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05/06/2008 Hi Dennis, The Sigma arrived in fine condition this morning. Initial impressions are often dependant upon "newness" feelings; however, if the "trial run" playing that I have done is a true indication, I can say that this is a great guitar. I'll send a better response after a couple of weeks of playing. I'll leave some positive feedback on Ebay. Thanks.
Ed Kessler
Deer Lodge, Montana

05/04/2008 Denny, When my 14 year old daughter decided she wanted to learn to play the guitar a few months ago, I started looking for a nice, yet easy to play guitar for her to learn on. I have been playing guitar myself for 38 years and already own a Martin acoustic in addition to two Fender Strats. I originally let her try my Martin to start out with, but her fingers became sore quickly and she wanted to quit. That's when I found Zager guitars on the web. I just received the Washburn D10S I ordered from you, which I might add arrived in only two days!! I am absolutely amazed at how incredibly easy it plays and how great it sounds, plus the guitar itself is just beautiful! Having played for as long as I have (since 1965), I have owned and played many guitars, both electric and acoustic. This Washburn D10 S with your EZ Play string science is without a doubt, the easiest playing and best sounding acoustic guitar I have ever had the joy to own. My daughter is thrilled with the guitar and is practicing every day now without the sore fingers, thanks to the magic you work with these great instruments. It almost plays as easily as my Fender Strats. I find myself playing the Zager Washburn now instead of my Martin, when I can pry it away from my daughter. Thank you so much for exceeding my expectations with this great guitar. I now plan on getting her your guitar lessons on VHS/DVD soon so that she can watch and learn at her leisure. To anyone considering purchasing a Zager guitar, I highly recommend it … you won't be disappointed!!
Scott Phares
Austin, Texas

05/02/2008 I'm fixing to download a new song and work on it, this will be number 6 and a LEVEL 4 SONG yippie. I love it. Im getting to be a show off to my wife now hehehehe. I even played for some friends the other night over at their house and they wanted to know how many years it took me to play like that. I said like what? They said you make is sound like a complete band when you play. YEP, I said my buddy Denny Zager is teaching me and I havent been playing but 5 months. They couldnt believe it. Man that was a very very big boost to my ego. THANKS a million. You dont know how much this has meant to me and how much fun I am having playing a EZ- Play guitar.
Paul Johnson
Scottsdale, Arizona

05/02/2008 Dear DZJR, UPS just delivered the replacement guitar and everything is OUTSTANDING! The replacement is even more beautiful than the first one and the brace is snug against the back of the guitar. I really could not be more impressed with y'all!! I find it difficult to express just how impressed I am with the quality of the product you offer. And yet, as impressive as the guitar is, it is only a shadow compared to the unparalleled quality of your Customer Service. Your company is in a separate universe that your competitors may only aspire to reach. You have my sincere admiration. Thank You for your unequalled Customer Service. Regards,
Denise Jones
Ft Worth, Texas

04/29/2008  I got my guitar and in a word it is wonderful...thanks!
Melbourne, Florida

04/26/2008 Hi Guys, I just wanted to let you know I received my EZ-Play modified Washburn D10SCEB yesterday and had a great time playing it. With your improvements, it truly is an "EZ play" guitar. Love the Guitar, Thanks!
John Yochum
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

04/24/2008 I just got my new guitar and in a word WOW. I cannot beleive the action is this low and yet no string buzz. The tone is absolutely amazing, really bright and vibrant. To anyone thinking of buying one you won't be disappointed. Thanks
Libby, Montana

04/24/2008 I have REALLY enjoyed playing on my new guitar. I have only played for a couple of years, and have not ever been able to practice on any guitar for as long as I could on my new EZ play. It is a remarkable difference! My fingers were not sore at all! I love the deep rich sound as well. I was waiting to receive the EZ Play before trying to sell my other guitar. Now I know that yours is far better, and am placing my add in the classifieds over the weekend. I am looking forward to many more hours of learning my instrument! Thank you!
Melinda Chase
Colorado Springs, Colorado

