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08/05/2017 Thank you for your generosity and I absolutely love my guitar. I tell everyone where I got it and what is really cool, is that most of the people that I play with have $700 -$1,000.00 guitars and some even more expensive. Compared to my Zager they sound like cheap toys. You have an awesome product and I've really enjoyed being a customer.
Jason Zweigle
San Diego, California

08/05/2017 I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my new black ZAD-20CE. I've been playing it constantly since I received it about two weeks ago, and I love it. It looks and sounds beautiful, and it is definitely easier to play than my Ibanez dreadnought, which was the only acoustic guitar I'd ever owned previously. There were songs that I would try to play on my Ibanez that just left my left hand and arm aching from trying to play the requisite chords, and now I can play the same songs on my Zager without any discomfort at all. I also really appreciate having an integrated tuner in my new guitar - that in itself is a godsend. I also appreciate all the support info and videos on your site. It's clear that you want to give your customers a great experience that will last well beyond the initial sale. I haven't signed up for the free lesson yet, but I expect to look into this soon. In the meantime, keep up the great work.
John Ryder
Chicago, Illinois

08/05/2017 Received my ZAD 20CE last night........after unpacking it, I am not sure if I am suppose to play it or put it in a display case. It is beautiful. As I mentioned before ordering it, I have been learning to play on a Fender classical only because my friends and brother told me that was the easiest to start with. Well, believe me when I tell you, the ZAD is easier to play than my classical. I only wish I had started with it in the beginning. Thank you so much for a super fine instrument.
J.D. Brown
Homosassa, Florida

08/01/2017 Be VERY HAPPY to tell people the truth! In this day and age, internet shopping etc....It is very hard to know what is right and wrong. And it is easy to hide behind a computer and write bad things about someone or someone's product. I am 48. Always wanted to play the guitar. This guitar has forwarded my progress tremously. I just took back a $1200.00 Breedlove acoustic guitar I bought from Guitar Center because it was hard to play. The sounds on my new Zager are better also!
Greg/Cheryl Reed
Maple Plain, Minnesota

07/30/2017 Finally there is someone that does what they say. I love the natural beauty of the woods and the feel of the neck. most of all I love the ease with which it frets. After unpacking I tuned up(impressed with the built in) up and played for about two hours with no soreness of fingertips and just sat laughing with enjoyment. THANK YOU....
Dean McMurtray
Boston, Massachusetts

07/29/2017 To start, I would like to say that I am not worried at all about your company, your guitars and most of all, your customer service. It is unparalleled in any industry. I had a slight issue with a buzz, you replied to my e-mail in less than 5 minutes and the problem has been solved. Thanks so much!!! I love the Guitar, The price, the service, Ill never buy anywhere else
Scott Hurdle
Atlanta, Georgia

07/26/2017 I've had my Zad 20ce for about three months now and I just got to tell you I love this guitar. It really is the easiest playing guitar that I've ever played and the tone is just wonderful. You've made a believer out of me. I have a Sigma that I had set up and lowered since the mid 80's and I always liked that guitar but I wanted to step up to a better guitar. It looked like I was going to have pay three or four times the price to be happy till I found your website. I'm happy!
Curtis Eastin
Orlando, Florida

07/26/2017 just thought I'd drop a line to let you know how astonished I was at the superb tone and quality of the 80-CE guitar I just received. I have played guitar (electric and acoustic) for about 20 years now, and have owned nearly 20 vintage and new guitars. The sound and build of this guitar - cedar top (wise choice), rosewood back and sides, abalone trim, binding - are all top quality. It holds up to my Gibson J-200 in tone, and is of comparable quality to the high end Martins I have played (and nearly bought - luckily I found you first). The 80CE is easily one of the best playing acoustics I have touched. My wife was not happy I had bought "yet another" acoustic since I didn't really need one, until she heard the Zager; then she understood.
Chris La Jaunie
New York, New York

