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03/15/2008 Mr. Zager is a cool guy, you can just tell from his videos, the music he teaches is awsome everyone will love it, i personally think zager should make a cd of all his song arrangements. But besides the point its a great set up, i've been looking for good lessons for sometime now and these are the best. and if you have questions they answer them immediatly. If you dont have an easy play guitar with the string science then you need to get one i just bought the EZ-Play washburn D10SCE acoustic \electric, i love it. It plays better than my alvarez and it sounds better too. Mr. Zager i am very pleased with everything, thank-you so much for spreading your love for music, its great. I hope to talk to you soon. Thank you,
Jordan Hallmark
Albuquerque, New Mexico

03/15/2008 Denny, I've been playing guitar since I was 17 or 18 years old and I'm now 56, (hmmm hard to believe it's been almost 40 years). Recently two of my students had complained that their store bought guitars were way harder to play and didn't sound as good as my Martin or my old Gibson. I explained the difference between a $100.00 a beginner guitar and those that I had been playing for many years. Neither said they were ready to spend a couple thousand dollars on a guitar that would have the playability or the sound of my old stand by's. I then suggested that they contact you and look at your guitars. I had heard and read that they were very easy to play and had really excellent sound. Well to make a long story short both students purchased your Washburn S10 Acoustics. The day they received their guitars they called and said I really needed to check them out as they were fantastic. At our next class I played both guitars and was completely and thoroughly impressed with not only the low easy action but the rich full tone as well. It's now been about 2 or 3 weeks since they received their guitars and the improvement in their playing is totally astounding. I would never have thought that these two would be playing like they are today. What I don't hear anymore is complaints of how hard it is to fret this chord or that chord, I don't hear the buzzing and dead string from their inability to fret the strings correctly. What I do hear is clean clear chords, notes, and quicker chord changes due to the wider string placement. One of my students has rather thick fingers and he was convinced that he would never be able to play "cause his fingers were fat". That has all changed now, and he's not only playing so much better but he's having so much more fun doing it. In closing I have to say I sure wish you were making these guitars back when I started on an old No-Name archtop that had an action so high you could cut cheese with it. I hope that in the future I can influence more students to purchase your instruments, they are, in all honesty simply fantastic. Thanks again...........Sincerely,
John Wildeman
Islamorada, Florida

03/15/2008 Hi Denny, Watched the video on changing strings last night and want to thank you. I learned and so did Ron who has been playing guitar 30 yrs! You folks are wonderful to share your knowledge with us.
Odessa, Texas

03/12/2008 Mr. Zager--Thank you again for the gift of the guitars and the Zager E-Z Play System to our school. The guitars are beautiful and sound terrific, and I know that the kids will be excited to access your video and internet library in the future. We were able to show them off at our Back to School meeting, and I know that the parents responded enthusiastically to keeping music as a important component of education. Again, thank you for your consideration...and know that our kids are learning more because of you. Thanks again!PrincipalSt. Rose School
Carl Berger
East Hartford, Connecticut

03/09/2008 Dear Mr. Zager and Mr. Zager Jr., I have received my guitar with Zager string science and, WOW, where do I start! Let me first tell a brief story of how I found out about the Zager guitars. I've been playing acoustics for a while now and always thought that the sore fingers and hand cramps were just part of the deal. Then, in March I decided to buy an electric guitar. I bought a mid-range model that had light strings and very low action. It was so easy to play that it spoiled me, and it made my acoustics seem extremely hard to play. I looked closely at my acoustics and began wondering why they weren't made with low action like my electric. So, the search was on for an acoustic that played as easily as my electric. I went to Ebay and typed in "acoustic guitar low action" and clicked the button for searching in titles & descriptions, to get the most results. Instantly, a page full of Zagers came up. I read the entire auction page and thought it sounded too good to be true. Well, to make a long story short, after about 3 weeks of contemplating, I finally ordered one and I have never been more certain that I made the right decision in my life. Everything you say in the auction is true. This is my dream acoustic guitar! It plays at least as easily as my Schecter S-1 electric, only without the string buzz!!! This guitar is absolutely amazing! I love the low action, the light string pressure, the stance of the strings -everything about it. I'm now pulling off songs flawlessly on this guitar that I was never able to nail with my other acoustics. It's simply unbelievable! Mr Zager, thank you so much for modifying these guitars. You have given us players the ultimate gift - the ability to concentrate on our music for a change and not worry ourselves with how hard we need to press to avoid getting buzz on a tough upcoming note. And it's a wonderful feeling. I have left positive feedback for the eBay auction. If there was a rating even higher than positive, you have earned it, my friend. A thoroughly impressed customer for life!
Steve Morgan
Dodge City, Kansas