04/24/2008 Hi Dennis...I recieved my guitar and am overjoyed. Don't have time at this moment to get a well deserved testimony together. Who is on the back of the T-Shirt you sent me? You? You guys are AWESOME!!
Larry Johnson
Greenville, South Carolina

04/20/2008 I purchased your online instruction and I'm finding it great way to learn. I've just started but I see it helping me a lot already. Thanks for your effort and contribution.
Ali Amadi
Danbury, Connecticut

04/18/2008 Hi Dennis; I haven't had the time to write in a testimonial as yet, but this is just to let you know that I am very happy with the guitar...Again, thanks for the fine instrument...Cheers,
Ray Harrilla
Key Largo, Florida

04/17/2008 Denny, I absoluty love my new guitar.Everyone i have shown it to thinks it is a great guitar also.What I am really impressed about is the wonderful customer service.My guitar arrived and the UPS had either dropped something on it or stepped on the whole top was busted. I called Denny and he had another shipped within the hour.I recieved it in only 2 days.When I email with a questions they respond back within about 10 minutes. Best people and most honest ive ever delt with.They make customer service a priority. Thanks so much Denny and Denny jr for a wonderful guitar.
Randy Hubbs
Appleton, Wisconsin

04/14/2008 I have had my new guitar for three weeks and I love it! The action is great, very easy to play. I played when I was younger and took 25 years off. I had bought another guitar to start back on and I could only play for around 20 minutes until my finger were so sore that they could not push down the strings any longer. I took the guitar into a local shop and they did work on the action but it really didn't help much. I kept playing and playing to get the my fingers in shape and kept thinking it was time to buy a life long dream of a Martin D28. I went to a few stores and played 6 or 7 Martins and loved how they played. The cost was between 1700 to 2200 each so I want to make sure I was going to keep at it before I spent the money. I was looking on Ebay to see if I could find a nice Martin and saw Denny's add for a Martin Sigma with the EZ play modifications at a very good price. I looked at the video on the web site about the string science and felt like I should look into it more. I singed up for the online lessons and watched more videos on the string science and decided I was going to try one of Denny's guitars. Next step was to try to decide on what one to buy. After 10 to 12 emails and 2 phone calls I decided to buy the DR41. I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas for it to be delivered. It took only three days and I had it in my hands. I could not believe that when I first strummed the strings that it was in perfect tune after shipping. I had just bought a new electronic tuner and put it on the head stock and I was right it was still in tune.Now for the first three weeks it stays in tune longer then any of other 5 guitars that I have had. In closing just try one of these guitars I don't see how you could go wrong! Try the online lessons they are well worth the price. I have learned more in the last month then I did in the that six. Thanks Denny for a great guitar and the skills that I am building.
Fred Wright
Bethany Beach, Delaware

04/14/2008 Thanks for your quick reply and turnaround. Your organization exemplifies what customer service is all about! That's hard to find now days! I plan on referring your site to all I talk to who are looking for a new guitar. Thanks,
Cottonwood, California

04/14/2008 Mr. Zager, I received my Zager modified unit today, unscathed by UPS. I carried it around in the car until I got off work. I could hardly do anything at work anticipating getting home and opening this up. Well I made it. O, this is nice! I played it for about 5 minutes and initially thought this is not playing that much different than the old guitar I have. I sat it down for a few minutes then picked it up again, aw, there is a difference. It is not buzzing. I played more, wow! I can actually hear more notes. This is awesome. After several minutes, I thought I am gonna get my old guitar and see if I can really tell that much difference. It did not take much playing to put that down. Ok, I am sold and quite happy with this guitar. Thanks
Jeff Myrna
Darlington, South Carolina

04/11/2008 Dear Mr Zager. Thank you so much for the guitar its totally awesome!!!!! It was a great gift i can't thank you enough! and my birthday is halloween too so i got my present early!!!!! I love the tshirt and certificate you sent me as well! i've been wanting to play guitar for a long time and i hope it will also help my music skills in saxaphone!! Thank you so much for creating a wicked system! and also by making it by ear! thats how i learn most of my music! Its great to know that legends such as yourself share your techniques with everyone! I can't wait to play some songs, i've been wanting to play avril lavigne for some time now! I would like to thank you once more! your so cool! And your guitars are awesome too! my friends are amazed! Adios for now and Thanks! P.S. Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kissimmee, Florida

