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08/12/2008 I just received the guitar today. It is very, very nice and plays extremely well. A friend of mine who recently spent $1,800.00 on a Martin happened to be here when it was delivered and he left here shaking his head at how well it played and how little it cost. Thank you again,
Lou Zammarelli.
Winnsboro, Louisiana

08/09/2008 I have been playing guitar for since I was 13 years of age in the early sixties. I play rock and easy listening fingerstyle tunes as well as classical guitar. I have owned many guitars in the near half century that I have been playing such as Martins, Larrivee, Carvin, Takamine, Ovations, Washburn, to name a few. I must admit that when I shop for guitars I am very particular as to the sound that I am able to extract from it, so I was a bit skeptical when I was looking to purchase the Zager Martin Sigma. After viewing the video on the Internet and listening to Mr. Zager play the guitar and describe what he does to each guitar, I thought, what the heck and gave it a try. When the guitar arrived I was very pleased that it came factory fresh and ready to play right out of the box and almost in tune. The packaging was professionally done and the guitar did not need any adjustments on the truss-rod as might be expected. The T-shirt, signed photo and certificate of authenticity were all nice bonus features and usually come with guitars three times the modest price I paid. I started playing the guitar and immediately fell in love with the ease of playing, no buzzing strings, even with the action set as low as it is. The sound is nice and warm and the guitar lends itself well to fingerstyle playing and strumming. Although I have setup many, many guitars over the years for friends and some of my students; I was relieved that this guitar lived up to its expectations and would be a nice addition to anyone that is looking for a guitar that is going to deliver. Thank you once again,
Giorgio Cerboni
Riverside, California

08/06/2008 Thank you for a wonderful, easy to understand system for learning and a superb and affordable quality guitar. Regards,
Denise Jones
Ft Worth, Texas

08/04/2008 I got my guitar last week and think its the best acoustic I have played in 25 years. I can't believe the feel that the EZ-Play system gives it. I am recommending it to everyone that asks me about learning guitar.
Roy Okins
Helana, Montana

08/03/2008 Dear Zagers, I was very hesitant about buying this guitar without playing it first. I contemplated it for a good six months before I contacted Dennis Jr. (Don't worry, I own several other guitars so I wasn't going without) Finally, it was the money back guarantee that included the shipping both ways that got me. Also, I must say your customer service is top notch and a lot of companies could learn from your example. I went on to your website Sunday evening and there was a link stating that DZJR was online and that I could chat with him. I clicked on the link and sure enough he popped up with "May I help you?" Dennis Jr. answered all my questions and pointed out a few good tips in the chat. Where else can you get this kind of service on a Sunday evening? I called up DZJR Monday morning with a few more questions and then ordered the guitar. DZJR sent me an email in about an hour with the tracking # and a link to a couple of free video lessons on changing strings and adjusting the truss rod. Even though I all ready knew how to do these things, I watched the videos and I picked up a couple of new tricks. I received my Sigma DR41 on Wednesday. The guitar arrived in good order and plays wonderfully. The extra width at the nut with the wider string spacing really makes a difference when it comes too nice clean sounding chords. I took it to work today to show off to a couple of the pickers there and they were both very impressed.
Jamie Nelson
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

08/02/2008 Denny Jr, you guys continue to amaze me. I woke up at 3 a.m. to let my dog out, sat down at the computer, and checked my bank card website where I found the $100 refund payment you had made. During a period of about 12 hours I had received, opened, and fallen in love with my new Zagar guitar, discovered the minor flaw, emailed you, got your reply--again and again--four mails and responses, followed by the discount payment. Your customer service is unbelievable. You might consider using our correspondence as a case study in how a business should be run. Thanks again and again,
Charles Kratz
Laconia, New Hampshire

07/31/2008 I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my guitar today. I am so thrilled with it. It is beautiful and plays like a dream. I have played since I was 5 years old (I am 47 now) and I have had nice guitars but always wanted a Martin and never had one. This was a birthday present to myself. Thank you soooooo much. I love it. Just a quick note now. Later in the weekend I will write a testimonial for you.
Barbara Johns
Cleaveland, Ohio

