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06/23/2008 Mr. Zager. I got the replacement case today. Thank you again for sending it, and for the surprise inside :)! I am very impressed with you and your company. I have made many purchases on the internet, and your company is top notch! I will recommend you to anyone looking for a guitar, without a doubt!
Lisa Barbee
California, California

06/23/2008 Hi Denny and Dennis, I received my guitar. It's beautiful. Will let you know in a few days how I'm enjoying it. A friend of mine played it and the first thing he commented on was the action, and I didn't even tell him about it until he kept raving about how nice it was to play.
Lynn Fargo
Austin, Texas

06/19/2008 Dear Dennis and Denny, WOW, I just got my new Zager, ZAD 20 guitar and you're right. It sounds even better than my sister's Martin which cost a couple thousand dollars. I'm very happy with the guitar. Please tell any one who wants to contact me about your guitar to feel free. You have an A++ rating with me. Also, your customer service skills are above reproach. Best to you and yours.
Bill Rosen
Cut Bank, Montana

06/17/2008 First, let me say I received my guitar a week ago in perfect condition and have not wanted to put it down since. It plays like an absolute dream. I couldn't be more pleased with it. I can't get over how rich and deep the bass on this guitar is. And the volume is so much better than my previous acoustic. Not to mention how easy it is to make chords with the Zager string science. Outstanding. Thank you so much for such a fine, quality instrument. I will cherish this guitar for years and years. You have a customer for life in me. Thank you for your help!
Scott Henry
Franklin, Indiana

06/16/2008 I received my new Zager 20 on the 30th of December 2003. It arrived by U.P.S. about 3pm. There was no damage. I'm sure it was late due to the very inclement weather and icy roads as well as the Holidays. After letting it warm up to room temperature for about three hours, I played it a little and was disappointed in the sound quality. It had a buzz in it and did not sound that good. I also live at an altitude of 5,517 feet. Since I had to work a 10-hour shift the next day, I did not attempt to play it anymore. When I started my days-off, I got it tuned but it still had a buzz. I adjusted the screw one-half turn like the video said, and MAN I LOVE THIS GUITAR! It sounds like a MARTIN should and you can't have it back! Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate everything you did. Have a great New Year! Sincerely,
William Smith
Dublin, Georgia

06/13/2008 I've never played guitar, but at 30 decided to start. I'm amazed at how much progress I've made in a few short days. From everyone I've talked with, beginners have to stop because their fingers are sore from strings. For me, I've been playing for hours each day and only have to stop when my hand cramps. My fingers are a little tender from the strings, but I understand they're usually a lot worse. I can't wait to get past the nursery rhyme songs! haha.
Lisa Barbee
Florence, South Carolina

06/13/2008 Thanks for the Beautiful guitar Denny and a wonderful job setting it up. I found the knowledge in your included videos priceless... have already adjusted my other guitars and they now play wonderful!! The case is also fantastic and fits like a Glove. I don't have alot of money and thought I would never own a Martin guitar, but thanks to you I do and it's the Best looking one and plays Nice. And for only a little over 400.00 ....WOW !!! And the courtesy and helpfulness of you and your son is take the time to really care about your customers needs and satisfaction. And you even Sign the back of the guitar and tell the buyer it can easily be removed if they choose to do so...well....I'm here to say that I WON'T be removing your signature from my beautiful Martin, because you did a FINE job working on it and I'm PROUD to own and play a ZAGER easyplay guitar!
Larry Johnson
Greenville, South Carolina

06/13/2008 Hi Denny, I had a unique guitar experience tonight. I was holding the guitar and getting ready to play when I noticed how relaxed and mellow I was. Next thing you know my fingers started without me and in a few minutes there was a song- just a short little ditty- but the tune matched my mood perfectly. I played it for my oldest son. He really liked it and asked if it was a new "Zager" song. I thought about it and realized that I had communicated in the "Zager" language. Thanks!
Russell King
Batesville, Indiana

06/10/2008 Hi, Just wanted to let you know the guitar come today as scheduled...THANKS!!! I'M SURE HE WILL LOVE IT.!! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND ALL YOUR FAMILY!
Joli Luteran
Chandler, Arizona