04/08/2008 Dear Denny, I sure do enjoy the lessons, and the guitar :-) Thanks for your reply. This finger style system is very easy for me to understand and learn with practice. Keep up the excellent website, and thanks again for your reply.
Dan Sims
Deer Park, Washington

04/06/2008 Greetings Denny, Wow! Your introduction song playing videos are superb! Often times at the end of the day I listen to them and I just noticed how nice the new videos are. I also listened to the one that compares your system to "music store" lessons and boy does it make sense. A lot of my boy's friends who have been taking lessons for quite some time pass through and when I ask them to play something I'm stunned at how little they can do. It's great because after listening to them fumble for a while I sit them down in front of the computer and show them your website. They like it but just can't believe that playing like that is achievable. I'll then play a few songs for them and they can't believe that I've been at it for far less time than they have. My goal, of course, is to get these kids fired up for the Zager system. Thanks again for such great lessons.
Russell King
Batesville, Indiana

04/05/2008 I love my guitar and my autograph. Thanks a lot.
Stan Broadway
Fairbanks, Alaska

04/04/2008 I was lucky enough to take personal lessons with Mr. Zager in the late 70s. I cannot stress enough how valuable this experience was for me, and how much it increased my knowledge and ability to play finger style acoustic guitar, along with the understanding of song construction, music theory and, of course, the string science which is key to all of it Also, I am a current subscriber to the 'Zager Page', just in case I can (and I always do) pick up some new licks/techniques. The system is proven and the instruction is nothing less than first rate. I still am amazed that Mr. Zager is not featured in every one of the major guitar publications. And now, virtually everyone has access to his outstanding instruction. Count your blessings and take full advantage of it.
Tim Nolte
Aspen, Colorado

04/02/2008 Mr. Zager...Sorry it's taken me so long to write and tell you what I think about my new guitar, but it's been hard to put it down. I'm serious! I LOVE IT!!! I've been a picker for about 40 years, and I wish I had had this guitar 39 1/2 years ago. This thing plays better than guitars costing 5 times the price. Not only do you have a great product, your service is the best. I received my DM1 in just 4 days...much sooner than I great shape. Also, thanks for the t-shirt, the extra set of strings, and the autographed picture. I'm a d.j. at an "oldies" station, and everytime I play "2525" I billboard the song with a plug for your guitars. I now almost feel like I know you personally! I highly recommend Zager Guitars to anyone who loves playing a smooth playing guitar. Again, thanks!
Ken Wardlaw
Dallas, Texas

04/02/2008 Mr D.Z., Jr.,I've placed in the mail full payment for the Martin DM-1 guitar you sold me and shipped to me over a week ago. Things went better than I expected and I was able to sell off a few things to raise the money. You should (I hope) recieve the money order in the mail by the end of this week. Once again, thank you very much for your help, and most of all for your trust in me to pay you as soon as I could even though you don't even know me. That means a great deal to me to feel trusted in a time and place where nobody trust anyone around this place I'm in any more. You've given me a huge emotional lift. Thank you.Sincerely,
Daniel "Patrick" Rush.
Bellingham, Washington

03/30/2008 Dennis, I'm not one to dispense gushing accolades freely but I have to admit, I am so ecstatic with the progress and ease of play of my Zager guitar that I thought I should write to you. I am pleased to own a ZAD-20 guitar and have Denny as a virtual instructor. He has reignited a dormant passion of mine, which is music. I literally look forward to playing the guitar and am amazed at how well it stays in tune. My son, whose been playing for 5 years, and I now share a wonderful gift. Give my thanks to Denny and his company's gift, of making guitar playing less a mystery and a truly wonderful art. Gratefully,
Jesus Osuna
Raleigh, North Carolina

