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06/20/2017 Well I waited to finally write this because I wanted to be careful not to be too impressed, but it's impossible not to be. This is a truly great guitar and I know this because I am still playing it and have become more involved with it as I go. I am a beginner (at 47 years old) and have tried countless times before during my life to learn the guitar, but as you already know by all the others, it was difficult, finger hurting and I waned before I really gave it a chance. I haven't this time and am learning new chords daily, picking up things here and there as I go. The sound is great, it came in perfect condition, and I can't say enough good things about it. When I try to explain what I have most people just think, "oh it's one of those cheapo models you can buy at Walmart." But when they hear it and feel it, they instantly know the difference. Thanks Denny and all your crew for doing such a wonderful job!!!
Rick Shields
Juneau, Alaska

06/17/2017 Hello, Mr. Zager. I just received my guitar and she is a beauty! I am at work, so I just unpacked her and played a few chords to make sure she survived the trip. Oh my!!!! Easy to play is an understatement. I am a beginner, so I plan to let Rhonda Vincent's father put her through her paces. I will be in touch with a full testimonial soon. Thanks so much! You folks do a wonderful job!
Connie Williams
Salt Lake City, Utah

06/16/2017 Hello Dennis, I was playing my guitar tonight and was complimented by my neighbors- It was a beautiful Sunset in Southern California and I was just practicing/playing on my patio and it got very quiet as i was playing. 10- 30 minutes later i heard a whooh-yaah! all right !! I'm just a beginner and can't brag at all about my playing abilities, but I'm loving what I hear comming out of the guitar you guys sent me. Thanks for what you all do.
Sacramento, California

06/14/2017 I decided to give one of your discount ZAD-20CEs a try. I had been trying feverishly to learn four basic chords and switch between them on a very slow tempo beat on the guitar my wife had bought. It was going very poorly. On the day my guitar arrived I got it out of the case as soon as I got home from work. I was completely impressed with the sheer beauty of this instrument as well as with the fit and finish. I tuned it up with the nifty built in tuner (I had viewed all of your videos ahead of time, so I knew how to do this). I immediately started working on the 4 chords I had been working on. I was blown away by the ease of play, and within a very short period of time I was sounding each of the chords cleanly with no pain. I was soon changing chords to a slow tempo the first day I picked up the ZAD-20CE guitar. The quality of the sound from the 20CE was also very noticeable. Three weeks have passed since I started playing guitar, and I practice every day except one of them. The last week’s practice has been on the 20CE and I am completely pleased with my progress.
Walter McVey
State College, Pennsylvania

06/14/2017 I have been playing guitar for 20+ years and have both extensive live and studio experience. I have had my ZAD-80 for a week now, and I must say it lives up to its billing. The sound is sweet and clear, it plays easier than any acoustic I have come across, and it looks great. I doubt one could find a comparable instrument for the same money--certainly not a brand new one. Keep up the good work!
Rob Lowrie
Austin, Texas

06/11/2017 Received the guitar this past Thursday and have have been constantly playing it when not at work. It is everything you have advertised it to be and a Great Guitar. I have been playing a nylon classical for a long time and was looking for something with a thinner neck that was easy to play. I have Multiple Sclerosis which has affected my dexterity especially in my left right hand. Your guitar is just what I was looking for at an affordable price. I'm looking forward to your free lesson, however I feel I will be unable to finger pick. I can however use a pick to pick out notes because I have more control while I'm playing.
Jeff Yarnold
Boise, Idaho

06/08/2017 i received my guitar today, it sounds great, thanks so much for the picks,strings, shirt, your company knows the meaning of customer service. i am 100% satisfied with my guitar.
Dale King
Jacksonville, Florida

06/06/2017 I have one of yor ZAD-8oE guitars that I have had for 3 or 4 years maybe. It is the best playing guitar that I have ever played. I'm not a picker. Just strum the rythym. I just received a Martin D-41, not a Sigma, that I ordered from Musicians Friend. I do not like it as well as My Zager.
Jim Krazinski
Boston, Massachusetts