06/07/2008 Dear Denny Sr. & Jr., I wanted to let you know I received your guitar [after a frantic call to UPS because they delivered to the wrong address and left on the porch of the deceased neighbor across the street all afternoon during a major rainstorm -thank god my husband had the good sense to check all the neighbors porches or it would still be there! ] Thank goodness it came thru the ordeal with no harm done. I am a beginning guitar student and I was so impressed with it.I brought it last week to my teacher [ who by the way plays on Broadway-he's been in the New York productiond of Les Miserables, Oklahoma,etc] He was very impressed with the guitar and he owns a lot of expensive guitars! I gave him all the download from your Website to pass along to other new students- it is a wonderful guitar to learn on-no more sore fingers and major frustration fighting my old guitar! I will be purchasing your on-line lessons also and can't wait for your DVDs/ VHS tapes to be available also.Please email me when they are-can't wait! I am learning the Beatles right now but hope to expand into other music via your lessons.Thank you so much for your Fab guitar-I know I will have it for years and years! I am a proud baby boomer who remember you from the 60's.Don't feel like a "one hit wonder" - you have become a big hit for us all! Bringing the joy of music to everyone makes you No. 1! You have another fan in your guitar method for life.So glad I found you,keep bringing us music,Thanks so Much!!!
Kathy Coston
Albany, Georgia

06/05/2008 Hello Zagers, Just wanted to let you know the guitar you sent arrived in excellent condition. Thanks for the t-shirts! Will send an email after Christmas and let you know what my daughter thinks of it.......I wish I knew how to play myself, I could try it out, but in the meantime can only tell you it's beautiful and I think she'll love it! Thanks for your help,
Mary McDuffie
Hamilton, Montana

06/04/2008 Unbelievable! We received the Zager EZ play yesterday and my 12 year old daughter is playing chords! You have delivered above and beyond my expecations--and for under $300! Thanks!
Lance Blackwood -
El Paso, Texas

06/03/2008 To Mr. Denny Zegar AND Family, You folks know how to run a dot com business. Thank you, and congratulations on your excellent product and service. My guitar arrived in 2.5 days and was in excellent condition out of the box. Very impressive. For an affordable price, I recieved a Zager guitar that plays like a Gibson, sounds like a Martin, and has a quality case to protect the investment. What are you waiting for, buy a Zager. Thank you for the quality product and the joy of playing pain free. I play a Fender 12 string that has a sound beyond description, but I hurt after playing 2 to three songs. (Long story, injuries) The Zager EZ-Play has taken away the pain and allows me to enjoy the song, rather than the way my fingers move. The Zager guitar is a solid investment. Thanks again for your help,
Ethan Ecord
Bloomington, Indiana

06/01/2008 I bought your Zager ZAD-20, it is really a nice guitar. I feel like I should send in more money. I also signed up for your lessons... they are really well put together. I've been playing around with the guitar for the last 40 or so years. I learned more in the first lesson than I had in the last 30 to 40 years. It doesn't come instantly. It will take a lot of practice. Being able to go back over a lesson as many times as I need is really helpful. When ever I have called with a question I have always talked directly to Denny. Wouldn't this world be a great place if every one ran their business like Denny Zager. Again I can't say enough about the ZAD-20 guitar, very nice. Thank You
Dan Gill
Mukilteo, Washington

06/01/2008 Mr. Zager, Just received the ZAD-20. We are so pleased to give this beautiful instrument to our grandson for Christmas. I'm certain they will be getting in touch with you to download your free videos. Thank you for expediting the order for us. I hope you have received payment for it by now. The envelope was postmarked on 12/16/03. Thank you once again. Have a great holiday and a blessed new year.
Joy Van Pelt
Franklin, New Hampshire

05/29/2008 Wow! I am the proud owner of a Zager EZ play guitar and it plays and sounds great. My son and I keep playing it and passing it back and forth. We can't get over how low the action is and how forgiving it is. This is just another example of how Denny Zager makes learning more efficient. Thanks Denny for introducing a great product.
Russell King
Batesville, Indiana

05/26/2008 Dear Mr. Z: I received my Washburn in good condition as you promised. I was not all that sure of my judgment because I had been away from Guitars for 15 years and my fingers are tender. I took it to several friends who are expert guitarists and they all gave my new guitar rave reviews. They were surprised when I told them how much I paid for it. One has over 10 high end guitars, some custom made for him, and he was the most impressed. He was particularly impressed that there was someone out there who found a way to offer affordable yet nicely made guitars to the public. Thanks again Denny. You are truly a decent guy. Sincerely,
Ken Asay
Bozeman, Montana