03/07/2008 Denny, I received your guitar four days ago, and I would have written before now, but I haven't had the time. I haven't been able to put the guitar down. It is by far the easiest to play, and the sound compares with any high end guitars I have ever heard or played. I own a couple of other Washburns, and the difference is like night and day in regards to the ease in which it plays, without losing any of the quality sound. I will be recommending your guitars to anyone I know who is in the market for a quality guitar at a great price. Thanks for bringing a little piece of heaven this way.
Joseph Hausberger
Erlanger, Kentucky

03/06/2008 Hi Denny, I absolutely love your course. I enrolled a couple of weeks ago and am now playing "Love me Tender" and "House of the Rising Sun". What a blast. I've just started working on "Fur Elise". Thanks so much for putting this together and offering it at a price that most, if not all, can afford. It will provide years of entertainment and enjoyment for me, and whom ever I decide to torture with my music;-) I intend to be a member for quite a while to come! Sincerely,
Bill Spadie
Honolulu, Hawaii

03/05/2008 Hi Dennis, Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with the guitar. I am using it to teach my daughter to play and she finds it much easier to use in comparison to my Fender. I am also really impressed with your tee-shirts, really cool!!. Do you sell them seperately, and if so could you give me a price for a few of them,also do you supply in different colours. Regards,
Michael Barr
Elizabethtown, Kentucky

03/03/2008 I came home over lunch for 2 hours and it was a nice surprise to find the box sitting on my porch. I brought the box in and opened it up and found the guitar to be in perfect condition. What a nice finish, and a really nice odor as well. A few strums satisfied me that the sound was very very nice. Only a bit out of tune but a few minutes with my electronic tuner fixed that quickly. I can hardly wait to start the practice tonight. Thank you.
Dr. Joe Just
Bellows Falls, Vermont

03/03/2008 Thank you for your update. This is the kind of customer service that every company should be providing and definitely worth waiting for. I am totally at ease knowing that you are always aware and tracking my backorder. Thanks again
Siu T Tam
Allentown, Pennsylvania

02/29/2008 Had to email. Just finished practicing. I can not believe how easy and great this system is. I purchased a ZAD20 Monday, should be here tomorrow can't wait. Signed up on Tuesday, watched videos and read the manual. Really didn't start practicing till yesterday. I just don't know what to say......... I'm REALLY learning to play the guitar, in just two days! Thank You
Jim Weaver
Tampa Bay, Florida

02/26/2008 Dennis, Wow! Wow! ehhhaaa! I love it - can't put it down. Tell your dad that I am so proud of this fantastic instrument. It is a piece of art and means a lot to me just knowing that it is a part of Denny. Thanks so much, Your friend...
Kelton White
Cadillac, Michigan

02/24/2008 Dennis, We received the guitar in perfect shaped. In fact we were surprised that this was considered a "second". My twelve year old son has has hardly put it down since it arrived! Thanks again for a great guitar and the online support. I will spread the word about your product. Thanks again,
Yarby Anthony.
Amarillo, Texas

02/24/2008 Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my new Zager guitar! It has exceptional tone and is much easier to play than any other acoustic guitar that I've tried (which includes some very expensive Martins). Thanks for such a great product and the fast, attentive service.
Dale Block
Clarksville, Tennessee

02/24/2008 Denny Zager, I received my guitar yesterday afternoon. It arrived in excellent condition. What a fine guitar it is !! Everything you have said about the E-Z play science is absoutely the truth as far as I am concerened. I have limited movement of the first knuckle on both my 3rd and 4th fingers, and these fingers like to rest on the adjenct strings. It sounds like I'm playing with a sox on my hand. Now the problems is solved. All is well, crisp and clear. Thank you Denny.
Gary Crockett
Monticello, Minnesota

02/20/2008 Hello Dennis, Thank you very much, I am grateful to receive the videos. I have been enjoying the guitar very much these last few days. It really is a pleasure to play. I feel like I am rediscovering the joy of guitar music all over again. I am a Presbyterian minister and I know that this guitar will be used to praise God for many years. I am sure that the videos will help me learn new skills, and also help me teach my son, who is 12 and just learning how to play. Thanks again for your fine customer service. I will leave positive feedback on Ebay. Blessings,
Mary Sickels
Alton Bay, New Hampshire