06/06/2017 Dennis, I sat down with the guitar last night and what a difference. I have only been trying to learn the guitar for about 2 weeks now and have been using my sons electric guitar as all the local guys told me it was easier to learn on an electric. I am blessed with short, fat fingers and I was struggling greatly with the C and G7 chord both for reach and the fact I was touching other strings with my fingers. Using the Zager last night I nailed them on my first try no problem. I went back to the electric Ibanez and still had issues. I can't speak for how the ZAD-20 compares to other high end acoustic guitars, but I can guarantee this is way easier to learn on than a electric.
Mark Loughry
Hays, Kansas

06/06/2017 Hello Denny, I just received my zad 20ce, and so far all I can say is WOW! I just started playing last year at age 61. My nephew bought a used Alvarez for me and I thought it was a nice guitar until I bought a Zager. I now realize what a piece of crap it is and all the buzzing strings etc. was not my fault. I am so happy with the way the Zager plays I can;t say enough. I think Iam what you refer to as a heavy handed player because I;m always beating the guitar to try and get some sound out of it. I;m surely going to have to change my ways with the new Zager. No more sore fingers, buzzing strings and what nice sound with just a soft touch. I haven;t even had a chance to get an amplifier yet and can:t wait.
John McHugo
Chicago, Illinois

06/02/2017 I received my ZAD 80 earlier this week and it's a beauty in every way. (Also the case is a masterpiece!) the guitar is amazing (I play both electric and acoustic guitars; I've played a lot of acoustic guitars, and after only a little time playing the ZAD 80 -- I've been very busy this week with work! and haven't had the time to really play the guitar for a good period of time -- I think this is going to become my favorite acoustic guitar!
Glennray Tutor
Little Rock, Arkansas

05/31/2017 and it is beautiful. This was discounted due to a couple of small marks, I must say you have been more than generous with your discount. I love this guitar. My only problem is that I have to re-train myself to not press so hard on the frets! It is amazing how little pressure is needed to get a clean note, this thing is great! Denny's signature on the guitar is a really classy bonus, thank you! Your customer service and communication are superb. I will write again after I have had a chance to play some more. I am already very impressed.
Roger Duron
Indianapolis, Indiana

05/30/2017 Hello Denny. I Recieved my ZAD-5OCE acoustic electric guitar yesterday. It was well packaged, the finish was perfect and beautiful, and it played with litttle tuning needed. And wow what a difference from my ovation. I loved to play my ovation but the ZAD has ruined me for playing it from now on. Thanks for a beautful instrument.
David Shilling
New York City, New York

05/27/2017 I just wanted to thank you for the guitar. It arrived well packed and it has truly been a joy since I have received it. It plays well with a crisp, full sound and does everything that's expected of a well made guitar.
Jeremy Hicks
Honolulu, Hawaii

05/27/2017 The guitar is AWESOME just to let you know. I have a couple of friends that have been playing for awhile now and they were BLOWN away with the quality of the guitar and how easy she is to play. My one friend offered to trade me all 3 of his guitars for my Zager. I was like 'no way'.
Jared Jehle
Sacramento, California

05/27/2017 I have received the ZAGER guitar and am thrilled with it, it is easy to play and has a great tone to it. I would recommend this guitar to anyone who is serious in playing and owning a great guitar. I have also looked at the instructional data on playing the easy way and also DENNY'S profound and expert knowledge on the guitar and this has opened up a whole new dimension for me on the Guitar. This has been a wonderful experience and I thank you
Goran Glucina
Denver, Colorado

05/24/2017 Well, the anticipation is over, and the wait was well worth it. I received my Guitar Monday; I couldn't put it down for about three hours of non-stop playing. Not to my surprise after reading hundreds of reviews with not one negative, the guitar is beautiful, and plays so sweet. I can honestly say that this fine build instrument is worth every cent that I paid. Guys keep-up the great service, along with your outstanding product, and your family own business will be blessed for years to come.
Dick Kenney
Tallahasse, Florida

05/21/2017 Again, thanks for your time in answering my emails. Your product sells not only for the quality Denny puts into each guitar, but also because of the personal service you deliver. When private businesses go out of their way to help me, I try to go out of my way to help them. I'm pushin' your guitars. It's an easy job; I just let them play my guitar! Take care. I hope to do business with you again
Michael Sheehan
Houston, Texas