07/26/2017 Just felt like dropping you a line to let you know I just couldn't possibly be more pleased with my purchase! I just like----no, LOVE---this guitar more and more. I had a buddy years ago that I played with some that had a Martin D-35 that he had bought new in 1967-----Brazilian rosewood------that just sounded fantastic and I swear it had nothing on this guitar sound-wise. Needless to say it's playability wasn't anything close to EZ, if you know what I mean. I think he paid about $400 to $200 for it back then, and if you could find one like it today, I would guess it would price at around $2200 to $3200 and I seriously wouldn't trade this guitar for one if I could. You mentioned that this guitar's sound would only improve with time as the wood cured. I had never considered that, but if that's true--------WOW!
Happy McNeese
Plano, Texas

07/23/2017 Thank you so much for taking the time to respond so quickly to my email. I really appreciate your time and your customer service start to finish has been fantastic! I also wanted to let you know that your website has been so easy to use and navigate through. I especially enjoyed Denny's help video's- they were extremely helpful, even for someone who has played the guitar for a long time. I learned several good tips and he answered several of my questions in his videos.
Luke Schmidt
Minneapolis, Minnesota

07/20/2017 I just received my new Zager ZAD-20CE OM Acoustic/Electric today and I must say I was very impressed. I had read and listened to testimonials on Zager web site singing the praises of Zager guitars, but I had also read a lot of negative comments posted various places on the web. After spending a little time with my new guitar it is strikingly obvious that the negative comments were from people who had either never touched a Zager guitar, from people who had no idea what they were talking about, or from people with some sort of axe to grind -- perhaps disgruntled dealers selling other makes of guitars that do not match up in looks, tone or value. My guitar was NOT what was promised... it was much more. The finish was better than I believed it would be, the sound was better than the online demos, and the service was fantastic.
Dave Dickens
Charleston, West Virginia

07/18/2017 I received my ZAD-20CE two days ago, and I have hardly put it down since it arrived. What a beautiful guitar! And, wow, does it play nice. It is so much easier to play than my previous guitars, and my hands and fingers are so relaxed when I play. The sound is terrific. I can play softly, and the sound just fills the room. It is certainly eveything you claimed it to be. I was very skeptical about buying a guitar online without being able to play it first, but I am so glad that I did. I am really glad that I stumbled upon your website. Once again, thanks a lot.
Jerry Osborn
Springfield, Nebraska

07/17/2017 Howdy Denny, just a note to say thank you so very much. As you might know, I received my new Zager, guitar and she is a beauty. Believe me when I say, "She (this Lefty), with her ease of pickin' and sound is a double ohhhh wow:" Thank you all for your fine work and great communication and last but not least I tip my hat to Denny Jr., as he is the epitome of professionalism. Thank you....mpf P.S. Many, many thanks for the pics, picks and extra stuff it's all awesome.
John Foster
Mobile, Alabama

07/16/2017 Denny & Denny, Jr. - Thanks for the great ZAD-20CE OM guitar and outstanding customer service I received. I was hesitant to order a guitar that I had never held or even seen in person, however I'm very glad that I did. My guitar arrived in perfect condition 48 hours after I ordered and I was in no way disappointed. The guitar is so easy to play there is no doubt it makes me a better player. The service made me a satisfied customer. Thanks again!
Jim Haught
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

07/14/2017 I received my new zad20 ce on Thursday. I can not tell you how impressed I am with this instrument. It is absolutely beautiful and plays like a dream. The sound is incredibly good for an instrument in this price range and it rivals my Martins and My vintage Guild d-25. I’m sure glad I stumbled upon your website last Saturday and decided to order one of your guitars. Keep up the good work, you guys are putting out an awesome product with the customer service to back it up. Thanks.
Bob Pappenfort
Phoenix, Arizona