03/27/2008 Dennis, The new guitar arrived today and is perfect. It's in perfect tune, is a joy to play and sounds unbelievable. I am thrilled!! I can't tell you how happy I am with the way in which you handled this situation. This is an excellent guitar in every way, and your customer service is superior. Thank you again for all your help. This is an amazing instrument and I am extremely pleased with it and your service.
FLoyd Ray
Arlington, Massachusetts

03/25/2008 Hello again ;I forgot to thank you for the Tee Shirt .Very nice of you to send that along with the Guitar. and The package of new Strings.Thank you very much.for everything.
Clearwater, Florida

03/25/2008 Hi Denny, I received my guitar from you last week and words cannot describe how pleased I am. Did I say pleased? I mean ecstatic! The guitar and your string science is everything you said it would be and more. Thirty years ago I bought an inexpensive guitar, which I thought would be good for learning to play. Boy, was I ever wrong! So I struggled on and off for those thirty years and all I ever achieved was sore fingers. Fortunately I discovered your online guitar courses and signed up. Finally, I made some progress in learning to play, but I was using my old guitar and still had some very sore fingers. So the decision to purchase a Martin guitar from you was a no brainer. After playing the guitar for one week and working on the first two songs in the course, I see more than progress. I am actually learning to play. Oh, and by the way, those sore fingers aren't sore anymore. Thanks for providing an outstanding product and service.
Alan Feigenbaum
Greenwich, Connecticut

03/25/2008 Gentlemen, I have received my new EZ-Play about a week ago, and am extremely pleased with it. The cosmetic blemish that you were concerned about (and gave me a $20 break for) is miniscule and doesn't bother me in the least, but thanks for your concern regarding the matter. The guitar sounds great and I am starting my lessons with pleasure; I am very impressed with the Zager system. This is a lot of fun! Keep up the good work, you guys have something really worthwhile going here. Thanks and good luck,
Bill Porter
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

03/21/2008 Dear Mr. Zager, I received my Zager guitar today. It arrived in perfect condition, and very nearly in tune. I am most impressed with the playability and action. I had been taking your on-line lessons using a mid-range Washburn, and progressing pretty well. Or so I thought until I picked up the Zager. The difference between the Zager and the Washburn is unbelievable. In just about a half hour on the Zager, areas I formerly struggled with a bit became EASY (such as the F chord in House of the Rising Sun), and my practice has become more enjoyable with success. The guitar sounds beautiful, plays easily, and looks great (the abalone inlay is a very nice touch). It SOUNDS as good or better than any high end guitar I have played in the music stores, and puts them all to shame for ease of play. Shipping was fast and the 'extras' (T-shirt, strings, autographed photo) are very much appreciated. My only worry is PRESERVING the signature on the back of the guitar! I am proud to own a Zager guitar, and I hope that you all take proper pride in the fine workmanship and excellence you provide to your customers. As far as your guitar method, I must say that I never expected to be able to play the guitar so well in such a short time. My 13 year old daughter has been taking lessons for months and can't do more than strum a few chords. A lot of money for a negligible result. I've spent about 1/4 of that money and time with your on line method and can play 'Love Me Tender' and most of 'House of the Rising Sun'. Family and friends say it sounds as if I've been playing for years. To me that is true value for a low investment. What a fine guitar, and a fine method. Thank you for the fun and satisfaction you have brought into the life of this stay-at-home mom. My toddler even asks me to play for her before bedtime! I will be happy to provide a reference for any potential customers with questions. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can! You just can't go wrong with this guitar or method. Sincerely,
Lyn Dave
Montgomery, Alabama

03/19/2008 Denny, I believe I told you I belong to the Woody Guthrie, John Prine anon school of three chord music. Any finger picking I do is usually the of the Merle Travis style of bass/treble pinch and a few following notes. After spending the weekend viewing your instructionals, I'm amazed at how much has been right in front of me all these years that I've never known. Please thank Danny from the bottom of my heart for opening up these new vistas for me. Guitar playing will never be the same for me.
Chicago, Illinois

03/18/2008 Hello Denny. My son hasn't been able to put his new guitar down. He's already recorded a few songs with it and it sounds terrific! Thank you for developing such an awesome product and keep up the great customer service.
David Preston
DeForest, Wisconsin

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