07/31/2008 Rest assured if you're considering whether or not to make your purchase from Zager Guitar, your biggest mistake will be if you decide not to. When you get your guitar you will be like me, countless before me, and the many after us, amazed at the absolute quality and beauty of the guitar. I'm an absolute beginner, so I can not speak of the low action and string science, but I can tell you how beautiful it sounds and looks. I purchased the ZAD-20 guitar and I'm so very pleased with it that I'm looking forward to the next line of Zager guitars to arrive. My sons are learning too and it's in there hands when it's not in mine, so I will give it to them. I'm also anxious for the DVD lessons as my 56K modem is interrupted too much as I discovered through watching the tuning and restringing streaming videos. My guitar arrived in the time stated, but the case was broken. I called Dennis Jr. and he had one in the mail and at my door 2 days later. Go ahead make the order today, you will NEVER EVER regret it. Thanks again to you Zager's Sr. and Jr. Consider me a life long customer and a walking talking commercial for your outstanding business principles and your quality products, which are second to none for the cost. Value is definitely priceless. So, what are you waiting for, PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY AND START LIVING THE EXPERIENCE OF A ZAGER E-Z PLAY GUITAR! You may forward any requests desiring more information. Sincerely,
Rick Roberts
Fort Worth, Texas

07/28/2008 Dear Mr. Zager and Zager Jr., Got my guitar in the mail today. It is a beautiful looking instrument with a beautiful sound. As a rookie I couldn't ask for anything better. Thank you for shipping it in a timely manner. Needless to say I am impressed. As someone who travels around working in retail stores across the state of Alabama I understand the value of customer service. Let me say that what you offer exceeds what I see. Like I said I am a rookie and may need some of that valuable advice that you offer one day. Thank you for your willingness to help and may God continue to bless your business.
Brian Cunningham
Birmingham, Alabama

07/25/2008 Hi, Just got the guitar today-- it is awesome...definately easier to play..barr chords are definitely easier. I have been playing it all day...
Dia DiCristino
Big Rapids, Michigan

07/23/2008 Dear Dennis, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the assistance you have provided during the purchase of one of your Zager guitars. I can now say without reservation that you folks provide the most impressive customer service that I have had the privilege of using for quite a long time. If customer service was measured by the automotive industry standards that I could personally attest that yours would be considered the Rolls Royce of the industry It has been a wonderful experience in dealing with you and I only wish that more vendors would provide the commitment to their customers that you freely offer. You most certainly have a traditional guitar company with good old fashion quality and impeccable customer attitude. Other companies could take a lesson and learn considerably from you and your business. Should I ever be seeking out another musical product, your company will be on the top of the list. Sincerely,
James Phillips
Lancaster, Ohio

07/23/2008 Dear Dennis: When I returned to my office yesterday afternoon the guitar was patiently waiting for me in my office. I was so excited when I picked it up, I was like a little kid with an ice cream cone. It played beautifully. You may have heard this before, but it was strange, as the strings seemed to be "where they should be". I would picture the strings and frets in my mind, place my fingers where my mind thought they should go, and the thing played.
Sidney Mickell
Beverly Hliis, California

07/23/2008 Mr. Zager, Your testimonials and your no risk return policy were key to my decision to order one of your EZ play guitars. While I'm just a beginner at guitar I've got a lot of experience in evaluating various products. I must say, after receiving the Black DM-1B, I've never been more pleased with a product. Not only is the instrument a beautiful work of art, it really is easier to play than other guitars I've tried. I'll be signing up for the lesson package today. Best Regards,
Jerry Good
Washington, District of Columbia

07/19/2008 Having larger than average hands and blunt round fingertips, shopping for a guitar has always been a problem for me. My Martin D-28's string spacing is far too narrow over the fretboard. So I'd simply live with it. Then there's my DM-12 12-string where I removed 6 strings which gave my left hand ample space, but then try flat-picking with your right hand with the strings a city block apart. Conventional wisdom would be to bring them to the shop for alteration which I considered but said no to the cost, time, and risk involved. I gave up shopping since I already have 5 acoustic and 2 electric guitars at home. Since the Zager EZ-Play modified guitar comes with full 100% moneyback guarantee, I decided it was worth a try. When it arrived, (1300 miles and still in perfect tune) it was like it was customized for me. Ideal all around and everything the Zager family claims is absolutely true of this guitar. I'm 101% satisfied and please find my order for a case now that I'm sure I'm owning my new guitar for keeps! Anyone NOT convinced may email me with any questions.
Bob Beekman
Baldwin, New York

07/17/2008 Dennis and Denny, The replacement case arrived today in good order. Not only am I impressed with your product, but with the way you do business. Your're first rate from the ground up! Thanks so much. Sincerely,
Charles Brinkley
Detroit, Michigan

07/16/2008 Well, it's been a week now since I received my EZ-Play Sigma Martin DM-1STCE acoustic electric guitar. I couldn't wait for it to arrive. I even took off work to be sure I didn't miss the UPS truck. Hey, what better reason to be off work? I love the guitar! I couldn't believe what a deep rich sound it had. I plugged it in and played at church last Sunday and it sounds awesome and is so easy to play. The online videos were very helpful as well. Thanks so much for all your help.
Mike Scammahorn
Kingfisher, Oklahoma

