Great work!:o) Blessings,
Trisha Trujillo
Centerville, Pennsylvania

09/11/2008 I bought my guitar from you a few months back. I just have one problem. I enjoy the feel and sound of YOURS so much that I'm not playing my old Martin anymore...and I even had a luthier lower it's action but my fingers still don't seem to work as well on the strings. I have big hands and I believe that you said that you spread the strings a bit. Can you help me with my old Martin? I would appreciate anything you can do. If not thank you very much for a wonderful guitar.
Odessa, Texas

09/11/2008 my guitar today and i am really happy.......its everything you plays like no was perfectly in tune right out of the box.....the action is great......and the neck has a good feel to it.....i finger pick a lot and this guitar is right up my alley....please let me know when your new line is coming out......i want one of those baby's......thanks for the shirt....and strings......i can tell you guys are all about the costumer. oh yeah feel free to use a permanent marker on my next guitar....its an autograph id like to keep there.
Doug Clevinger
Fairborn, Ohio

09/11/2008 Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received the guitar today. I don't play, its for my son to learn on, so we can't provide much testimony as to virtues....yet. I did have a musician friend try it out. After a few minutes, he verified that the action was great and said it sounds and plays like a $1000 guitar, so of course I'm delieghted knowing my son won't be held back by the instrument choice. Sincerely,
Ben Gavett
Crystal Springs, Mississippi

09/08/2008 Dear Denny and Dennis, I have been enjoying my first weeks with my new thinbody acoustic electric guitar. Thank you for your assistance and professionalism in the ordering and shipping process. It was reassuring to have all of my questions answered prior to ordering. The guitar is beautiful. This will be my first serious attempt to play. A dream I have had since childhood. Your modified guitars got my attention when I learned about your work. I am a small build and, consequently, have small hands. The thinbody was attractive and the low strings offered the hope of easing the learning curve with less pain and a clearer sound. I am a full-time principal of a school, so practice time is very limited. If I can write to you in 6 months and confirm that I am in fact playing reasonably well, I will be thrilled. In particular, I want to say how impressed I am at your commitment to providing quality instruments. I try to instill in the students I meet each day to be the best that they can be and take pride in whatever they do, no matter how big or small. It is encouraging to see that commitment in your business. May God bless you for sharing your gift and love for music.
John Elizabeth
Childs, Maryland

09/05/2008 To Denny & Dennis & all the folks at Zager Gutiar.... Hi... Guitar arrived safely and promptly... First Thanks .... Love the way this guitar plays, Your string science made this guitar's action and playability a dream.... Will make playing MUCH ! MUCH! more enjoyable... Was a pleasure doing business with you...God Bless
Hank Tremblay
Santa Barbara, California

09/03/2008 I reviewed your extensive web site and saw so many positive reviews. I also visited a new guitar geeks forum I found through Google ~ I got 11 instant messages telling there is no better way for a teenager to learn than thru your EZ-Play system. Felt somewhat silly as, until this weekend, I was unaware of your product. I had no idea such a common-sense teaching tool existed. Much Thanks!
Montgomery, Alabama

09/02/2008 Dennis, I received the sticker for the inside of the guitar yesterday. Also the Capo was a surprise. Not necessary but much appreciated. Thank you very much for the great customer service. Wish more company's treated their customers this way.
Randy -
Shrevport, Louisiana

09/01/2008 Dear Denny, Family and Friends, DidnÂąt quite know what to expect. The Zager way of the strings almost sounded too good to be true. Momma always said follow your gut, no angst there so I ordered. You mailed the dm-1b Monday morning and when I got home from work Tuesday, found a Zager Science Sigma at the door. The USPS should take lessons from the Zager familys business integrity. If the timely delivery wasnÂąt dizzying enough, I then played the new Zager guitar. My fingers are as a hot knife and the guitar, butter. The only thing I've played easer than this Zager Science was an air guitar. Denny, you're putting Jules in your crown making this technology available to the public. Good work and may God Bless. Yours,
Michael Wolfe
KC, Kansas

08/30/2008 Just wanted to write a note to let you know just how much I like my new guitar. I have been playing for only a few years & have been using a mid range Washburn which has a very nice sound, but nothing to compare with my new Sigma Martin with the Zager string science. I would highly recommend any one that is thinking about buying a guitar to give one of these guitars a try. I would also highly recommend that if you want to learn to play well to try the very affordable Zager lessons, I was taking lessons at a local guitar shop for the last three years, & after 3 weeks of Denny's lessons on line my wife says she can really see great improvement. Denny & Denny Jr are very helpful in terms of answering questions, & their customer service is the best of any company I have done business with, keep up the good work & you can be sure I will be a long term customer.
L. T. Tyson.
Whitefish, Montana

08/30/2008 Dear, Thank you for the great guitar! I cant tell you how much I love this guitar. I have never recieved the type of customer service before like I have with you guys....simply the best. Thanks for the shirt and everything else. You now have a new customer. Michaelmelvie31 on Ebay
Bennington, Vermont

08/27/2008 I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful guitar!! I received it yesterday right on time - I purchased it for my husband - and he hasn't put it down - played all night then first thing this morning!!! I have never seen him so pleased. I am amazed at how easy it is to play and the sound is so rich. I was hoping he wouldn't like it so I could have it, much to my dismay he has found true love - lol Which means I will be ordering one for myself in the next few months. Thanks for all the attention to detail, the strings, shirt and all the extras. Sincerely,
Teresa Beougher
Dallas, Texas

