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Why can't I find Zager guitars in stores?

The only place you can buy a Zager guitar is directly from Zager Guitar. Here's why:

No middle man price markup.
Buying direct actually saves our customers tremendous amounts of money because you’re buying directly from the luthier bypassing the retail store and their middleman price mark up. Many players don't realize that guitar stores regularly make 100% mark up (or more) on their instruments. They need this profit to pay for their retail outlets, advertising, and commissioned salesmen. If you were to see Zager guitars in stores the prices would be double.

Perfect quality control.
Besides doing the work on the guitars Denny also does a personal inspection and plays each guitar before it’s packaged and sent to you. This keeps our quality control top notch and assures you that when you open your package your guitar will be perfect. This is completely different then buying a guitar that’s been hanging on a wall in a shop for 8 months that’s been “tried out” by hundreds of players.

Accurate information.
When you ask a question before or after the sale you're not going receive watered down information from a salesman who knows nothing about our guitars, you will be dealing with one of the owners, Denny Zager Sr. or Dennis Zager Jr.

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Can a Zager make me a better player?

How long can you practice on your current guitar before your fingers get irritated and sore...20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes?

How much better of a player could you become if you were able to play 3 or 4 hours with no pain? How much easier would it be if you barely had to dent the tips of your fingers to form a chord?

If you read through our customer testimonials, magazine reviews, and Ebay customer feedback you will see our customers comment all the time about being able to play hours on end with little or no pain.

When you’re able to spend more time playing you’re going to become a better player, simple as that.

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I'm a total beginner... how can a Zager help me?

If you’re a total beginner common logic tells you to buy the cheapest guitar you can find. Why spend a large amount of money on a guitar if you’re not sure you’re going to continue anyway.

What most beginners don’t realize is that these cheaper guitars are always the most difficult and painful to play. This is why 90% of all beginning players end up quitting their first year.

Guitars in the $2000+ price range are generally easier to play, but most people don’t want to spend this type of money on their first guitar.

As a 40+ year Instructor who’s taught thousands of people to play, Denny Zager realized a need for a guitar that was easy to play, yet affordable, and this is why he developed the Zager String Science, and later his own brand of EZ-Play custom guitars.

It’s always amazing to see a new player who’s frustrated and ready to give up try one of our EZ-Play custom guitars. After the first few chords they realize immediately that it wasn’t their skills holding them back at all, it was the guitar they were using.

When 50% less finger pressure is needed to form chords, learning to play becomes easy. No more sore fingers allows practice to be fun and when you're having fun there are no limits to what you can achieve.

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I'm a professional player... how can a Zager help me?

Nearly one half of our customers are experienced 10-40 year professional players who already own some of the most expensive guitars on the market. Many of these players will buy one of our $600 guitars as their “knock around guitar”...a guitar that plays nice that they won’t have to worry about getting dinged up.

What’s amazing is many of these players call us saying they’re no longer playing their other guitars because they don't provide the increased speed and accuracy that our hand modified custom guitars have.

They say our guitars take away finger soreness and hand fatigue and can allow them to play longer sets with less pain and numbness.

When you no longer have to "muscle" each chord you will find you can move around the fret board with ease in a very fluid manner. One comment we often hear from veteran players is "I can now concentrate more on the music instead of my aching hands."

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Do you have a money back guarantee?

We are the ONLY guitar company in the world with a true 100% Money Back Guarantee that includes shipping, handling and insurances fees both ways within the contiguous US. If for any reason you are unhappy with your guitar in the first month of ownership, we will pick it up and issue a full refund including all shipping and handling fees both ways. This means you can try one of our guitars risk free. To find out more about our 100% money back guarantee go to our guarantee page.

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Do your guitars come with a warranty?

Our warranty is simple. Lifetime on all guitars. A quality instrument should last a lifetime and if it doesn't it wasn't a quality instrument to begin with.

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Do you offer left handed models?

This year my father's making left handed models for all of our models and they're currently on sale this week. We're currently double back ordered on lefties but if you like I can contact you personally when they're ready after we fulfill orders of our customers who pre ordered, or if you like you can lock in the sale price and pre order one now following this link to order a guitar. Just order the right hand model we have listed and send me an email after letting me know you want a lefty and I will forward that info to my father.

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If I order today how soon will my guitar arrive?

If you order Monday thru Friday before noon (CST) your guitar will be shipped that same day after Denny completes a final inspection on it. Regular ship time is 4 business days starting the following business day of your order. We provide tracking information so you can follow your guitar from our shop to your home or place of business.

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Will you ship outside of the United States?

We've been sending guitars around the world for 45 years. If you're outside of the USA just place your order regularly and we'll add the extra fees when we see your order come in. All fees include full insurance so your guitar is fully protected.

APO $49
Alaska & Hawaii $47
Canada $78
United Kingdom $139
Australia $217
Europe $139
Dubai $199
Japan $139
Philippines $198
China $197
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What comes with each guitar?

All guitars come ready to play out of the box with all the equipment you need including:

  • An extra pack of Martin professional strings
  • Zager custom picks
  • Online tuning & maintenance videos with lifetime support via Denny's online video library.
  • A free surprise gift personally from Denny
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Do Zager guitars need special maintenance or care?

Because Zager Guitars are hand modified with Denny’s String Science system they generally need less maintenance then other guitars. A more precision set up like on Zager Guitars will make your guitar play easier, fall in tune faster, stay in tune longer, and you should expect greatly extended string life.

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I’ve heard Zager Guitars need less tuning…is this true?

Many players do not realize that when a guitars strings are set abnormally high off the fret board you actually bend the string (damaging it) every time you push down to form a chord. When you bend a string it makes it fall out of tune prematurely. The strings on our guitars are set low enough that it solves this problem entirely. In fact, if you read through our testimonials, magazine reviews, and Ebay customer feedback you will see many customers commenting that their guitars "rarely need tuning."

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Why don't you sell more expensive guitars?

After 50 years of playing and reworking some very high dollar guitars Denny realized that once you go past a certain price level most of what you're paying for is cosmetics. The playability levels on most $3000 guitars are generally no better then our $700 guitars. In many cases our $700 guitars outperform those models...this is what our customers tell us anyway.

To any real player playability and tone is what it’s all about, and if you read our testimonials, magazine reviews, and Ebay customer feedback you will see that our guitars match or better those expensive guitars for a fraction of the price.

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What makes Zager custom guitars special?

It's always interesting to see a new player pick up one of our guitars, and after playing only a few chords look up in surprise and say, "Wow…this is so easy to play.”

Here are some other comments we regularly hear:

"Barre chords are a breeze!"

"I could have practiced all night…My fingers don't get sore any more!"

"I can FLY through the scales now."

"This guitar makes me sound like a better player than I am!"

Want more feedback? Read our testimonials, magazine reviews, and Ebay customer feedback

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