07/13/2008 Mr. Zager (Jr. or Sr.), I am a college senior who decided he wanted to learn to play guitar and searched around. I bought your Martin Sigma and am very very satisfied with my purchase. It's only been a week or two and I can't go without playing it for at least an hour or so a day. I was in a vulnerable position to begin with, inexperienced purchaser who wanted a high-quality instrument and was willing to pay a reasonable price for it. Well so far I am very happy with my purchase, and am looking forward to getting better and better at playing. Thanks,
Bryan Smith
Reno, Nevada

07/13/2008 The guitar is everything I had hoped for and more. I cannot find words to express how happy I am with it. I only wish I'd know of your EZ-play system sooner. I put the instrument in the hands of two of my guitar-playing cousins and their response was the same as mine. My fingers are short and I have carpal tunnel in both hands. Frequently I can't play for more than a minute or two without stopping to allow the sensation to come back into my fretting hand. Your modifcations reduce the effort to where I can play for extended periods without fatigue. Thank you!
Charles Brinkley
Detroit, Michigan

07/13/2008 In the year twenty `o four...My fingers were blistered and sore...Ordered from the Zager store...And my fingers hurt no more. But seriously folks...purchasing a Zager guitar is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I must admit the claims and the testimonials sounded too good to be true and usually when that is the case they are. This is the exception to the rule. I now own a great sounding extremely playable guitar that didn't require taking out a second mortgage on my house. In addition, these guys understand the concept of customer service. They are not satisfied until you are...when they say 100% guaranteed and no risk to you they are telling the truth friends. If this were not enough I got an autographed picture of Denny Sr., an extra set of strings and a cool t-shirt. I have been playing guitar on and off for 35 years but have never played a guitar that sounds so good and makes me sound better than I actually am. Whatever they do to the action and the sound of this guitar is nothing short of a miracle. The low end is great and the high end rings clear...and this baby has got some punch. What are you waiting for? If you don't already have one buy one now!!!!! A very satisfied customer...
Mike Sakolsky
Central, Illinois

07/10/2008 For anyone that truly has the desire to become a proficient guitar player, Denny Zager offers two extraordinary tools: 1. An affordable, great sounding guitar that has been professionally modified (setup) for EZ Playing (less pain, and greater gain in less time!) It is unlikely that you could find a more playable guitar off the rack. 2. A complete, original learning method that focuses on learning to play by EAR...Through a series of videos that can be viewed and listened to over and over, the learner immediately begins playing songs...learning chords, melody lines, bass lines, and takes what he/she learns from the prior lessons and continues to build skills learning more songs.....Take some advice from this 55 year old who taught himself how to play and has dabbled with this instrument for over 35 years....Be a self-directed learner...follow Denny's course exactly as its presented and you will soon, not only be playing like a pro; you will be arranging and writing your own material! Denny and Denny Jr: Thanks for your great service. I am enjoying my new DM-1STCE. Just finished watching the arranging video and by framing the "right hand" action into lead (finger 4) rhythm (finger 2-3) and bass, (thumb) is really helping my finger-picking...less thought more reflex. You have really put together a great resource in ZAGER guitar.....And it is obvious that the love of the MUSIC is the motivation. Credos!!!
J. Hernick
Rochester, New York

07/07/2008 Thanks, Dennis. I appreciate all you've done to make me happy about my purchase - which I am. Your level of customer care is very impressive - by far the best I've come across in a lot of years (I've been in Customer Svc and Operations for over ten years) I'll be sure to include it in my testimonial. Can't wait to start the lessons! Thanks again!

07/05/2008 As they say in Texas YEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWWW. Man what a guitar. Makes my 200.00 guitar look like a tinker toy or should say sound like a tinker toy. I can hit a B7 chord even with my disabled hand. IT WORKS. I just cant believe it. I did my first actual study lesson today for 45 minutes and my fingers are fine and I hit the chord just right. I know I need lots of practice being new and all but now with the Zager EZ Play guitar I will be able to accomplish that. Its up to me now that I have the correct tool to do it with. Thank you all so much for making this possible for me. In about 3 weeks or so Ill make a tape of me playing "Love me Tender" my very first song on a guitar. Its everything you said and then some. I cant believe it. This has been a dream of mine and here someone like Mr. Zager probably one of the most famous ppl around takes the time to actually TALK to me and spend time with me. WOW. Dennis you are just great, not enough words to cover how I feel about this. Thanks for helping me get the guitar. I will study hard cause I want this so bad. You and your Dad are the greatest.
Paul Johnson
Scottsdale, Arizona