07/14/2017 It took me over a year to write to you for one big reason. It's easy to praise a new instrument, so I wanted to see how I would like my guitar after playing it for awhile. So I ordered the ZAD-20 model in black back in Oct. of '09. I have been playing guitar on and off for over 45 years, but never took lessons and just played for my own amusement. I had a Penko guitar(from a Phila based company, which I believe was made in the Ibanez factory) for many years, having purchased it from a friend who played with Kris Kristopherson in his early years. The guitar had warped and I wanted a new one. Quite by accident I stumbled upon hundreds of reviews from Harmony-central about the Zager guitars and the playing ease and beauty of the instruments you modify and distribute, so I ordered one. Having grown up in the 60s I had of course heard of you and very fondly remember the year 2525. I figured if you were willing to put your reputation at risk and were willing to support the instrument with full money back guarantee, it was worth taking a chance. During our annual family Christmas gathering a few weeks later, I showed the guitar to my brother-in-law and nephews who are all accomplished players and they absolutely loved it. They said the tone was beautiful, the action was nice and low and most of all it was extremely well made. Many times when they come to visit, I find them in the basement playing it. I just wanted to thank you for producing a high quality instrument that I am happy to play. Every one tells you to always try an instrument before you buy it. With Zager guitars that's not really possible. In fact it 's not even necessary.
Portland, Oregon

07/11/2017 Hi...My name is Ray Presutto and I received my Zager ZAD-20CE....It's no surprise it looks, feels and plays as it does....I knew I made the right decision ordering a guitar from you guys....Thank You for all the work you've put into making this guitar what it is.....Continued success and in good health....As soon as get a feel for it, I'll take advantage of the guitar lessons......Again, Thank You, Ray....I appreciate the polaroid too....nice touch...Always the Best to you and your Family
Des Moines, Iowa

07/08/2017 Just received my I love my ZAD 80 Acoustic. It is not only a joy to play, it is a beautiful piece of workmanship. I cannot tell you the number of people including professional musicians who have commented on the elegance of the instrument as well as the fabulous sound it creates. I was initially impressed with the overall sound quality. It played wonderfully with finger picking and was equally strong as a background rhythm instrument with huge full sound. Over the past couple of years I found myself gravitating more and more to a smaller body guitar. I was dismayed when I discovered ZAD-80 CE OM was sold out, but as usual you all made an extra effort. You went to the warehouse and found two that somehow missed the inventory. I cannot tell you how happy I was to luck out. I received the ZAD-80 CE OM at the end of last week and I was even more impressed. This guitar literally sings. I love it. Thanks for making the extra effort to get it for me.
Gerry Boylan
Louisville, Kentucky

07/06/2017 Thanks and I have to say, your site is outstanding. I really appreciate the informative approach along with the no-nonsense pricing and guarantees. It is refreshing to see your love for guitars and entrepreneurial spirit alive and well.
Joe Mirabal
Las Vegas, Nevada

07/06/2017 I received my 80's model guitar yesterday. (Quick ship by the way). I played it last night and was blown away by the "ease" of playing it. I have a stratocaster now and really believe your's is easier to play. I am 58 years old and just picked up the guitar again after a 37 year lay-off. A guy here that plays and a terrific singer from Dallas got me back into it and we started a 60's group. It has turned out to be really very good and I had a need for an accoustic for the old Everly Brothers - Roy O and Jay and The Americans stuff. The trouble was my fingers are much older now and I needed something easier to play - I don't know how I was steered to you (just luck I guess) but I found you and the guitar is absolutely perfect. You make a wonderful product!
John Paul
Ft. Worth, Texas

07/06/2017 I am completely blown away by its sound, quality and beauty. It's hard to believe what I have paid for guitars trying to get the sound and playability that my new Zager has. I couldn't be happier. Thank you.
Patrick Russell
Indianapolis, Indiana

07/02/2017 Hi Dennis, Just a quick note to let you know Richard, Mark and I still LOVE our guitars!! Wouldn't trade them for anything. Thank you for a great instrument.
Robert Wood
Plano, Texas