02/18/2008 For anyone that truly has the desire to become a proficient guitar player, Denny Zager offers two extraordinary tools: 1. An affordable, great sounding guitar that has been professionally modified (setup) for EZ Playing (less pain, and greater gain in less time!) It is unlikely that you could find a more playable guitar off the rack. 2. A complete, original learning method that focuses on learning to play by EAR...Through a series of videos that can be viewed and listened to over and over, the learner immediately begins playing songs...learning chords, melody lines, bass lines, and takes what he/she learns from the prior lessons and continues to build skills learning more songs.....Take some advice from this 55 year old who taught himself how to play and has dabbled with this instrument for over 35 years....Be a self-directed learner...follow Denny's course exactly as its presented and you will soon, not only be playing like a pro; you will be arranging and writing your own material! Denny and Denny Jr: Thanks for your great service. I am enjoying my new DM-1STCE. Just finished watching the arranging video and by framing the "right hand" action into "lead (finger 4) rhythm (finger 2-3) and bass, (thumb) is really helping my finger-picking...less thought more reflex. You have really put together a great resource in ZAGER guitar.....And it is obvious that the love of the MUSIC is the motivation. Credos!!!
J. Hernick
Rochester, New York

02/17/2008 Greetings Mr. Zager, I am really enjoying the EZ play guitar. I'm taking your lessons plus regular lessons. My instructor usually saves F Major for when you are more advanced, but I've got it already thanks to your string science. Thanks again,
Russell King
Batesville, Indiana

02/14/2008 Mr. Zager. First let me say I was up until 1:00 this morning playing. For some reason I was able to play 3 times as long as I normally do on my Seagull. Could it be the Zager String Science? I will tell you something; I do not understand why a luthier would spend months building a guitar and then not doing to it what you have done by making this guitar play so easy. I go into guitar shops and pickup $5,000 guitars and they do not play anywhere near as easy as the one you sent me. Now that I have actually "put my fingers on your string science" I finally understand. It is like walking into the light. A barre chord is no longer the mystery that I have created in my mind. I must say the guitar you sent was a fantastic gift, but the string science was the true deliverance. It is nothing short of miraculous. The guitar has a beautiful sound to it. For the first couple of hours I was still pressing hard to get the string down. But after a while I realized that I was working so much harder than I needed to. By the end of the night I had gone past many of the barriers that I encountered before and couldn't get through on my Seagull, simply because the action on it is so much higher than yours. I have a new outlook on my guitar playing and can begin concentrating on the music and not have to worry so much about making those notes ring true because it happens almost naturally now. You have convinced me. The best selling point that you can have is letting someone actually play one of your reworked guitars. Thank you for the guitar, but mostly thank you for removing the obstacles that I had before. It would have taken me months or even years to get to points that I reached last night! I only hate that I have to work today or I would have played until the sun came up. Sincerely,
Gerald P. Biloxi Ms.
Billings, Montana

02/14/2008 Hello Denny Zager, I'm extremely happy with my new guitar. I've had a hard time putting it down since it arrived yesterday. I can't believe how low the action is without any buzzing! This really is an easy guitar to play. I can finally get those barre chords with no problem at all. I have a Tacoma guitar that I purchased a year ago to learn on, but I found it hard to play because the strings were set high on it. It was hard to change chords smoothly on it. I love this Zager EZ play Martin Sigma Guitar. It sounds great! So, Thank you for a great sounding, high quality guitar at an excellent price. And thank you for the friendly service. I also watched your two videos, and learned a lot of new information. I found them very helpful. Thanks Again,
Nancy Petre
Champaign, Illinois

02/14/2008 Dear Mr Zager, I received my guitar last Tuesday in good order and have since left positive feedback on Ebay. However, after playing the guitar after less than a week I felt I had to send you a more detailed note. I am more than satisfied with the guitar you have sold me and amazed at what your modifications have done to it. The action is incredible. There is absolutely no buzz at all. Actually it seems that my playing has improved just in these few days I've had the guitar. I have two Yamaha guitars that I have had string work done on with very little effect and certainly no where near the effect of your string science. Thanks again
Bob Geiger
Baker City, Oregon

02/11/2008 Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the QUICK response that I got when I received my guitar and the 3rd string had a buzz. I've listened to and watched your videos and actually knew what to do, but after years of hearing "Don't Ever Touch That you'll ruin that guitar" (referring to the truss rod) that I had to make sure and it was just as your videos said,"almost Magic" Now it sounds Great and is so easy to play. As I get use to this guitar I know that my playing will improve plus the fact that I'm taking your online lessons, surly will not hurt. I really like the way that you go over the lessons so completely (makes it easier to remember). also I see now about using your thumb with this guitar is not like most other guitars,(actually every other guitar I have ever tried to play) using your thumb really works without straining your thumb or getting a muted thump instead of a clear note (By opening up the spaces between this strings really does make an immense difference for those of us with fatter fingers) I'm looking forward to taking the online lessons and learning to improve my playing style and my knowledge of setting up a guitar to play properly. Your attitude toward your customers is the way that every company should be. I make a point of telling my friends that play guitar about your company and how you respond almost immediately(I don't think I've ever waited more than 30 minutes from start to finish of emailing a question and getting a answer). Most think I'm exaggerating! Once again I would like to Thank you and everyone there at your company for the excellent service, friendly aura, and expert reply to the questions that I have had so far, and also for the assistance you provided when I first contacted your company. A Really Satisfied Customer
Tony Privitera
Claymont, Delaware