07/04/2008 Dear Mr. Denny Zager And Family, My beautiful "Zagerized" Martin Sigma DM-1st arrived 1/6/04 in perfect condition.Upon getting home from work I couldn't't wait to open it up. After letting it "normalize" to room temperature , I began to play. After a very short time my fingers began to hurt. I was SO used to my former"high" action 6 and 12 string guitars that found I was using the same pressure with my new Martin. Realizing this, I backed off on the finger pressure and WHAT A DIFFERENCE ! The " Zager String Science" is a wonder to behold. At my age I swore that the next guitar I purchased would a really good one. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the type of instrument I received. For those of you who play alot or a little, you owe it to yourself to buy a "Zagerized" guitar.You can not believe what a great experience it is. I can't say enough good things about Denny and Denny Jr. They helped answer my questions and made suggestions.This is truly a very professional and honest company which I'm pleased to have done business with. I want to thank Zager & Co. also for the Tshirt, photo and extra set of strings which came with my guitar.The online lessons look fantastic and I can't wait to "partake". I have found the source of all my future guitar needs...on that you can bet. My deepest thanks from a VERY happy customer. Sincerely,
Phil Goulding
Miles City, Montana

07/03/2008 Dear Dennis and Denny, I just received my ZAD-20 yesterday. What a fine instrument, the only problem I had was finding the patients to let the guitar warm up to room temperature after sitting outside in 5 degree temperatures! During my wait I watched the two videos which are very helpful. Finally the guitar was warmed up, and the first strum was fantastic! the sound was very clear and deep. The guitar itself is a thing of beauty, very nicely finished and well built. I cannot believe how low the strings are, I could barely get a sheet of paper between the strings and the first few frets. All that, and it is so easy to play! The String Science technique is pretty neat once you look at all the detail that goes into the modifications. For the price paid, for the case, guitar and shipping, it beats the tonal and sound qualities of Martins, Washburn's, and many high end guitars. As for customer service, well, its like talking to an old friend, straight forward, honest, with no BS. Keep up the good work!
Carl Reinemann
Chardon, Ohio

07/01/2008 Dennis Jr. I just received my EZ play DR1st. Very impressed. In terms of playability it is as smooth as my $1000 Yairi. The tone is better than I expected, too. I am loving the online lessons. Me, my wife and daughter are all doing the lessons as a family. Your dad is very thorough, Not only does he know his stuff, but he is excellent at dispensing his knowledge.
Sam Ford
San Dimas, California

07/01/2008 I have gotten so much from the lessons already it has really opened up my finger style play also just listening to Denny talk about acoustics. From what he was saying about fine tuning I replaced the plastic saddle on the D10s to Tusq (i had one) and what a difference already had upgraded pins. This guitar even though it's laminate back and sides has so much potential wish I had the skill to follow up more on what he says in the video but there is a wealth of information not only on playing but how to make your acoustic play better. The tusq saddle had to be taken to same height as original, next I like to slip in bone or the other type he he himself uses which I always forget the name. Thes video's are worth watching over more than once and making notes on what Denny says.Like a class, please tell Denny a personal thanks for this insight.Thanks have a good weekend
David Cibula
Bradford, Pennsylvania

06/28/2008 I purchased one of your guitars through an ebay auction several months ago. I love it and can not believe what I have accomplished in a short period of time. Thank you!
Stan Broadway
Fairbanks, Alaska

06/25/2008 Dear Denny, My new EZ-play guitar arrived in perfect condition. I ust wanted to tell you how pleased I am with this instrument. I pondered this purchase for 6 months, not knowing if I should believe the claims. I called your company several times with questions and Denny Jr. answered each one thoroughly and was very pleasant to talk to. So now I've played it for almost a month and can tell those also pondering one of your guitars to BELIEVE IT!
Sha Woodyard
Concord, New Hampshire

06/23/2008 Denny/Dennis: My new ZAD-20 arrived yesterday afternoon in excellent condition. It's every bit as easy to play as you advertise (awesome compared to the old clunker I'm used to), looks good, and sounds great! I'm very happy with it and looking forward to getting back into playing again and seeing my kids learn to play on it. Many thanks for your prompt and professional service.
Macon, Georgia

06/23/2008 Dennis, I received my new guitar yesterday. It was in great shape and arrived on schedule. I am just starting to play the guitar and in five practice sessions managed to just about kill my fingers. That is when I read about your guitars on Ebay, and after calling you, made the purchase. I am extremely pleased with the guitar. It sounds great. And I can play it as long as I want without affecting my fingers. Also, I might add that my hands and fingers are small, and due to the fit of this guitar, as well as the spacing between strings, it is much easier for me to learn new chords that before had been very difficult. I emphasize...MUCH easier! Day and night. For someone who is just beginning, this guitar can easily make the difference between someone who makes it and someone who gives it up. You can't beat the whole package for all of the reasons stated in the testimonials. This product is a quality product at a bargain price.
John Brooks
Benson, Arizona

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