05/24/2008 Dear Zagers, I've owned an easy play for about a year now and I thought it was time to send you some "testimonial" material you may or may not choose to use. Here goes: It's been about a year now since I purchased a Martin Sigma DM 1st easy play guitar from you. It is a decision I've never regretted. I had not played guitar for about 25 years. I had'nt even looked at one! Remembering back to when I played I was never all that good. I was a three chord hack who used a guitar more as a percussion instrument. My Idol had always been Gordon Lightfoot and I'd always wanted to learn how to finger pick. I had made the decision. I knew since it had been so long, I could probably drop a lot of the old bad habits I'd picked up playing guitar the first time around and do it right this time. I spent a lot of hours of research looking for the right guitar. I stumbled across these Zager easy play products on Ebay. Although sceptical, believing it may be too good to true, I sprung for one of their guitars. Armed and ready with a Mark Hanson fingerpicking book for beginners, the guitar arrived. I did not pick up a flat pick and pretended I knew nothing about guitar playing. Coupled with this great easy playing product, the Hanson book and my new resolve, I was picking up fingerpicking at a rapid pace. One year later, I'm still no Gordon Lightfoot but I can hold my own. I don't expect any music labels to be banging on my door. But I'm happy, content and improvement comes rapidly because there is no frustration when a guitar is this easy to play. You know what I did to celebrate the year anniversary of my purchase? I bought another one for a spare. Thank you Zagers for the stroke of genious you've applied to these marvelous instruments and for the music revival you've bestowed upon this 52-year old...dare I say...pretty darned good guitar picker.
Paul Staab
Moose Lake, Minnesota

05/24/2008 Mr. Zager, About a month ago I purchased a guitar from you that had been enhanced with your string science. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but thought I'd give it a try. After a month of playing around with it, I can definitely say it has exceeded my expectations. Your string science combined with your arrangement lesson guides have renewed my interest in the guitar and have made playing fun again for me. Thank you.
Gregory Hastings
Largo, Florida

05/24/2008 Hi Dennis, I received the guitar today and all is well and perfect. Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. Only 5 days form Nebraska to Quebec. Amazing !! Considering all the travelling and weather changes it must have endured it was still pefectly in tune and the set up remained intact. Your products are A1! Nice quality guitar with a lovely tone and at such an affordable price too. Also, what an honor it is to have your father's signature on the back of it. Wow ! This has been, by far, my best Ebay purchase to date. Also, thanks for the extra goodies like the photograph, T shirt and set of strings. Please feel free to use some of this praise as my testimonial. Thanks Again
Robin Alexander
Fullerton, California

05/20/2008 Dennis, Hello! I recieved the guitar today and what a beautiful instrument. The guitar delivers simplified playing, resonant acoustics, and is a treat for the eyes. This is my first guitar purchase, and I was looking at other "entry" level guitars and they all sounded cheap. Your guitar in the same price range blows them away. I can just feel the craftsmanship. I think this guitar will help me progress from a novice to a more accomplished player. I'm delighted! Thank You for the guidance and recommendation! Happy Holidays!
Tom Kaufmann
Warsaw, Indiana

05/18/2008 Denny, I received my beautiful guitar yesterday. Getting a guitar has been my heart's desire for many years. I can't believe I waited so long. I think the wait has been worthwhile because this is a perfect guitar! Thank you,
Christine Selby
Kansas City, Missouri

05/17/2008 Dear Mr. Zager, Thank you for your friendly service and prompt delivery of the guitar we bought for our son. Unfortunately it didn't quite have the full sound that we thought it might, probably because it was a thin body model. (You warned us.) Your salesperson politely stated that we could try it and if it didn't have the tone we wanted to return it. The really outstanding part is the return which you so quickly processed and returned our FULL payment even the shipping! Seldom do you run across such an honest and prompt business. We will let our friends, family and acquaintances know about you if they are ever in the market for a guitar. Also we plan on buying a different guitar from you in the future. Yours truly
Jim Minett
Southport, North Carolina

05/14/2008 Dennis,The more I play this guitar the more I want to play.Even started 3 or 4 tunes.Its great!!Thanks
Dru Lombar
Jacksonville, Florida