06/30/2017 Justin's guitar arrived Friday afternoon and I gave it to him Saturday night. He loves it and I am not sure he has put it down yet! He appreciated your dad personalizing it, signing it, and including the pic of himself tuning it. Justin played non-stop for over an hour Saturday before he had to leave to get my 5-year-old granddaughter home to bed. He was supposed to go snowboarding yesterday (he hasn't been for 3 weeks, which is a record for him), but stayed home and played his new Zager all day. He, his wife, and their daughter came over for dinner last night and he brought the guitar with him and played some more. Not only is it beautiful, but it has a great sound, too.
Roger Martin
Grand Island, Nebraska

06/29/2017 A few minutes ago I purchased one of your guitars. As is typical for most decisions I make, large or small, it was preceded by a reasonable measure of research. I commend you for having achieved what few individuals in any industry ever will; as a result of your industry longevity, your commitment to excellence, and your professional integrity, people are comfortable and pleased to invest in the man perhaps even in deference to the product! People believe in you. I have tried, by example, to teach those with whom I work, that "if we focus on quality of care (every patient, every day) revenue will naturally follow...conversely, if we focus on revenue, we will compromise quality every time." As a result, we are blessed to oversee possibly the largest primary care practice in the United States. It is uplifting to learn of an individual who is evidently dedicated to a similar value system. I wish your continue personal and professional success!.
Robert A. Meister, M.D
Peoria, Illinois

06/26/2017 Good evening; My name is Rick Reiter, in Denver, and my ZAD 20CE arrived today. Of course, it is beautiful, in every way; sight, sound, smell, even a little Denny "aura".
Rick Reiter
Denver, Colorado

06/26/2017 Dennis , Hi , just writing to let you know . The positive response you receive is well deserved . I was going to start out with DAMN YOU Dennis, but that would set the stage incorrectly because I am not upset at all . The reason for my purchase was to have an well actioned - good sounding-acoustic guitar to play so I didn't have to hook up my amp etc. But my 80 CE OM has become my Guitar of choice, unless I wish a sound not becoming an acoustical Guitar . Like many other customer's of yours I now find a need to Play Music more often than since the 80's. As many have said to you in there letter's to you , THANK YOU !!!
George A Greeby Jr
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

06/26/2017 Thanks for everything!! for sending the picks, the strings, the strap button assembly, the guitar and the online lessons!!
Bernie Sullivan
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Newark, New Jersey

06/20/2017 To all you guitar hero’s: I purchased a discounted ZAD20 better than 2 weeks ago, now my review thus far. My reason for buying a discounted guitar from zager,(knowing custom anything varies)was not so much for the savings, but to see if the box was played in a bit, this wound up to be true. To this day I really can’t find the flaws. So no biggie! The black guitar just about jumped out of the box,Gorgeous ++. Very nice case Well built with lock. After letting the guitar stand to acclimate to the house temperature for aprox two hrs (which was torture),I picked it up out of the case, and strummed my first chord, what a nice full sound in fact sweet! Even with the extra light strings,(which I was a bit sceptacle) the guitar had great push, and put a whole new meaning to fast into my playing. More than 2 weeks of playing this guitar, Denny’s claims are true, my fingers don’t hurt so I play longer, the action is so sweet I play much cleaner, more precise,which always helps with timing.
Robert Marroni
Ridgway, Pennsylvania

06/18/2017 I just received my ZAD-20 here at work and when I opened the case all I could say was OH MY GOD. The pictures on your web-site don’t do this beautiful guitar any justice, it is stunning. I took it out of the case and showed it off to my co-workers and they all said the same thing. Our Accounting Manager use to work for Gibson guitars where they are manufactured and she said the craftsmanship and finish is outstanding. I can’t remember how I came upon your web-site because I had done so much research before I bought, it must have been destiny. I did strum a few notes and let me tell you this, the sound exceeded my expectations and the highs and lows are in perfect balance. Keep up the good work!!!
Rich Brown
Los Angeles, California

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