08/24/2008 The testimonials on your site were a big factor in my decision to get a Zager guitar so I wanted to pass along my own great experience. I have had the new guitar for about a week now, and I couldn't be happier. My speed has improved markedly with the guitar's wonderful action and it makes some of those near-impossible chords completely manageable. The customer service has been as terrific as the instrument itself. From the phone order with Dennis Jr. to the quick shipment of the product, Zager has fulfilled every promise the site makes. I've been taking guitar classes for about a year, but I can see how purchasing this guitar may make this a lifetime hobby. Playing this guitar is simply a more pleasurable experience. Thanks again,
Joe Breen
Chicago, Illinois

John Coe aka the Bear
St Pete., Florida

08/22/2008 Dennis/Dennis Jr I am a buyer for a large manufacturing company in Iowa. I deal with vendors,sales and service people every day. I have never experienced the customer service, like that of Zager Guitar, ever. (I wish you sold more stuff) The communication is awesome, whether it is online chat or email, Dennis Jr is right there. The concern about issues is genuine and taken serious. They do their best to resolve the problem online or on the phone. You just know that it is going to get resolved one way or another. I was assured that the needed adjustment of my guitar would be a 5 minute fix then it would be sent back the same day. That was right on too because by the time I had the tracking number typed in the package was at the Iowa terminal. I guess the bottom line is Zager Guitar takes care of its customers. I am glad to be one. Thanks
Jeff Myrna
Darlington, South Carolina

08/22/2008 Dear Mr. Zager, Thank you for providing me with a wonderful guitar. I have had the Zager customized Sigma guitar for one month now and have given it a thorough workout. This guitar plays better than any acoustic guitar I have ever owned ( I presently own seven, two of which are Martins). It is also apparent to me that you have improved the guitars sustain and tone. When I add to that the fact that it rarely needs any tuning, I'm thrilled! It's a pleasure to do business with a true musican and craftsman. Thank you!
Robert Bell
Altoona, Pennsylvania

08/18/2008 Hi Dennis, I received the guitar on Wed. Feb 11th. It is much nicer than I thought it would be. You said Denny had played it on some of his videos and I appreciate the discount. I am an amatuer guitar player, just play at home for fun, basically self taught. After having tried numerous guitars, this truly is the easiest, best sounding guitar i have ever tried. I hope to eventually sign up for your online guitar lessons. You guys really know what you are doing. After reading every bit of information on your website, I now join all of your other customers in saying how happy I am to finally have found a guitar that is a joy to play at an affordable price. P.S. And thanks for the T-shirt, picks and autographed picture, they were unexpected and a bonus to a great deal!!!
R Scott Novak
Oak Hill, West Virginia

08/16/2008 I had my Zagerized Martin (birthday present to myself) delivered to my office where I am at on Fridays. To my amazement, it actually arrived yesterday. I felt like the little kid in "A Christmas Story" getting his Daisy Red Rider Carbine b-b gun (except I couldn't shoot my eye out with this). The finish was flawless when I removed this treasure from the confines of the box--it was shipped well and in perfect shape. A co-worker of mine who was initially skeptical of my order, and who has played professionally for nearly three decades, was impressed by the action and the sound. I have an Epiphone at home, which sounds beautifully but has an action so high that ants have been known to commit suicide by jumping off the strings onto the fret board. I was so used to cranking down on the strings on my Epiphone that I initially did the same with my new treasure-- I quickly found out, however, that very little or no pressure was needed to produce sounds that are as fresh and clean as a crisp mid-winter Minnesota morning. I haven't touched my Epiphone in nearly a year, since it is so difficult to play. I'm really looking forward to many years of guitar-playing enjoyment, and I'm planning on further honing my skills through your online lessons! Many thanks to you and yours, Denny-- You certainly can make a winner! Sincerely,
Leo Pusateri
St. Cloud, Minnesota

08/15/2008 First of all, I am amazed by your professionalism and first-rate service. I let one of my friends play the guitar you sent me, and he was very impressed. He once had a much more expensive Martin that got stolen, and he thought the one you sent me sounded just as good. I loved the way it sounded when he played it for me. Thanks very much!
Valerie Simone
Keene, New Hampshire

08/12/2008 Hi Denny ! Today I put on my Zad- 20 Gold cast sealed Tuners, just like the nickel plated one's that came with the Guitar. They really look beautiful against the Gold ZAGER emblem! I also put white Martin bridge pins with abalone inlays. It made a great looking guitar look like a million bucks. I still love playing it. My friend wants to know when you will have more zad-20s? Please get more so I don't have to let him play mine.
Dan Gill
Mukilteo, Washington

08/12/2008 Hi Denny, I got my guitar yesterday I am very happy with it. It is easy to play and really sounds off...Thank you very much...A happy camper.
David Spears
Pamona, California

08/12/2008 Dear Denny, Thank you for a wonderful buying experience! My Sigma arrived late yesterday afternoon, and I resisted the temptation to light into it until it had spent the night at room temperature. This morning, I gave it a full going-over with my tuner, amplifier, and a magnifying lamp. The tuning was perfect out of the box, except for A and low E being about 10 cents flat. Amazing, after 7 days and 1,900 miles in shipping! The action is as perfect as I can imagine. This is especially important to me, since my hands have been mistreated by a lifetime of construction and mechanical work. And, at 65, I'm learning what arthritis is all about. My tuner shows nearly perfect intonation on every string, and there is no buzz. The tone is magnificent, both acoustic and amplified. My inspection with the aid of a magnifying lamp revealed not even a hint of defects in fit, joining or finish. Now, if I can only get my talent close to par with my guitar! Thanks again for selecting such a beautiful instrument for me, and for the loving hands that set it up. Sincerely,
Rick Yount
Lubbock, Texas

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