05/14/2008 Dear Mr. Denny and Dennis Zager, I'm writing to let you know that I received my EZ-Play Zager ZAD-20 Acoustic Guitar safe and sound from UPS yesterday as of this writing. I want to thank you for the great packing you did, and, of course, for the excellent guitar! It looks as wonderful as it sounds, with no buzzing problems at all straight out of the box. I don't think any further tuning will be necessary either. The quality is that good. It's a simple yet elegant instrument; a perfect guitar, which was what I got and a whole lot more than I expected. The fit and finish is fantastic. I have to hand it to Martin Co.; the parts (real abalone pearl inlay - nice) and smooth as silk lacquer all appear outstanding given such an affordable price (except for one small nick on the headstock but this is me just nit-picking). And I shouldn't forget to mention your String Science modifications. The action is unbelievably low, plus the strings are tight as a drum (for lack of a better analogy)! I also appreciate the little extras you included with the guitar package, such as the free t-shirt, the autographed photograph, the pick, and free strings. Your dedication to customer service and product quality are top notch in my book. I also want to thank Mr. Dennis Zager for answering all of my questions; as a beginner who has no prior experience or knowledge of guitars, I certainly had a lot of questions, all of which you took the time and effort to address. And I want to thank Mr. Denny Zager; I didn't even realize I was speaking with the man himself when I placed my order until toward the end of our conversation. Brief as it was, it was all I needed to know that you show real concern for the customer satisfaction and take your family owned and operated business seriously enough to speak with potential customers himself. I will heartily recommend your guitars and services to my family and friends. Also feel free to use my letter as a testimonial to your great company. Looking through the rest of your site, I will definitely sign up for your streaming video guitar lessons and was similarly impressed by the videoson how to re-tune and re-string my guitar the professional way. If the depth and length of these two free videos are any indication, your hands-on guitar playing instruction will be well worth every penny. I know the guitar is. Thanks once again for everything, it was a pleasure. If and when I get to an adequate level of playing so I can buy a higher end acoustic or even try my hand at an electric, I will definitely look toward your company first and foremost to do business with once again. Best regards
Tim Lui, USAF
Brooklyn, New York

05/14/2008 Hello, I just received my guitar from you, and am super excited to learn how to play it. It's really beautiful and sounds great, Thanks again.
Leston Drake
Durango, Colorado

05/11/2008 I am going through the material and watching the tapes. It was over whelming the when I first watched the tapes; It was over whelming when I started grad school! I would rather do the guitar lessons then do another 5 years of grad school., LOL. Thank you for this awsome guitar and making theese lessons available to the general public. I feel like the program has paid for itself in 1 night. I love it, I watch them over and over all night long! Thank you soooo much!!!
Eddie Harpman
New Haven, Connecticut

05/08/2008 Denny, first let me tell you what a pleasure it was talking to you the other day. I got a real sense of just how much care and experience you put into each transaction. I am absolutely overwhelmed by such customer service from both Dennis and Denny. I am sure there are nameless others behind the scenes that also contribute. I am totally pleased with my order and I am really glad after seeing your offerings on Ebay to check what seemed like a "too good to be true" offer out. I got a response right away via email from Dennis and then Denny actually called me back personally to recommend and discuss what would be best for my style of playing. As far as the guitar, enough cannot be said. It IS everything promised and more. I can tell you one thing, I will buy again. Do you do the sell a 12 string with the Ezplay technology? Again, thanks to everyone involved. YOU ARE THE BEST!
Dennis Jarrell
Vine Grove, Kentucky

05/06/2008 Denny & Dennis Jr., I want to thank you both for being so helpful & pleasant to deal with in purchasing my new Washburn/Zager guitar. With your refreshing way of doing business, you would be successful even if you didn't produce the best guitar value in the marketplace. I have had my new guitar for a week now & allowed the "new guitar euphoria" to wear off before commenting & I can still say that I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I have played the guitar with friends (who also played it) & compared it to our other guitars all of which were much more expensive & we agree that the playability & sound of your guitar is competitive even with the most expensive. It is truly inspiring to find such a great value available in this day & time. Thanks again,
Cass Sumrall
Pinellas, Florida

05/05/2008 Hi Dennis Sr. and Jr. I received my Dt1stce Guitar in good condition and took it out of the case and began to play it immediately. I am very pleased with the play action and the tone. I didn't have to make any adjustments to it other than minor tuning and have been enjoying it immensely. It is head and shoulders above my Yamaha FG-335 and any guitar I have played in the past 10 or 15 years. You delivered exactly what you promised and the T-shirt was an extra bonus. Thanks for doing what you do and keep it up. I am going to sign off and go to your website and sign up for your lessons as well.
Steve Malone
Alton Bay, New Hampshire

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