02/08/2008 Have now had the DM-1 for 24 hours. Have to say its grown on me. Two other guys in my office play and we kind of took the afternoon off and took turns jamming. They both own high-end Martins and Guilds and were definitely impressed with the action. My brother-in law has played in a band, performing at least 45 weekends per year for the past 27 years. He was in town for a visit when the guitar arrived. He wants to send you his guitars. Thank you,
Alexandria, Virginia

02/06/2008 Denny and Dennis, I recieved my guitar tuesday and loved the action on it, but for some reason it did not sound right. I tuned it as it should be but still not right. I was on the verge of sending it back when I started checking each string and found that the A string was dead for some reason. I have been playing for at least 10 years and know these things can happen. I replaced the string and it sounds great, sorry to say you will not be getting the guitar back. Thanks for going out of your way to get me the DM-IST-CE, it is a very well made guitar and I know it will last for years. I will be using the guitar in my stuido along with my ovation for recording. Thanks again Denny and Dennis, I'm sure you will be in business for years to come, oh and buy the way I know a lot of guitar players and will be sending them your way.
Ron Tingle
Buffalo, New York

02/05/2008 Dear Mr. Zager, I've been playing rhythm guitar for over thirty years, and the other day, my old SR acoustic guitar broke (bridge plate just let loose). I cried. That old guitar and I had been great friends through everything all those years. I learned everything I know on it, and I had decided long ago that I would always use it for writing, and learning new songs, 'cause the difficulty inherent in such a [cheap] relic, made me a better player overall. Anyway, I decided not to fix it just yet, and buy a new guitar to replace it as my work-horse. I looked far and wide for something at a good price that didn't seem to be a scam. My old SR cost $20.00 new, so I had to be careful. That's where you come in. I stumbled upon eBay, thinking someone might be selling a used guitar at a reasonable price, and your eBay offer came up. I knew who you were from the '60s, so I clicked on the item page, and was quite impressed. Then I clicked on the "Streaming Video", and I was sold. It felt like you knew of my loss, and had come up with this guitar just for me. I know that sounds silly, but that's how it felt. When it arrived, it was like bringing home a newborn baby. Then I played it. It felt so familiar. The string spacing and neck width, are almost identical to my old SR, which is a very good thing for my fat fingers. I'll have to get used to the "String Science" though. It's so easy to play, it feels like I'm cheating.Thank you so much for this beautiful guitar.
Jim Basaker
Battle Creek, Michigan

02/04/2008 Hi guys- I got my EZ-Play Washburn guitar about one month ago. I am a beginner. I have ALMOST mastered Love Me Tender. At first the technique really challenged me but now it is almost automatic! Thanks for everything.
Julie Rodden
Cleaveland, Ohio

02/02/2008 Hi,I received the guitar today and it sounds GREAT!!What a GREAT buy,sounds as good or better than any $1000 one and plays better! The course is going GREAT too,I've learned more in three weeks than I have in years,what a GREAT PERSON to share your talent. I will be your student from here on out.Thanks for the GREAT T-shirt too,I'll wear it proudly and hope to send you more students. THANK-YOU very much.
Stanley Green
Oakland, California

02/02/2008 Mr. Zager, I received the EZ-play and it was in excellent condition. You shipped it very well (UPS would have had to try quite hard to damage it). I love the finish and wood colors. This is my first guitar, and while I am certainly no expert I can definitely tell the difference from my friends' guitars--no buzzing at all! Also, I have left positive feedback on ebay. It'd be nice if you left some for me too, since I have so few ebay transactions. It's been a pleasure doing business with you, and I wish you the best with this business-you sell a great product and are honest about its qualities. Thanks so much!
(Charles) Schenck Wiley
Bloomington, Indiana

01/30/2008 I bought your Zager ZAD-20, it is really a nice guitar. I feel like I should send in more money. I also signed up for your lessons... they are really well put together. I've been playing around with the guitar for the last 40 or so years. I learned more in the first lesson than I had in the last 30 to 40 years. It doesn't come instantly. It will take a lot of practice. Being able to go back over a lesson as many times as I need is really helpful. When ever I have called with a question I have always talked directly to Denny. Wouldn't this world be a great place if every one ran their business like Denny Zager. Again I can't say enough about the ZAD-20 guitar, very nice. Thank You
Dan Gill
Mukilteo, Washington

01/27/2008 Dennis, I have received my guitar, it was a great thing. Thanks much for the "T" Shirt and the autograghed picture, and guitar strings. I really appreciate everything. I will leave a great feedback on ebay for you. Thanks
Manchester, Connecticut

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