05/19/2017 I just received my ZAD 20CE OM and I have to tell you the instrument is beautiful. I couldn't wait play it. It sounds as good as it looks. Thank you for the care you took in making "My Guitar". I will not hesitate in telling the Zager story and recommending your guitars to anyone.
David Slaton
Highland Village, Texas

05/18/2017 Today I got the new guitar from you, and I must say that it is a beauty. It sounds great, looks great and feels great! Thank you very much!
Alex Y.
Seattle , Washington

05/17/2017 Thanks so very much. WOW!!! This is what customer service is all about. It is really a pleasure to deal with such a great company. I really appreciate the quick service and support.
Jim Christie
Austin, Texas

05/15/2017 I just received my Zager Guitar and I felt obligated to let all posible buyers out there know that these Guitars are the REAL DEAL. With the 100% money back guarentee I felt like I had nothing to lose. My guitar instructer has been playing guitars and teaching professional guitar players for over 20 years. I had asked him about purchasing a new guitar and he recomended at the time a Martin D-28. When I brought my new guitar to my lesson this week, he was so amazed by the quality, the sound, and how easy it was to play. He said that he will now recomend the Zagar company to anybody in the market of purchasing a new guitar. In less than a week my quality of guitar playing has already improved. Save yourself the money and buy a $ 2,000 guitar for under a $ 1,000 with the case. What a great experiance it has been. Thank you so much!
Jason Riggio
Thousand Oaks, California

05/15/2017 I have receieved the guitar and your gift. I was about to go out and buy myself a cappo, but you've beat me to it, thank you. I am enjoying the guitar quality and ease of play very much so. I did not really expect it to be this much easier to play than my previous guitar. I really like how the guitar was shipped in the case, it was very snug and it eliminates the damage risk that traditional shipping would bring.
Andrey Ostapenko
Nashville, Tennessee

05/12/2017 I played it again last night, no buzz, great and remarkable sound right out of the box, actually.
Charles Whiting
Buchanan, Virginia

05/09/2017 My new guitar arrived minutes ago as the UPS man comes to my plant each day and knew I was in town. It is absolutely beautiful and I am truly amazed at the workmanship and sound. The bass and treble are remarkably balanced much above what I expected and the volume is incredible.
Charles Whiting
Buchanan, Virginia

05/07/2017 I left a review. When I first read them before I purchased, thought it had to be hype. After getting help from you a couple times with one of your guitars that I did not even purchase new from you, found your service to be unbeleivable. I will be purchasing all my strings from you from now on. For one you can't beat the price.
Donald Johnson
Bridgeport, Texas

05/07/2017 I now own Three Zager guitars along with a Martin D-28. I have a black Zad 20 CE, Zad 80 CE and a Zad 80 CE OM. They are all great guitars. Each are easy to play and each has a sound of their own. I may in the future own other guitars but will always have my Zagers. They are set up to be the easy to play. They are certainly as nice as Martin guitars for less money. The best thing about buying from Denny Zager is the service after the sell. You can read about their service all you want but, you will not believe how great they are to do business with till you own one. Their strings are the best I have found. They really do what they say they will after the sale. You are welcome to contact me any time to hear how much I love doing business with Zager. . No matter which guitar you choose, you will love it. In the future I will own a Zad 90.
Donald Johnson
Bridgeport, Texas

05/07/2017 Guitar received safe and sound and it's beautiful...even better than I expected. Already playing like Elvis (could he play?) Thanks for the wonderful service. Love the Tee shirt.
Wava Reeder
Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

05/03/2017 I also need to tell you that I went to my local guitar shop (small and independent) to get some new strings for my Takamine New Yorker styled guitar and had to compare what they sold to my new ZAD 20-OM. The closest I could find in looks and sound was a Guild that they were selling for $800 and I don't think it came with a case. It was beautiful, but it was also harder to play due to what seemed like a thicker and wider neck. It also didn't seem to "sing" like my Zager. From there, the guitars jumped in price to the $2000 to $3200 range.
Dean Wilkerson
North Platte, Nebraska

05/01/2017 I just opened up the box. The guitar is just beautiful. It sounds fantastic, plays well. I couldn't be happier. Now to have my guitar playing buddies over to do a little bragging. The case is very nice. I'm off to get a stand and strap! It must feel good to know you supply so many with a little joy in this day and age.
Roger Bryant
Lansing, Michigan

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