Compare Sizes

Compare Sizes
Full Size OM Size 4/5 Size 3/4 Size
The most popular guitar size in the world. If you want bass, volume & power, the full size dreadnought is the only way to go. 15% smaller then our full size guitars with a narrower waist which makes it easier to get your arm around. 10% smaller then our OM size guitars with a 2 inch shorter scale neck design that's easier for small players. Our smallest guitar. Ideal for travel. Excellent for children. Great second guitar for the office.
Height: 41”
Box length: 20”
Waist: 11”
Widest bout: 15.5”
Depth: 4.75”
Scale: 25.5”
Height: 40”
Box length: 19”
Waist: 9.75”
Widest bout: 15.5”
Depth: 4.25”
Scale: 25.5”
Height: 38”
Box length: 19”
Waist: 9.75"
Widest bout: 14.75”
Depth: 4”
Scale: 23.5”
Height: 35.5”
Box length: 17.5”
Waist: 8.25”
Widest bout: 13”
Depth: 3.5”
Scale: 23.5”
ZAD20 Mahogany
ZAD20E Electric
ZAD20E Mahogany Electric
ZAD50CE Special Edition
ZAD50CE Black
ZAD50CE Sunburst
ZAD80CE Electric
ZAD900CE Aura
ZAD50 OMCE Electric
ZAD80 OMCE Electric
4/5 Parlor Size Mahogany
3/4 Travel Size Mahogany
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